How do input coords on the map?

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  1. ARCHIVED-xirxxtoo Guest

    I use and eq2i and oftentimes they have the copy coords button on their site. How do I paste the coords in my map?
    I use the eq2map interface... thanks!
  2. ARCHIVED-Merrier Guest

    You can paste them into your chat window. Type /way (for waypoint) into the window, then paste in the coordinates.
  3. ARCHIVED-xirxxtoo Guest

    ahh.. ok thanks..

    do you know if we can add a waypoint in eq2map?
  4. ARCHIVED-Lenlolth Guest

    The coordinate format in EQ2 is:
    longitude, elevation, latitude

    When you type the /way xxx,xxx,xxx command a large X will appear at that loc on your map.
  5. ARCHIVED-Saihung23 Guest

    It doesn't matter if you have eq2 maps or the original:)

    If you type in /waypoint x, y, z it will show up on both and you will get the glowie trail when close.

    You can use eq2maps to search for npcs or poi's in its database.

    For example, if in Antonica, you can open the EQ2map and type in the field "Fippy's Hill" or Fippy's or Hill and it will bring up anything in the Antonican database that matches EXACTLY that word.
    If you type Fippy it may not show up.
    But that may help on some days:)
  6. ARCHIVED-xirxxtoo Guest

  7. ARCHIVED-Stubbswick Guest

    The other option, if you do have eq2 maps is to paste the coordinates into the bar across the top and press the "path" button. That's what I usually do.
  8. ARCHIVED-xirxxtoo Guest

    Stubbswick wrote:
    ahh, you have to hit path? I was just hitting enter and nothing happened... thanks!
  9. ARCHIVED-bluja000 Guest

    I right click on the map, if eq2map, and select the second option, which brings up the window with the option to add a waypoint or other item, then hit path.

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