How does flurry work

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  1. ARCHIVED-eqaddictedfool Guest

    Post says it all. Im wondering how fluury works in comparison to double attack. Must you first double attack in order to flurry or is it if i have 6% flurry. Do i roll for my flurry then if that fails roll for my double attack. Thanks
  2. ARCHIVED-Novusod Guest

    I have seen flurry proc and then get a double attack in the same swing.
  3. ARCHIVED-AustinB Guest

    When you auto attack with your mainhand weapon each of the following has their own independent chance firing of in addition to that mainhand attack:
    * Flurry
    * Double Attack (can also proc off an offhand)
    * AE Auto Attack (attacks on additional mobs cannot flurry or double attack)

    One mainhand auto attack is capable of firing off all of these effects at the same time.
  4. ARCHIVED-Harowen Guest

    Additionally, flurry results in 2 to 4 additional primehand swings. These swings do not proc additional procs.
  5. ARCHIVED-Lejoni Guest

    So can ranged attack flurry just like it can dubble attack?
  6. ARCHIVED-ErikGunner Guest

    Lejoni wrote:
    No because it would be overpowering
  7. ARCHIVED-Veskandar Guest

    Can the Double Attack proc a Flurry or AE Auto Attack?
  8. ARCHIVED-Brynhild Guest

    No.. Just like other procs, the only thing that can proc a proc is the first hit of a swing, not a double, not a furry, but an AE auto can proc because if it hits someone else that's still considered the 'first hit.' Thus, having a faster hitting weapon always causes procs to go off in a more reliable manner maximizing efficiency of the proc timers.
  9. ARCHIVED-Benk Guest

    Notsovilepriest@Nagafen wrote:
    Care to explain that bold statement?
  10. ARCHIVED-Dalannae Guest

    Lejoni wrote:
    Nope and The Rangers did ask why not.
  11. ARCHIVED-Harowen Guest

    Brynhild wrote:
    No, AE auto can't proc except for on the initial hit of the primary hand. Otherwise berserkers and brawlers with crane flock going would get stuck in a recursive loop of AE auto attacks since both get to 100% rate.
  12. ARCHIVED-ErikGunner Guest

    Benk wrote:
    How much does ranger auto attack hit for? How much does any other classes auto attack for comparately speaking, If from that you don't see how Ranger auto attack hitting 4 times couldn't be overpowering then I don't know what to say.

    I say if you let rangers get flurry, Healers should get Heal Flurry Too
  13. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    Notsovilepriest@Nagafen wrote:
    A ranger's auto attacks can hit hard, we can't deny that. Yet, if you take a dual wielding scout and a ranger and have them compare auto attack damage only on a parse, the ranger is going to lose that parse.
    Honestly, the biggest flaw with this argument is that someone can ae auto attack, flurry, and double attack with a 2h weapon. Face it, the problem with bow damage is that it's basically using a 2h weapon, and how many classes that can dual wield regularly use a 2h weapon for dps purposes instead?
  14. ARCHIVED-Xill Guest

    Notsovilepriest@Nagafen wrote:
    DO IT UP. I want my wards to flurry...
  15. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Xill wrote:
    Need to have some spell flurry up in there too then...
  16. ARCHIVED-Necrophon Guest

    Kurgan@Everfrost wrote:
    Weddings? I love weddings! Drinks all around!

    Devs: Make it happen. Flurry for everyone!
  17. ARCHIVED-Pyra Shineflame Guest

    Kurgan@Everfrost wrote:
    A Fusion Double Attack is already beastly. Imagine if it flurries?
  18. ARCHIVED-Harowen Guest

    Notsovilepriest@Nagafen wrote:
    My bruiser has cleared 16k per auto attack with a 2handed weapon and you can have the following occur:
    Primary hit
    Proc (etc)
    Double Attack
    Where my bruiser's at right now it's theoretically possible for that to clear 100k. Closest I've spotted has "only" been about 80k. And you know what the sad thing is? Dual wielding two 2.5s weapons is still more dps than wielding one 6.0s two hander.
    Sure ranger's hit for big numbers on their auto attack, that happens every 4.0s at 200% haste (and gets parried from the mobs back, but that's a different complaint). Then "penalty" for having high auto attack hits is that you lose a ton of damage from all the various short term buffs that occur 100% of the time on an attack.
    Take peace of mind for example, since every group still has an enchanter. Base duration is 20s, max haste on a 6.0s weapon will get 7 swings in during 20s, max haste on 2.5s weapon gets 18 in, though 17 is more likely.
    Random log file, peace of mind average damage 3480, so the 2.5s weapons have about a 35k higher potential every time peace of mind is cast. That's just one example, but there's several others.
  19. ARCHIVED-Magnethjelmen2 Guest

    Notsovilepriest@Nagafen wrote:
    You obviously have absolutely no idea what you are talking about..... IF you just have a little bit of knowledge from the beta, you would no that rangers are not doing more dmg in auto attack compared to an assassin that is in melee. In fact the assassin even do more! And yes that did go live! And it has been like that since day one of SF.
    The reason for rangers not being able to flurry and AE autoattack for that matter of fact, is according to the devs that is it a big change in the code. And they stated it's something they want to add.
    And stop compareing it to spells and heals, it's totally different mechanich of the game.
  20. ARCHIVED-ErikGunner Guest

    Eboz@Splitpaw wrote:
    You can say what you want but when rangers are hitting 32+k Auto attacks and you are trying to say an assassin hits near that, Most I have seen is less than 15k even if both weapons hit that hard it's not near a ranger, and do you have equal DPS mod to an assassin? If not it really wouldn't be right to compare the 2 really.

    How is it different from spells and heals? If Range and Melee are the same thing, Everything Should be the same in your mind, should it not?

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