How does a Barbarian Defiler fit in?

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    I'm new to EQ2 and trying to get my arms around the lore a bit. I played EQ1 a lot and love the Barbarian Shaman combo, so I was looking into that for EQ2.

    Would a Barbarian Defiler "make sense"? I remember in EQ1 all Barb shamans were having the Tribunal as the deity and I think that was all about honor and justice. Defiler is evil, so I'm wondering how I can reconcile that? I definitely would like to play the Barb Defiler in EQ2 I'm just not sure how I would approach it from a light RP perspective

    Thanks for your feedback:)
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  2. Benj Well-Known Member

    In EQ2, Barbarians are a neutral class, and the Tribunal is a neutral deity. There's nothing mechanically stopping you from making your Barbarian Defiler or picking the Tribunal as your deity. While the Tribunal are the epitome of Justice, they care nothing for Honor (that's Mithanniel's purview). If you want to follow the "darker" side of justice, you could focus your worship on the Seventh Hammer, who serves as the executioner of the council. You could also choose a vigilante style of justice, delivering summary judgements on the battlefield. You could even become an iron sociopath and strictly follow the law, from the correct side of the law, while still living your fantasy of killing all the creatures of Norrath.
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    Thanks Benj!
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  4. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    I suggest you check out the Freeport Barbarian racial quest. Since the Overlord keeps the city under his thumb, it's the job of his inquisitors to make sure that nobody is stepping out of line. You are tasked with investigating various Barbarians who may be exhibiting interest in fleeing the city and moving to New Halas. One particular Barbarian follows the Tribunal because it allows him to basically live his life without needing to be too religiously dedicated, but it allows him to serve the Overlord's will.

    As Benj mentioned, you can go the vigilante/vengeance route, or you can execute traitors to Lucan D'Lere or Queen Christanos Thex's absolute authority.
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  5. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    There's no law saying your barbarian has to worship the Tribunal. You could be a barbarian that's turned away from his traditional gods and embraced Bertoxxulous or something.
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  6. Dude Well-Known Member

    Honor and justice aren't necessarily related to "good." While there are certainly many real world examples of that, I'd point to the D&D Lawful Evil alignment as a good point of reference. LE characters are all about honor and justice, but "good" characters would find the LE version of that to be a perversion.