How many pioints into yaulp?

Discussion in 'Inquisitor' started by ARCHIVED-Championchains, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Championchains Guest

    Most guides I've seen haven't really specified how many points should go into Yaulp. I'm focusing on a battle cleric build, but I do have to heal occasionally when I duo heroic encounters with my SK friend. It appears that Yaulp increases my melee a good bit at the cost of more expensive heals.
    Should I just put one point in Yaulp and not look back? Or should I max this out to ten points?
  2. ARCHIVED-ditch28 Guest

    Just 1 to get the ability. Extra points do not help Yaulp, they just give a static increase to stats. The points are better spent elsewhere.
  3. ARCHIVED-Calain80 Guest

    As Remeo mentioned just one. Every other point is better spend elsewhere.

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