How do you knowledeable assassins get behind in stealth with aggro?

Discussion in 'Scouts' started by Morte, Jul 7, 2022.

  1. Morte Member

    I was trying out the assassin.It is great for killing one mob. However, the problem is that most of the better combat spells require both stealth and being behind or flanking the mob. Once I use my first spell, I don't see how I can get behind the mob in stealth to use it again. This is particularly true for additional aggromobs. Once I am in combat, I don't see how to get behind them since they follow me wherever I go. What do you suggest? How do I keep my stealth coming back and get to flanking additional mobs to use these great powerful combat arts? Thank you for your advice.
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  2. Morte Member

    The same can be said of rangers. I guess I am looking for a play guide for assassins and rangers that discuss the mechanics of playing a predator class, especially from a pre level 20 perspective.
  3. vlada Active Member

    I guess I am looking for a play guide for assassins and rangers that discuss the mechanics of playing a predator class, especially from a pre level 20 perspective.
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  4. Bramdar Active Member

    At low levels, stuns can help with this. You can stun the mob, move behind it, and get a backstab or two off before the stun wears off. I don't know off the top of my head what stuns rangers and assassins get, and as you level up more mobs will be immune to stun, so this is only generally viable at lower levels.

    Basically, the flanking mechanic was really build for grouping. At higher levels, you'll have access to an ability that removes the stealth and/or flanking requirements. I believe this is available after level 100, but I could be mistaken. Prior to that, when soloing you're going to be limited to the abilities that don't have positional or stealth requirements, with the chance to use the occasional backstab if you can stun the mob and move quickly.
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  5. Morte Member

    Thanks, Bramdar
  6. Aaelefein New Member

    epic 2.0 spell Shadow Trickery "removes the positional requirement from most abilities"
  7. gambitak Active Member

    I've only got an 85 Channeler as my highest and have played a few scouts up to their 30s before deleting. From what I've seen, most fights don't last long enough to do more than one shot from behind or stealth, especially on live with a merc. I have no clue about later levels, but yeah, that's the main reason I've deleted my scouts, because most of their abilities are used once.
  8. Ahmassar Active Member

    Spec Predators Final Trick from Predator AA tree, removes stealth req's so you can cast all your stealth CA's. Also get In Plain Sight from Prestige tree, does the same.
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  9. Shankette New Member

    I Think it's Hilt Strike.
  10. Tanto Done, finished, gone.

    It's cheap shot.

    And the trick is to be right up in the mob's face, hit cheap shot, take a step through them so you're now behind them and hit masked strike followed by whatever you want to kill them with. At low levels that's fairly foolproof once you get the hang of it, provided the mob isn't immune to stun.
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  11. haphop New Member

    get a merc that'll take the agro
  12. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Run Bristlebane as diety and use point to buy the "All Stealth Attacks work without Stealth" lol Such a cheater, I know. Lasts for a minute or so. I just keep buying them. Ha.
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