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Discussion in 'Mages' started by Jrox, Jul 1, 2020.

  1. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Another thought I just had, does anyone really know how all the combat mechanics really work anymore? I mean even the devs? I can't imagine, or even better, dread it for the guy that does know as the calculations must be a gawd awful nightmare...
  2. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    This reiterates the problem. You can't do an AA respec if you have no grasp of the mechanics it applies to. I suspect that's why there's been no major revamp in a long number of years. Things have gotten so complicated and packed with fat that not a lot is working and the bigger problem is where to start. To paraphrase a comment Kander made earlier about this launch, when you're on a roller coaster coming in to stop at 250 mph and there ain't no brakes, this chit is gonna hurt.
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  3. Jrox Well-Known Member

    You know, I hope everyone knows when I say top ten players and what not I am referring to all types of players. Not just raiders. I'm talking about some folks that understand their class. I know players of certain classes that are in lower tier raid forces and a couple who don't raid who are spectacular for at what they do. Don't just assume they are in a top 5 raid guild so they must be the best. That would be a crying shame. Especially cause "SOME" of those guys love to cry to devs about things being OP once they have their end game complete. Just to stick it to everyone else and ensure that the lead carries over into next xpack by stopping others from accomplishing the same goals for the season.
  4. Luciano Member

    I have played coercer back in KOS, than I have switched to bard just because I noticed that I like melee class a bit more. My add is opposite of constructive one, but I feel like I need to say it.
    Problem is in balancing. Ppl shall ask for unbalancing instead.
    For example coercer in KoS raid had to work hard to keep group and especially some more important classes with pwr all the fight, while tanks had to time perfectly theirs utilities to stay alive. There were some fights in which even coercer did some significant dmg, so you were not only powerfeeder whole raidevening.
    After loads of demands for dps balancing devs felt to infinite balancing between unbalancable classes. Chanters lost theirs unique position as powersupply while trouba can replenish full power by one, fast recast, spell and even troubas AA powerfeed skill became useless.
    I think, that we should ask for unbalancing instead of balancing and game will become great again, as originally invented.
  5. Fatyl New Member

    Then you obviously haven't seen that "mimicking the right target" only adds about 4-6% to an Illy's parse. I have Mimic'd the top Beastlords, Assassin's, & Wizards on AB server with the same result. Mimic was nerfed as well. Even with potency >180 still getting out parsed by healers. Spent two hours on training dummy trying to change casting order and macros to see if I can get anywhere close to T2 on the parse only to eek out 1 or 2 billion or more with the perfect cast order. Its not a matter of casting the right spells with Illy's anymore they are just nerfed to a utility class only.
  6. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Did the new raid coming in Sol Ro last Friday night. The power feed on a few fights in there is ridiculous. We had three Illy's and a coercer, all were struggling to feed power. I could not keep my grp with power on a couple of fights. Forget about DPSing in there if stays as is.Much like the Daiku I feel like a lot of new content and gear is meant for only the elite of the elite. You have to have A1 players in every slot on your team or you wont get it done. And that's a shame because it becomes more of a chore than fun.

    I like a challenge, and if I chose to ditch some of my friends and go chill with the elitist I could accomplish that goal, but again where is the fun in that. I really hope that tone it back a bit. Even with the Heath reductions on CM Daiku, I still only know of 3 or 4 grps that can successfully navigate the zone on a consistent basis.
  7. Mahateb New Member

    One spell...called Mana Tap for illy. Dont know the name of coercer version of it. Thats all u need to cast for any amount of power drain.
    Just keep an eye on radius of it :)
  8. Fatyl New Member

    A couple of things to note on Manatap. In a couple of the Expert and Challenge Raid mobs you have to cast Manatap multiple times to get it to hit. The mobs have buffs that make them resist manatap, If you watch you cast it, it fails and it takes five seconds to reset, sometimes you have to do this multiple times. I'm sure this will be the case for the new Raid zone as well. This is why I spec my AA for ManaSoul and use Manaflow on my healers as often as it is up. I have two macros created that allow me to manaflow to the my group healers and other raid healers. Mana Tap is great but sometimes you need extra power feed to other group members. Also the range is 15 meters, but again in Expert and Challenge raid mobs raid member have been debuffed to prevent them from receiving power from manatap. If you want to make sure you get your group power use ManaSoul. But you have to have good healers and make sure you have macro'd to tell them you're using ManaSoul because you will need to be healed through it, especially on tougher mobs.
  9. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Well... I was fooled into believing this. I am excited that I have found current content and UPCOMING content where CC is a thing and very much still part of the game play. The last few weeks I have discovered content not previously open to me or I had just been skipping over that is extremely fun. Hope IS alive and I am eating it up!
  10. Jrox Well-Known Member

    This might be more to the strength of your Manatap spell itself and how your speced. Mine is GM'ed only for a few more days then it will get the upgrade through research. However I also spec so it deals a little dmg through the aa spec. I have tested it and when you add this dmg proc it tends to hit/stick much easier than without. I also have not seen any buffs on mobs that show any type of resistance to this spell, but because it is mental I would assume that is where the resist would have to lay? Again haven't noticed any of the mobs with this type of resis.
  11. Vanleeze New Member

    They’ve been putting content for CC, it’s just that people don’t do it. Why do you think they’ve put in coop buffs in challenges and experts ?

    Everytime I go in Reishi experts, I hear complaints, I keep telling to mezz the waves when they pop and it’s so much more stable and no one ever dies.

    I always get comments on how much easier it is afterward.

    If chanters would CC more in experts, you wouldn’t need a second healer, most of the time.

    Try it out next time.
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  12. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Reishi Expert just burn the ring event. Easier than trying to CC all those mobs.
  13. Vanleeze New Member

    Disagree, it’s one single spell to CC them. Kill the ones that resisted first.
  14. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Only doable if (1) the tank can stand up, whether on their own or because you have fab healers, and (2) you have big DPS. Most of the PUGs I've been in that failed in Reishi Rumble expert had the tank/healers dropping about the third wave.
  15. Jrox Well-Known Member

    Implosion and the like is your friend. Anyone that can AE Stun will do the trick. So once they are stunned everyone nukes and AE's until then you stay out of frontal and tank needs stone skins and yes some good heals. But slouches shouldn't be in experts. If your in there its because you belong, it's not to be carried. If you are carrying a friend or two then you know already you can handle it heh ;)
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  16. Geniusincuba New Member

    I very often get PuG Groups to do Experts and yes some times it's very challenging thats why when you can help the Tank and Healers with some CC why not do it, in RR I always Control the waves and we never fail. It's just easier dont know why you are bashing on that idea. Might take a little longer but if your group wipes it will take much longer to setup.
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  17. Bentenn Well-Known Member

    yes you are right...big dps is all you need.... we don't even use a tank on experts... yes.. not everyone has that luxury.
    I have run groups with tanks and super low dps and CC helps out quite a bit.. PUGs are doable is you explain to people what needs to be done.. problem is in most pugs you get those one or two people who want to fly through it and creates headaches for those that have not done it regularly or are not used to powering through everything..
  18. Ozzello Member

    Charm, is useless even in solo and heroics. Our AA specs are so yesterday it's sad. Our PE pets have no fun side anymore by looking like whatever we target... really cool when it looked like another player. They don't care. Make a monk, or warlck or another flavor of the month, because the flavor of the month has become the flavors of the last few years. Rotating through the different classes has become a thing of the past.
  19. Bludd Well-Known Member

    charm can be very useful in heroics with co-op mechanics because the charmed mob doesnt contribute to the co-op buff
  20. Cesium New Member

    The only thing charm is useful for is taking a break during the Reishi waves. I'd use mez or root instead, but charm prevents people from killing it. (And now that I mentioned that those npc will probably be flagged immune as well.)

    I'm happy that the recast timer was reduced on Lethal Focus, but they really missed an opportunity to provide some quality utility to the class by making it a group spell.