How are bruisers in new xpac ?

Discussion in 'Fighters' started by Earar, Dec 26, 2019.

  1. Gnomfu Member

    [IMG]Yeah they changed my lightning palm as well to be single target, but thankfully mine didn't have an epic 2.0 skill tied to it.

    And my epic skill does max damage on all abilities for 32 seconds (when I eventually get it), so that will skew something like dragonfire even higher if you can recast it twice and proc double ability cast.

    So I ran a solo instance and here is the parse. total time was 9 mins to clear Echelon of order.
    I was in defensive stance
  2. Lyricus Member

    Comments like this are simply ignorant in understanding that void strike always functioned as an AOE when using the blue combat arts. This isn't apples and oranges, but your right they are not the exact same spell. The recent patch fundamentally altered how the Epic 2.0 spell was meant to work, and as a result drastically lowered its DPS potential. That's the issue.
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  3. Revanu Well-Known Member

    Sounds good, makes sense, my bad for think an ability that is a dmg proc, not an ae, should be compared to an ae. Didn’t think to assume it being used in coop with a blue ae would constitute it as being the same as a base product ae. Again my fault.
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  4. Lyricus Member

    I forgive you.
  5. Observing Active Member

    Recorded my weapon damage almost every level from 111-120
    It seems there is a superfun hidden multiplier on weapon damage of x 1.0 for each level.
    So weapon damage is 10 x what it was in CD
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