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    I like to create bios for my toons which integrate EQ2 lore with some RL history and some of my own fantasy thinking. o_O I am not an end game player, so I am not fully up to date on current EQ2 lore, even after reading this forum, which I LOVE. I love ANYTHING to do with vampires and although Freebloods are not considered vamps, they are in my mind and RP. :p I have some really great bios in mind for my FB toons which of course all have some type of tie-in to Mayong. I would LOVE for Mayong to come back in a future expansion as a full God. :D Is there any chance he could show up as the God known as The Nameless? I would really LOVE a real deity altar for him. I've made altars to him with currently available items but would like the real deal. If the lore allows he can return as The Nameless or a full God himself, where should I post a request for this? Thank you all for your help. I am constantly amazed and in awe of the knowledge you all possess. <3 :)
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  2. Bramdar Active Member

    Mayong Mistmoore may or may not have been a demigod in the past - he definitely was in the EQ1 story, and he may or may not have been a demigod previously in EQ2 (I'm not sure that it's clear.)

    The Nameless is different - this is the being that created everything, even the gods themselves, according to myth. The Nameless has had one avatar - Roehn Theer, the Sentinel of Balance. Mayong can't really become The Nameless (although it's Mayong, so I wouldn't put it past him with all the shenanigans he's pulled.)

    You said you aren't an end game player. Have you seen the Vision of Vetrovia storyline? Mayong features heavily, and it concerns the Freeblood. There are recaps available if you haven't made it to that content yet, or we could retell the story here.
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    Freebloods are very much vampires in every aspect except for exposure to sunlight. If you do the Qeynos Freelood racial quest, you will find out that they can go semi-feral if they go long enough without blood, but the well-behaved Freebloods in Qeynos have arrangements with the local butchers to use livestock blood instead of people.
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    Thank you for the info Bramdar. I did know Mayong has been considered a demigod, I'm just greedy and wanted more. :D I am able to run VoV but have not done so. Thank you for letting me know about the storyline. I will definitely run it so you don't have to retell the story. :)
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    Thank you very much Cusashorn for that info. I often run my "evil" Freeblood with the alternate appearance so she looks very feral. :D I always saw Freebloods as vampires until a few other players informed me they were only 1/2 vampires at best. I am glad to hear they were wrong. I thought I had run the racial quest but apparently have not or did not read as I was going; I can always make a new FB and run it. :) I will be sure to pay extra attention to the storyline. I used to only play goody 2 shoes High Elf conjurers and still have a couple. However, I favor my Freeblood necromancers now and seem to only play Cassta as the decorator she is. I can't wait to finish my current deco job and get back to ruling the world with my vamps! :D
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    They are artificial vampires created from turned humans and elves, but the turning process didn't go completely correct, and now they can walk around in the daylight without hinderance and are not bound to a master.

    Anyway, to answer your other questions:

    Mayong Mistmoore gave up his godhood. He obtained godhood, lived in Mystmyr, a demi-plane attached to the Plane of Hate, and gave up his godhood when Innoruuk needed his plane to recover his energies. He has yet to show any desire to go back to being a god. The Nameless is basically just the ultimate god, the creator of all existence. It has no corporeal form and never has had anything other than Roehn Theer as his avatar. It's unlikely that it'll ever be shown.
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  7. Mugwort Active Member

    A series of three official news articles called "D'Ryil's Letters" were provided for background on the Freeblood race.

    The links to those articles are below, along with a final article from EQ1 about Mayong.

    EQII Lore: D'Ryil's Letters, Part 1


    EQII Lore: D'Ryil's Letters, Part 2


    EQII Lore: D'Ryil's Letters, Part 3


    And from Everquest I, "From the Library of Norrath: Mayong Mistmoore - Background Lore

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  8. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Thank you for more info. Personally, I am all for Mayong going back to being a God. They could make a wicked, cool looking altar for him and I could change my deity. :D
  9. Cassta Well-Known Member

    Mugwort, thank you for the links they are great. :D