How do you find how many character slots you have?

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  1. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Simple question, how do I see how many character slots I have available? I've purchased a number of extra slots, I've had extra slots gifted to me, etc.
    I have several accounts, each of them has redeemed a different number of slots.

    How do I see how many slots each account has available to it?

    I'm finding there is a rampant bug in game related to BG ghost copies lingering around and consuming character slots, but I don't know how many slots I've paid for or redeemed that I can't currently access, cause I have no way of seeing this information.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-Juggercap Guest

    Make throwaway characters until the account is full. /shrug
  4. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    That doesn't work due to ghost BG copies occupying character slots. Just cause you can't make a new character is no indication if you've used all the slots you've paid for (if you ever BG on that account).
  5. ARCHIVED-Juggercap Guest

    Ulrichvon wrote:
    That is something I'd never heard of...and don't see how it makes any sense at all. But that's another topic, so won't get you off track here. I was just trying to think of a cheap workaround.
  6. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    i'd suggest gonig to your account and looking up your account features page all the extra slots you have should be listed on that page.
  7. ARCHIVED-hexalobular Guest

  8. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    goto the subscription info page on the header that says "everquest II account: active" click the details button on the far right in the same bracket
  9. ARCHIVED-hexalobular Guest

    General_Info wrote:
    That's on the SOE home page, right?
    I agree that the information ought to be there, but it doesn't seem to actually be there.
    All I found there was "In-Game Item: Character Slots" which I think refers to the character slot tokens I bought from the Marketplace. There isn't even any indication of how many of those I had or if I still have any left (since that list includes things that I no longer have, the starter 30 slot bag for instance.)
  10. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    General_Info wrote:
    Are you suggesting this item should be listed multiple times for each additional that has been activated on the subscription:
    In-Game Item: Character Slots
  11. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Juggercap wrote:
    Yeah, its fairly common, I know for a fact its happened on 2 of my accounts and probably more. I also know of quite a few guild mates that have had the same thing happen to them.
    If you ever go LD or disconnect while in BG/lobby there is a strong liklihood of a ghost lingering. And since BG basically works by copying your character back and forth, it is being picked up as another character slot in use.
  12. ARCHIVED-General_Info Guest

    Ulrichvon wrote:
    If each extra slot isnt listed seperately they definitelly should be. i've never bough extra charater slots but figured it mightl ist them seperately on that page.
    hexalobular wrote:
    you provided a link to it earlier.
  13. ARCHIVED-Phoenixtherisen Guest

    Each of mine were listed seperately if that helps at all.
  14. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Shruen@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    I checked, and mine are not. It only has the line there one time on an account I know for a fact has redeemed atleast 3, I think more like 6 or 7.
  15. ARCHIVED-bluja000 Guest

    My account lists multiple purchases of EQ2 In-Game Item, I know most of those are for the character slots I purchased. I purchased them through both the character select window, as well as the in-game marketplace, using the consumable item that showed in my inventory.
  16. ARCHIVED-Gravy Guest

    Trebien@Nektulos wrote:
    What about slots obtained from Legends of Norrath Loot Cards? Are those listed on the account page?
  17. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    If you truly don't see it, you might want to ask in the Support forums. Especially with the PvP Ghosting problems, there might be a more technical response to find out your answer than anyone here currently knows.
    Just a thought?
  18. ARCHIVED-decator666 Guest

    I think it should say how many characters slots you have available on the character log in screen...Like 5/8 character slots so you know how many you have left. It's insane to have to create dummy characters to figure out where you are.
  19. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Yeah, that's silly. It didn't matter when there were only two account levels and two possibilities, but it needs to be tallied somewhere.
  20. ARCHIVED-Ulrichvon Guest

    Arielle Nightshade wrote:
    I've tried, those guys are clueless.
    In short, once you've encountered the issue that you know you don't have enough slots you open a petition and eventually after re-opening it enough times you get someone that opens the ticket and understands the ghost issue and deletes the ghost copies. 1 in 5 times, I've seen that person then delete your live toon instead of one of the copies and you lose whatever you've gained since the copy was made.
    But the BG ghosts are a seperate issue, but I'd just like to identify if I'm able to see all my character slots or not, and if I have access to them all.
    It seems like a simple thing that should be displayed clearly either in your account details or in the login screen itself.

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