How Do I Access the AA Folder?

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  1. TinyRatongaofDoom New Member

    Sooo, I downloaded an AA spec that fits me for Fury from EQU and I can't find the AA folder anywhere. Is it separate from the EQ2 folder or do I have to make a folder or what? I downloaded EQ2 from Steam (to make it easier on myself) if that helps.
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  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    on your screen you got that level bar at the bottom with the level number in a circle on the right the closed book is the Alternate Advancements , right next to your bags.
    If your talking about anything else I can't help you . But you can always copy the information by hand .
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  3. TinyRatongaofDoom New Member

    Well, sadly that doesn't help me, I meant the AA folder on my computer, not in the game. I even mentioned something the hints that I wasn't talking about the in-game AA folder.
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  4. Faelan Active Member

    If you did a standard install the game files are found in C>users>public>Daybreak Games>Installed games>EverQuest II Make sure the file is renamed to the character you want the AA's for, such as "Character_solo.aa" The aa files are not stored in a separate folder.
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  5. Faelan Active Member

    Edit to add: Make sure to not use spaces in the names, use the underscore for all spaces or you will get a error in-game.
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  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    like I said also if that's not what you meant than I am sorry I can't help, I hope Faelan is more helpful .
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  7. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Ok so I walk people through this all the time.

    Download AA build, then hit the open file Location option on bottom of the screen it will give you. Drag and drop the file to your desktop, then right click on the EQ2 patcher icon, pick open up file Location, and drag and drop the AA build into there but not in a folder. For test server, you will put it in test folder, but not for live. Close it out and log into the game
    In game- hit AAs, load and pick the build you saved and save and commit them.

    Not sure on the steam thing though
    My computer sticks it in downloads files and not EQ2 files
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  8. Feldon Well-Known Member

  9. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Feldon always comes through with links to helpful websites :cool: .
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  10. JanEQ Member

    If you choose to use a downloaded AA spec, you can import it into your AA in game by following several steps.
    NOTE: The default folder for downloaded AA specs is usually your Windows Download folder. You will have to move the file to the EQ2 folder that you're using. NOTE: Faelan posted the current default install location in a post above. ^^

    1. Go to the Download folder and locate the AA spec that you just downloaded. (you should be given the name of the spec when you download)

    2. (optional) Rename the spec to a name that you will be able to recognize when you're in game. As posted above, do NOT use a blank (space) in the file name.

    3. Move the AA spec file to the EQ2 folder. To locate the folder, you can right-click on the shortcut that starts EQ2 and select Properties. Then click on the Open File Location button. This is the folder where you'll want to copy the AA spec to.

    4. When you're playing the character that you want to use the AA spec, open the AA window (the default shortcut key is "L" (not case-sensitive afaik). Click on Alternate Advancement. Depending on your UI (if you're using the Default UI or a custom UI), there will be an option to select a profile (or slot). My UI has a drop-down and at the bottom of the drop-down list is the choice "Load..." When you select Load, you should get a pop-up of all of the different saved AA specs that are in your EQ2 folder.

    5. Select the AA spec that you want to use (or try out) and select the Load button.

    6. Make changes if you want to.

    7. Click on the Save button. You will be given the opportunity to select which AA slot to save your new profile and the chance to rename the profile.

    8. Make sure that you remember to click on the Commit button so that your character uses the new AA spec

    Hope this helps.
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