how to get from 5k to 15k potency ???

Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Earar, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Earar Well-Known Member


    I'm an old player coming back and tonight I had a bad epyphany I would say :)

    Since I left in 2009 .. I knew a lot had been going on and that I would have some catch up to do. So I leveled up .. good for me .. I was in a raiding guild at that time so all the important things were done (like the epic 1 ^^)

    Now I'm lvl 100 .. did the thalumbra signature, and started the KA signature quest and 2 things strike me. First ... the mobs are really hard to hit ... take long to kill (now I geared a bit so it's better but at first it was scary) and second .. I did my first group tonight (I knew my dps was **** so didn't want to group) with people of the new guild I went into ... and there it strikes me ... I do a little 11 M dps (global in the instance) on my coercer when even the defiler of the group does 47 M dpds .. and let's not talk about the assassin ... 303 M dps

    and even then .. when I look at the details, 76% of my dps is temporal mimicry coz i used it on the assassin (not strong but smart ^^) and the next 16% are from buffs of the group members, mainly the troub.

    so 92% of my dps in the instance were because of others. aouch.

    and the troub telles me i need at least 15k potency and 4k crit bonus (I have 5500 potency and 1500 crit bonus)

    but I started to gear up with items from kunark ascending .... so even though I knew I was behind ... I couldn't imagien how far I actually was.

    so now I'm a bit flabagasted and demoralised, coz how do u want to get back up so much ? coz truly I certainly won't group much .. I'm ashamed of my dps :p

    so can somebody give me advices as to how to get all that potency ? what do i need ? where do i start ?

    thanks :)

    here's my charac

    ps : and worst part is that I leveled up a toon a 100 too .. and she got some gear ..; that I thought was at least correct to run KA ... well I was totally wrong :)
  2. santargria Well-Known Member

    Not sure about the potency but IMO it's resolve you really want to survive - that and Fervor

    I know for me, once I got resolve gear doing KA was a lot easier.

    Twark Crafted gear works great to get started IMO - it helped me do the KA and slowly replace the crafted with quested stuff
  3. Shmogre Well-Known Member

    The gear that came with the level 100 boosted toons was meant to get you ready for Thalumbra (ToT), as that signature line was originally a requirement to start the KA Obulus Frontier signature line. They removed ToT as a pre-req, but the granted gear didn't change to go with.

    As santargria said, the Twark crafted gear helps a lot, even the common stuff (no rares needed); the potency on KA gear is rather bonkers (and necessary). You don't need to worry about resolve in Solo or Advanced Solo zones or when killing standard overland mobs; per the devs, resolve only comes into play in heroic/raid zones and with the ^^^ overland names (seriously, don't bother Warslik, he'll eat you for lunch). Potency is the big thing that will make the difference if you are questing, so it's worth the investment in crafted Twark gear.

    And don't panic. If it helps, we all had the same sticker shock when we realized how the stats had inflated and what was now required. Grab some crafted gear, pile up on potency for a while, and then you'll gain some breathing room to then be able to pick and choose the gear and stats you want to aim for.

    Much luck!!
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  4. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    First, welcome back!

    The "Twark" gear (KA handcrafted) is a good starting baseline for heading out into the new expansion. The numbers for potency that you were quoted sound more like some of the harder heroic instances and *possibly* some of the early raid content. Think of it as them recommending that you run a race before you have your walking feet back under you. ;D Then take a few deep breaths, and eye that gear of yours.

    Step 1 would be to replace any of the older stuff with at least the Twark stuff. How can you tell what's from older content? The stuff with 1 or 2 resolve is definitely older content. I'm pretty sure that one piece with 5 is older content too. Since you're not a crafter, it will be harder (and or horifically expensive) for you to get the rares for the Bloody Tooth (rare crafted) gear, but the KA signature line gives out stuff that's comparable to the Bloody Tooth gear.

    After you've done the signature line, you'll also want to pick one of the 4 ascension classes and get started on that. Each class has some nicely powerful spells as you level up, even before you upgrade them.

    You'll also want to try all the solos and advanced solos with either a mellow friend or a healer-type merc. You will get some passable gear drops from there as well, and by trying them all, you can figure out which ones you want to repeat on a semi-regular basis. Some of them tend to be more frustrating than others, depending on your class and playstyle.

    Even just getting all the way through the sig line, though, should have you feeling a bit more comfortable with your dps, even if it isn't in the range of your new guildmates' yet. :)

    Also, don't forget your diety points! They're something that are easy to forget, especially for folks who were gone when the new system came out, and they cap at 10 unspent points. (Spend early, spend often so you won't "lose" a lot of diety xp to being capped). The potency boost from there is a huge help as well.

    One step at a time, and you can do it. :)

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  5. santargria Well-Known Member

    You know I've read that from the devs as well and I have to disagree - before I started using my Twark gear I couldn't do any adventuring quests in KA - once I made a full set of the twark gear I was able to survive and bring down mobs

    I think the devs have it wrong or it's not working as they think it is - or maybe I just really suck big time - but now that I have some Bloody tooth gear and quested gear I can actually survive Adv Solo - Heroic PSHH - no freakin' way.

    And yeah, I always try Warsilk just before I leave.... 1 hit still LOL
  6. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Well, along with the boost in resolve, Twark gear gives a HUGE boost to potency - at least to those of us who went from ToT advanced solo content sort of gear to the Twark gear. :D It was a jump of several thousand potency for each of my alt army. Those who had heroic content gear from there or Zek had less of a jump, but I suspect still got at least a couple thousand more potency. :)

    (And yeah, every time I feel good about the progress I am making on my gear, Warslik turns me into toe-jam, just to trim my ego down to size. ;D)
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  7. santargria Well-Known Member

    Ah, perhaps that's it the pot boost - I really haven't payed much attention to pot as I've been focusing on getting my resolve up to survive a heroic encounter - which doesn't look like it will ever happen LOL
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  8. Earar Well-Known Member

    I agree with that.

    I mostly have KA TS gear ... alors a bit from the TOT signature and other stuff I got from my bruiser who was a bit ahead .. and while I can do the solo content .. the advance solo content is harder. I'm stuck in the KA signature coz I can't finish Ghosts and Gooblins , a quest giving you a part of the medal because my dps wasn't good enough.but thanks for the answers, I'll get started and if others managed to complete the quest with twark gear ... I also should be able to :)
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  9. LisciaSF Member

    Kind of a simple step-by-step here:

    Step 1: Twark gear, a few plat a piece. Some are better than others for certain classes, of course
    Step 2: KA adventure / crafting signature for BiS cloak, secondary, primary
    Step 3: Do advanced solo of Forgotten Sanctum a lot. You can get a 1000 potency charm there for your perseverance, there's also a fantastic earring in the city of mist adv. solo.
    Step 3.5: Do key missions in overland Obulus Frontier - you can uncrate some pretty awesome armor pieces with 14 resolve or even relic pieces
    Step 4: After you gear up to around 10k potency / 3500 + crit bonus, run tier 1 heroics with folks. Chances at 1k potency items, rewards of awesome green adorns as well. There's also a chance at relic armor pieces in there. Look at my signature and you can see the legs/chest I've acquired from doing these enough times. They seem to be fairly commonly rewarded, too
    Step 5: After you've run tier 1 heroics enough (9 resolve pieces), you can move into tier 2 with 12k or so potency and around 180-190 solo resolve
  10. Earar Well-Known Member

    yeah ... problem is I can't even solo advanced solo zones. I try to continue the KA signature and in dalnir's crypt : wizards' den, the rock collector kills me so fast it's not even fun.

    the problem with what they've done .. is that it's not even fun for people who start back. it's depressing to see u can't advance and it's not as if there were so many quests to do.

    but I try :)
  11. Errrorr Well-Known Member

    The advanced solo zones are a bit tougher than the others. Remember you can take 1 other person into those zones with you too.
  12. kluxor Well-Known Member

    i'll wager you're not modifying your AA trees to accommodate for solo play. Prestige HP line over CB line and in your heroic tree get the self ward and death prevent. That and handcrafted twark gear and the zones are trivial at best
  13. santargria Well-Known Member

    What server are you on, i'd be glad to help if you are on Skyfire - I have an Inquisitor I'm pushing through at the moment.

    Also, are you using a merc? If not that is really a must IMO - what class are you working on?

    I've completed it with my Beastlord (with Kluuron) and working on both my SK (with Kluuron) and inquis (with Maala the Monk) and both are not having a very difficult time of it - although the inquis takes forever to bring mobs down.

    Thanks for that outline Step 3.5 - doing the key quests - i've tried 2 on my beastie and can't finish them in time :( (I tried the Kly one by the crypt and the one from the elf body to kill the captain) I just can't kill the mobs quick enough so no key quests for me
  14. Earar Well-Known Member

    I'm on thurgadin. thanks .. so u can duo an advanced solo zone ? thanks for the info :)
    I'm using a merc of course.

    I'll try the AA changes. :)
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  15. Dude Well-Known Member

    As a scout, I can see the stats on mobs. With the exception of the named mobs, the overland mobs do not even have resolve, so it's definitely the potency boost on the gear that's doing the job. That's a very key point because the Twark jewelry is often better than the Bloody Tooth jewelry. The Bloody Tooth jewelry is supposed to be the higher tier item and has more resolve, but often has a LOT less potency.
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  16. santargria Well-Known Member

    Yes I can now - I was not able to before I did the adv timeline though
  17. Billzbub Active Member

    When people say to by handcrafted Twark gear, they don't just mean the 7 pieces of armor. You have to replace all your jewelry, too. And when you search the broker for Twark jewelry, there are usually about 5 pieces that will fit in each slot. Make sure you pick the one with the highest potency. Once you have replaced all your armor and jewelry with Twark gear, you'll find life to be much easier.

    If you have a little bit more plat, then search the broker for Bloody Tooth armor and jewelry, which is the master crafted gear. Find, but don't buy, the pieces that you want and research what rares you need to have them crafted. Then find a crafter that will make them for you. The more Bloody Tooth gear you have, the better off you will be.

    Also, the merc you are using makes a huge difference. If you are using any mercs from before Thalumbra, you should change mercs. The easiest merc to get that is actually quite effective is Zhugrus. You get him my discovering every disco point in the overland heroic Zek zone. You can research more on Zhugrus to get details, but as long as you have a jumping or flying mount, you can get him without fighting.

    Once you have a good merc, make sure you start training him. Activate him so he's in your group, go to your character window, and click on the mercenary tab. There's a button in there somewhere that lets you view his details, and there's a button on that where you can Start Training. Keep training him and equipping him as you go.

    To equip your mercenary, go to public quests. They were a little too hard last week, but with the patch today you should be able to participate and get some good merc gear. They also drop good gear for you, but not as often as merc gear.
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  18. Regolas Well-Known Member

    Not all gear is made equally...even the HC gear. There's 2 or 3 or maybe more options on every slot, and one of them has significantly more potency than the others (non armor stuff). Choose the high pot stuff always...
  19. wiouxev2 Active Member

    Couple things to keep in mind with getting your potency up there, along with what everyone else already said in this thread so far.

    1. Heroic (rarer) gear has a huge jump in power. Keep an eye out, and farm for the ~1k potency pieces, and they add up. Quickly! Once you get a full set of heroic armor as well, that helps a lot.
    2. AA spec is huge. Check your AA's and your prestige tab, and read both sides of your AA spec. Every class gets a cb and/or potency conversion which at times can give you up to ~800 potency or CB (or both) - maximize your spec accordingly. Also the next tab is equally important. Spec for 8 points in cb & pot , which basically just gives you a couple hundred points boost in both.
    3. Infusing is a big deal. For just spending 10-75k plat per armor piece, you can get about 20-80 more pot/cb/abmod etc PER PIECE. This REALLY adds up. The downside to this is it gets very expensive pretty quickly, so use it on gear you know you'll keep for a while. Remember that physical (item) infusers are great as well, and you'll want to hold on to those and use them on your gear.
    4. Adornments are also a big deal. The new wantia white adorns (expensive) run about 20k each on Halls of Fate, and can give you a solid boost to pot/cb/abmod. They can go in pretty much even slot you have and give you 18% cb or pot.
    5. Look into the KA runes and get at least one set. A good one to start with is the one that gives +100,000 abmod for wearing 2 of the set. Forget the names off-hand.
    6. The biggest, and most important part of getting potency up is Tithe. Every point in either hp/cb/pot increases your total by 1%. Get 10, 20, 30, 40 of these and ... you guessed it, 40% increased potency. Getting the first 10 doesn't take all that long, and helps a ton.
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  20. Earar Well-Known Member

    thanks .. Now I have 10K pot and 2k7 crit bonus aproximately

    got purple runes, aniquilacion, pingyuan and zou kunnen to boost a bit my gear ... but tithe is hard to get when u start from scratch and didn't know u had to use every 10 tithe points :) ... must have wasted some ! I have 10 points in tithe yet.
    EQ2 became frustrating

    way too strong for adv solo ... but I don't dps enough at all in heroic .; even in T1 dongeons ... this evening, did the torsis market .. and couldn't kill the marchant coz our dps was too low. the game became so frustrating. Not logical it's so hard to group. I understand why most people only do PQ .. in hope to get better gear ... and in hope great equiped people will add to destroy the PQ fast.

    depressing :)

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