House Preview - Kerafyrm's Lair

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  1. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    House Preview: Kerafyrm's Lair

    Achievements --> Live Events --> Chronoportals --> Fabled Time Traveler

    Successfully explore and defeat infamous foes from Norrath's fabled past.

    Guk, Qeynos Hills, Nagafen's Lair, Southern Desert of Ro,

    Oceans of Tears, Qeynos Ruins, Plains of Karana, Steamfont

    House Breakout Kerafyrm's Lair

    Fabled Time Traveler Achievement (Live Events --- Chronoportals)

    Video Portals Used
    Awakened Above Middle: -1172.75, - 38.75, - 80.00
    Awakened Below Middle: -1126.75, -184.75, - 89.45
    Sleeper Above Middle: -1107.25, 126.75, 463.25
    Sleeper Below Middle Above Floor: -1114.00, -193.30, 480.00

    Extra Sleeper Breakouts
    Below NW Corner Above Water: - 940.00, -169.00, 300.00
    Below NE Corner Above Water: -1269.00, -169.00, 300.00
    Below SW Corner Above Water: - 940.00, -169.00, 630.00
    Below SE Corner Above Water: -1269.00, -169.00, 630.00

  2. Febrith Well-Known Member

    That first part you explored is Sleeper's Tomb in Eastern Wastes - I don't recognise the second part though so somewhere I've not been or have forgotten! Sucks that you have to do the Fabled version of the Chronoportals though - I tried Guk with my merc and it took us 10 mins just to kill the first two mobs!
  3. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    If you can, just go into the Chronoweave and start shouting looking for group to run fabled chronoportals with, you may not have the same players each portal but you can probably get them all, you have until the end of March. Do it as often as you can and watch for that darn PQ, after I got the fableds done last night, 2 of us that had done the fableds together sat over 2.5 hours waiting for the PQ to come up and it was after 10 pm PDT when it did and most people were logging out as they had to work. My friend was getting ready to log out when the PQ came up, we barely got the 6 people needed to open the gate.
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  4. Hartay Well-Known Member

    The second part of the house looks like it was ported right out of EQ. :p
  5. ttobey Developer

    We need to put the Sleeper sleeping in there!
  6. Benj Member

    I've definitely finished all of the Fabled Chronoportals, except the PQ, but I don't have any progress on that achievement.
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  7. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Added the breakout video to first post. :)
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  8. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Nothing before the 18th I believe it was counted towards the achievement. I had all of them done prior to that as well.
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  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Make a plushie of him, we'll consider it. ;->

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  10. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    I agree Feb! Sucks that you have to do the Fabled version of the Chronoportals though - I Cant even do them. . . I DIE in them. I am not a very powerful Warlock. . . I spend most of my time decorating. . . I would have to go with a big mean group. . . but I don't think I would really want that house so. . . . .
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