How about some experience toward tinkering from live event PQ?

Discussion in 'Quests and Seasonal Events' started by mutinay, Jul 27, 2017.

  1. mutinay New Member

    Was wondering if tinkering exp can be added to the first two parts of the Tinkerfest PQs, as a guild leader of a RP guild, a raider, and a host of a bunch of other things I find it hard sometimes to be able to get a minute for a lot of small things, I am still grinding faction for my epic 2.0 to even be able to start the quest, also the Ethereal coin grind now, the PG runs, Decorating instances and locations for RP and now grinding the live event PQs for spider parts and the Mythical helm ( which looks so awesome and I just must have it for my tinkering steampunk toon Mutinay).

    I am sure I'm not the only one with a bunch on their plate, but makes sense to me if when mining the bot at the end of the PQ for scraps raises the mining exp, tinkering in the first two parts of the PQ should have some experience go toward tinkering.



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  2. Chrol Developer

    As there is no tinkering involved in any part of the PQ it cannot raise your tinkering skill.
  3. mutinay New Member

    I am fairly new to crafting that after playing 3 years I'm only a level 92 carp, I was under the assumption that crafting the robot form and afterwards the bombs to toss at the named where you are given the crafting window and recipe to craft with the same clickys in the bottom that you need to press when they appear that share the same name click detriment as the detriment found when you tinker I just thought it was related to the tinkering process, thank you for taking your time to answer me back and put my assumption to rest.

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