Fixed Internally Housing disappeared

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Sealyn, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. Sealyn Member

    Our Sprocket's house is completely disappeared (the game parts such as floors and walls). It's all smoke and clouds. In addition, others have stuff placed missing in GHs and housing.
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  2. Suzze/Barshen/Baratroub Member

    Same with my House on my Bardire Toon. A well as the New Velious Portal is not rendering either.
  3. Erole Member

    my Sprockets houses and Santa Glug's Cheerful home has no floors
  4. Kolvas New Member

    Guild House door frames are missing, walls in other houses are gone.
  5. Riff New Member

    Appears as pure white / no texture:
    \aITEM -1298769505 1962117150 0 0 0:[Arcane Seal Remnant]\/a
    \aITEM 1521961282 1901447650 0 0 0:[Arcane Seal Debris]\/a

    Disappeared, cannot be viewed in Dressing Room:
    \aITEM 210696592 -274017732 0 0 0:[Inert Fiddledeegrak Port'em Sheenery]\/a
    [IMG] [IMG]

    Picture frame disappeared:
    \aITEM 1624672460 212971652 0 0 0:[Conquering the Planes]\/a
    \aITEM -1222087778 992264718 0 0 0:[Son of Grobb]\/a
    \aITEM -116295890 1599909884 0 0 0:[My Adventures in the Commonlands]\/a

    Disappeared, cannot be viewed in Dressing Room:
    \aITEM -850856809 -826382631 0 0 0:[Ancient Melodic Gnomophone]\/a and other similar Gnomophones
  6. Accendo Community Manager

    Please keep posting reports and details. Just popping in here to let you know that this is a known issue currently being investigated.
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  7. Accendo Community Manager

    A hotfixed has been pushed and this should now be resolved for both NA and EU. Please re-patch your game client when you can.
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  8. Lyric721 New Member

    I summited a ticket, with attachments, of the space where
    things should be, but aren't. The response I got was that there
    was little they could do and that I should post a bug report here.
    and re-patch? How do I re- patch?
    Someone pls enlighten me ...

    After the update/maintenance done today ( 7-27-2021),
    I logged back into the game only to discover that a lot of my
    housing items were missing!?!

    - One of my beds is missing? It is a platform like bed with
    attached nightstands. I have/ had two beds in small house in
    Neriak , Antonia Bayle server - it doesn't even show up on list
    of placed house items, but it has been there since I brought it
    about 2, maybe 3 years ago? not sure when as it's been so long,
    and it definitely was there this morning "before" the update).

    Note: I also tried looking up the name of this bed/ furniture
    (I can't recall the name) on the marketplace (where I brought it)
    but was unsuccessful as I kept getting message that said I might
    have to re-patch game in order to preview some of the items?
    Again, How do I re- patch?

    Also missing ...

    * Black Marble Arched Door Frame -
    (shows up on list of placed house items, but is mia )

    * Arched Door Frame of Mossy Briarwood -
    (shows up on list of placed house items, but is mia )

    * Missing Two Hearts Door -
    (shows up on list of placed house items, but is mia )

    * Deepice Gnomophone -
    (shows up on list of placed house items, but is mia )

    ... also some walls.

    I've tried logging out and back into game several times
    thinking /hoping maybe it was just a glitch and doing so
    would help. But my things are still missing in action!
  9. Twyla New Member

    Camp to desktop then restart the game. It patches every time you first start it. You might also want to click the gear on the lower left and have it validate your assets.
  10. Riff New Member

    Happy to report, after the latest patch everything that was missing in my houses returned back to normal. :)