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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Jrox, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Moss Well-Known Member

    Mezz are broken and never taken into account in recent years game mechanisms choices.

    Auto-attack, pets, so many damage proc from so many class could break mezz just by trying to refresh them. Resists are getting higher and higher with each new Combat Mitigation buff making them unrialable even at ancient level and by maxing out our stats, which should never happen.

    Also the UI does allow anymore to properly follow the duration of mezz due to the increasing number of abilities in the maintained spells window, except by hiding all most of your abilites and making some other parts of the UI broken.

    The first time we did the challenge we tried to use mezz and finished to use group roots/stuns/pet pulls/kitting instead as it was so much more efficient. We never use to them anymore as it could make some pulls harder (more random) that they should be.

    Having tested Lethal Focus in ancient level I could already tell it is not even a great boost on dps class, as we could not see any real effect on parse so far in challenge raids. Making it a group buff would not change much. And we all know how much coercers needs some good quality utility (and dps to be at least on par with healers).

    I would say as usual but .... Lethal Focus appears to be broken for the moment as on some tests the crit bonus overcap part just seems to greatly decrease just after casting it. Which would explain why tests on top dps class did not shows any visible effect.

    I could say the only good change for coercer for the last years is the change on Possess Essence, and while its great it did not compensate for the loss of dps of Mastermind (Save Minds) that did not scale with our stats and have declined from our first source of dps to bottom of the parse with each increase of Combat Mitigation. Also how good will be Possess Essence buff with upcoming stats increase in the long run ?

    Increase of damage on mezz, Aura of Power, all our class cloaks and runes... so many failures over the last years pushing our class to the exit.

    Let's hope Lethal Focus will be adjsuted, and that futur changes and class balance will definitly provide coercers (and illusionists too) some interesting abilities to make them wanted.

    And please no more mana regen with 9m range with high resist rate, it should be easier to mana regen on a coercer than on any other class, not the over way.