How do necros do in group PvP

Discussion in 'Necromancer' started by ARCHIVED-joeyfishcakes, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-joeyfishcakes Guest

    I just been playing game for about two weeks now. Got 39 Wizard/Necro. I enjoy PvE aspect of my necro much more. I was wondering though how viable are they in PvP compared to a Wizard? I haven't seen pvp aspect at all of this game and not sure what to expect from necro at higher levels.

    My guild is BG based guild and moving to 59 bracket. I wanna make sure I bring the right ones up to level (Since can really only afford to level one with cost of spells at and such).

    Any imput would be great.
  2. ARCHIVED-joeyfishcakes Guest

    I guess I should add I like to do stuff like exploring, achievements, collections, and all that. Seems like I should focus all this on one toon. Like I said though I haven't a clue at all what to expect with necro in pvp. I seen some post on it but most of them are a bit old.
  3. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    Necros are decent in PVP. A lot of times we can be at the top for damage dealt, but since we do not do a lot of burst damage, it is difficult to kill opponents, though we can definitely weaken them enough for others to do killing blows. Though I would say wizards are better for PVP. They get a lot of mitigation AA and they do a lot more burst damage.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nikelo Guest

    Im a 90 necro in high end raid gear on Nagafen and I massacre groups in 6v6 PvP.
    I cant quite get a hold of warlock DPS but I can get damn close. Toxicity SHREDS wards and ***** groups quickly. Our single target fear and stun are top notch PvP utility to remove healers from battle for extended periods.
    In my group yesterday Myself (Necro), Dirge, Illy, Guard, Warden, Templar I parsed 6,885 DPS over 5.5 minutes on another high end raid guild group.
    I think with our ability to fear and stun for max duration Necros are top 4 DPS class options in group PvP and the #1 non chanter mage dps all things considered.
    We do have downsides though, in comparison to Conj whereas they get endless group stoneskins and self stoneskins. They can spike rediculous single target dps with EB, especially when timewarped and planeshifted. We can not compare to a evenly geared warlock in group pvp dps output. I however think we compare nicely to wizards in a group pvp aspect. However we are nowhere near as sturdy as any non chanter mage.
  5. ARCHIVED-Troy Guest

    Out of all the classes I played in BGs, I got to say as for the "FUN" factor - my necro rocked. It's funny watching a tank trying to get away from my swarm pets. (I actually lvled my necro 23 levels thru BGs). I also play a monk and a dirge, but nerco was best. Now if I were on a PVP server, all this might not hold true.
  6. ARCHIVED-Davngr1 Guest

    dps wise a well geard necro can do very well in pvp the problem is survivability.

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