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Discussion in 'Quest Discussion' started by Kaitheel, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. Uncle Active Member

    couldnt agree more on this and when i did it this morning there was about 5 ~6 doing at the same time semi rare update and horrid respawn times is a huge bottle neck waiting to happen
  2. Keelinn Member

    Quest name: Artifact Not Fiction (repeatable)
    Quest giver's name: Pannaxxun

  3. Elinea Well-Known Member

    Purchase it from the conservator near the teleport pad.
  4. Apecoe New Member

    Quest name: Following a Familiar Face
    Quest giver's name: Himaduri
    Quest journal text: "Himaduri is preparing a spell to help me. She needs ignus sprenglint from ignus dancers on Scintillatiing Spires, and laths or Starfire Crystal from Pakiat Bluffs" and "Hunt ignus dancers for ignus sprenglint"

    Issue 1: the mobs that needs to be killed are called "ignus peak whirler"
    Issue 2: the area is not included, might be better to change it to "... on Scintillating Spires around Aetherscar, ..."
  5. Elinea Well-Known Member

    The Scintillating Spires island (where we first land) is the spot where I found all of the ignus mobs. I didn't even realize there were mobs also in Aetherscar for this quest.
  6. Goezer New Member

    Quest: Sphinx Outside the Box

    If you cancel illusion, it shows your mount/wings are still summoned but will not allow you to fly unless you cancel mount/wings and re-summon. (Don't recommend this while flying under illusion, the impact at the bottom hurts)
  7. Trynbuy New Member

    I do not know if this is a bug or just me. I spent two hours or so looking for the Metetherial stones. I looked in Kandra Uplands
    and Metetherial plains just like the quest said. In that two hours i found two stones only???
  8. Bardonio Member

    QUEST: Nothing Subtle About IT
    NPC: Himaduri

    2 hours and still searching for awe-laced river rocks. underwater. alone. atm 4/6
  9. Bardonio Member

    she disappeared from the platform for me. currently 40k faction doing repeatables
  10. Bardonio Member

    SO I now have 50k ally faction with House Vahla and the only quest giver is Jiyhon offering the repeatable Removing Some Competition. I still have Mindfold Matriarch's Effective Plan completed in journal and yet no NPC to turn in to? I dont think this is correct.
  11. Bardonio Member

    ok she moved to the pool area next to her original spot. sorry for the freak out :)
  12. olleran Active Member

    Quest : Following a Familiar Face
    Quest giver : Himaduri
    Quest txt : Hunt ignis dancers for ignus sprenglint

    Ignus Peak Whirlers have feathers and are also updating the quest
  13. Krystalea Member

    Is there anyway we can make the fibres a little bit easier to see? I had a heck of time finding them. It is so bright in that area, that the white just seems to blend in.
  14. Korucuu Well-Known Member

    Mindfold Matriach Taneesha final quest 'Dedication Rewarded' could use an alternate scout reward. Currently, the only scout option is a throw weapon, which is useless if you are a Ranger like me!

  15. Lenolian Active Member

    Quest : Sphinx outside the box
    Quest giver : Pannaxxun
    Quest txt : ...

    Feedback : when hailing the axulob you get no feedback at all. Its not really obvious that you have to keep hailing until something happens.
  16. Elinea Well-Known Member

    Quest: Artifact Not Fiction
    Quest giver: Pannaxxun
    Quest text: [IMG]
  17. Elinea Well-Known Member

    Quest: Dazzle and Delight
    Quest giver: Mindfold Matriarch Taneesha
    Quest text: (paraphrasing) Deposit 7 pairs of effulgence cores

    I don't see where to deposit these cores around the island where I killed the flickering ignuses. The text says to deposit the effulgence cores at separate locations on the Allyrian colloquy island, but I don't see anywhere to do this. Does this lead to inside the portal that's currently inactive up here?
  18. Gaptia Member

    Sure as Shell : no reward for mages or priests (except channeler)
  19. Pioneer Member

    [106] Dazzle and Delight
    too low amount of flickering ignus.
    were 8/14 at all and I was alone there
  20. Kaitheel Developer

    Thank you! That'll be fixed.

    ~ Kaitheel

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