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  1. Shazbot Active Member

    Anybody have a tip for how to /savehotkeys such that your macros will still refer to the skills they were pointing at, assuming those skills exist in your character template at the time you /loadhotkeys?

    I'm playing a progression toon right now and I'd like very much to have two hotkey settings, one with a blank AA template and one with the AA template filled out. The problem that I have is that when I change the AA templates it breaks the macros, even when I don't have that hotkey set loaded.

    Then I change the AA setting back to the right build and /loadhotkeys for that build and all the macros are pointing at references not the AA skills themselves. This even though the AA's are back in my build again.
  2. Toran Member

    Don't drag and drop your abilities into your macros maybe. Use a command line entry with the command /useability <name of the aa skill>.
  3. Malchore Active Member

    Ya. Read this post:

    May have to scroll up to the top of the post, but Zanbarbone has a terrific write-up on how to effectively use /savehotkeys and /loadhotkeys when switching between AA builds. I found it very very useful.

    EDIT: (more info I forgot to add)
    Here is a good reference to most of the known slash commands:

    In particular, pay attention to the /equip_equipment_set command. It can be used in your new AA switch macros, so that you automatically swap out gear. Very useful if you have gear that you only wear when in a solo zone, and gear you use when in groups or raids.