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Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Cronyn, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Cronyn Developer

    Welcome to Planes of Prophecy Beta!

    There are three faction quest lines within the Plane of Magic. Please post any bugs and feedback regarding the
    Pride Pakiat adventuring quests within this thread.

    When you are describing an issue, be sure to include:
    Quest name
    Quest giver's name
    Quest journal text

    That will help ensure that the issue will be examined and tended to by the appropriate developer, as soon as possible! Thank you!
  2. Luciar Active Member

    Quest names: Water Canvas, Further Applications
    Offered by Olinnisk near -63.28 11.68 75.16
    Quest Journal Text:
    Water Canvas - Search for clues near the river
    Further Applications- Return to Olinnisk in Khali'Yrzu

    After inspecting the bubbling dark water for the quest water canvas, I was immediately offered the next quest in the line "Further Applications". I completed the next steps in Further applications by finding the NPC named "Mlheda" with the mob in a bubble and killing it. It now instructs me to return to Olinnisk in Khali'Yrzu, but she is still located in the plains where water canvas/futher applications were offered.

    I am unable to "Speak to Olinnisk" who has the quest book over her head because she is still expecting and update for the prior quest, Water Canvas. She is not visible in Khali'Yrzu.
  3. Luciar Active Member

    Quest name: Art Class Drop Out

    Quest Journal Text: Return the rocks to Alishinu in Metherial Plains

    The NPC does not have a quest book over her head indicating an update with her at this stage. She does however update the quest
  4. Vanyel Member

    Quest: Right in the Nose
    Quest says "Annuk'ka is attacking!" The problem is 1) they respawn as a NON aggro, npc which you can attack. 2) If you kill it, the quest doesn't update and it will instantly respawn every time you kill it
  5. Vanyel Member

  6. Vanyel Member

    update: the quest updated after I killed it 4Xs
    However, when I turn the quest in, it will not complete
  7. Uncle Active Member

    When you are describing an issue, be sure to include:

    An eye for art
    given by Lemisyka
    Quest journal text

    The text in the quets journal states should fine the updates in metetherial plains and the updates are actually found
    in the stratford acording to the main loc points on the map.

  8. Uncle Active Member

    Quest name: Art Class Drop Out

    Quest Journal Text: find rock in Metherial Plains

    these are not in the plains but in aetherscar

  9. olleran Active Member

    Quest name: Art Class Drop Out
    Quest giver : Alishinu
    Quest Journal Text: Return the rocks to Alishinu in Metetherial Plains

    Alishinu in Metetherial Plains updates the quest but does not have a book, while Alishinu in Khali'Yrzu has a book but does not update the quest
  10. Uncle Active Member

    Quest name Right in the Nose
    Quest giver's name Elishuru
    Quest journal text Now that i'v deltlt with Annuk'ka. i should return.

    upon returning she is not updating the quest after her dialog

  11. Uncle Active Member

    Quest name: water canvas
    Quest giver's name: Lemistka
    Quest journal text: Find Olinnisk in Myshst

    find her she just say be paient and doesnt update

  12. Uncle Active Member

    Quest name Learnign there place
    Quest giver's name Alishinu
    Quest journal text Meet Salindis in metetherial plains

    she not updating the quest
  13. Luciar Active Member

    Quest name Cultural Understanding
    Can't remember offering NPC name, sorry

    is a tradeskill quest instead of adventure, rewarding tradeskill xp on turn in. (Should reward adventure)
  14. Cronyn Developer

    A good deal of these I think were addressed with the patch today, and will probably just require you to drop and retake the quests in question. HOWEVER, I'm going to look at each one and make sure that's the case so that no one gets in a bugged state unnecessarily.

    I'm probably going to ping you guys for specifics in case I can't replicate the issues. Thanks for the reports!
  15. Cronyn Developer

    For those reporting that Olinnisk is simply replying, "You must be patient!", is she in a casting animation when she says that, or is she just standing there, enjoying the view of the river (as one does)?
  16. Luciar Active Member

    More info on cultural understanding. The quest giver does not display a quest feather when this quest is available to start after the second repeatable quest faction grind.
  17. Vanyel Member

    She is just standing there. Deleting the quests and getting them again doesn't help. I have about 3 "stuck" quests that wont complete. (Learning Their Place, Right In the Nose, Water Canvas)
  18. Vanyel Member

    It almost seems most of the issues are because the quest NPCs are duplicated in 2 different places. Could this bug out the quest scripts?
  19. Cronyn Developer

    No, that shouldn't bug any scripts (running in this zone, anyway).

    With Olinnisk, I think she isn't clearing a temp value being placed on her, which will bug her for everyone. I'm going to find another way to do her scene that isn't prone to that kind of breaking.
  20. Cronyn Developer

    What are the other two?

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