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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Cyliena, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You mean the fence or gate pieces? They do look like a form of trellis.
  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Yea those, I can't remember though exactly what they are called. But if you hang flowers over them you would probably not be able to tell.
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  3. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    I would like to see more actions for house actors. I'm trying to set up some brawler actors for a project I'm working on, and wanted them to be swinging their weapons and sparring with each other. NPCs have been doing that since the game started. See the monks in Elddar Grove, T'Narev, Disciples of Hate in Neriak, etc. I understand that their combat actions aren't fluid and continuous just like the actions that are currently available, but it can't be that hard to make it work, right?

    I was also hoping to set up an actor or two in my library, and was going to pose them with the researching/studying/reading action that I see many an Erudite often doing.
  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Yeah, about the only thing you can do for that would be like the /emote where they're writing something at the Engraved Desk. :-/

    Or have them /sitchair and place a book in their lap. :-/

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  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Do you know what I really wish for? GETTING OUR HARVESTED MATERIALS INFORMATION BACK. :mad:

    There's at least one person I can think of off the top of my head who's pretty much given up on the game and won't be coming back unless that's returned to us. There is NO reason, logical or il-, why this should be. >:-/

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  6. Lillaanya New Member

    I would love some black/grey rugs. Perhaps even something like [Diamond-weave Dark Scale Runner] But of a more reasonable length? Also the tile floor that's in Sleeper's Tomb, you know where you have to ram the gargoyle into the other gargoyles. ( I have been running this instance repeatedly because of the lack of black rugs)
  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hopefully for Nights of the Dead and their recipe book! :D

    /fingers_crossed...and very, very glad indeed to have the harvested materials info back! Now all they need to do is fix what they broke on the upper tier ones... ;->
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  8. Wolfess Member

    My wish list (sorry if many of them have already been wished for):

    - to be able to buy and scribe the City of Mist building blocks (only)
    - that the Ethernere Enclave was a buyable prestige "house" for all
    - bigger triangle tiles and triangles with a 45 degree angle
    - more bright lighting options and do away with ½ of the pathetic ones
    - more Paineel type building blocks
    - a choice of plunderable items (say 6 like carpet, tapestry, vase, plant, flag and painting) you could choose 1
    - more curtains/blinds
    - seperate huge bag/box for just fuels, for crafting both on you and in bank
    - Reddish brick building blocks
    - flowing water that you could resize
    - a "liveable" windmill and other cool housing
    - skinnyish upright rektangular- and circular poles
    - Maroccan type lattice and tiles
    - big square pillars
    - Egyptian type stuff like in Living Tombs in SS
    - More medium houses with (empty) gardens
    - Huge ceiling tiles with molding
    - Swans and sheep plushies
    - more toilet options perhaps
    - glass panes, of course!
    - Stained glass & wood doors (ordinary that fit dividers)
    - more roof options or bigger existing ones
    - more fences and gates
    - either make massive places smaller or increase items allowed
    - wandering gnolls, dyads, knights, orcs etc to make decorated places come alive
    - have more housing that you can fly in to make roofing jobs easier. (Frustrated with Oakmyst Forest for that reason)
    - Like some of you said I wish the guildhalls were more representative of the area they are in
    - as for instance a carpenter I'd like to see items allowed upped again and craftable sales displays/glass shelving. A jeweler could have their wares on show, you could have a bakery/grocery shop, armory etc. instead of everything in those boring crates

    … that's it for now :)
  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I agree with just about everything on this list, but only a few comments here and there:

    Barring that, I'd like there to be a selection of such things, or the recipe books (not just City of Mist, but also the ToT stuff, KA, etc.) on the Loyalty Merchants, like two years after the expansion was released. If we have to be a Member to get them, so be it. :-/

    Yes! That one, and the Dimensional Pocket, the rent-free city houses, etc., etc., etc.! I'd take those either as Marketplace items (hey, devs! MORE MONEY MAKERS!!!) or as Loyalty Merchant things.

    The triangle blocks (let's face it, devs; that's what they are. A true triangle TILE would've been flat) do get pretty big, and if you use the Pitch command (unfortunately) in the in-game Editing Mode for decorating, you can sort of convince them to stand on one "leg" (or "arm," depending how you look at it) and you can get a 45-degree triangle that way, but it's clugey. I, too, would like that as a regular option. :-/

    What I'd also love would be to have the triangle "tiles" on the Marketplace as a buyable option (hey, devs! MORE MONEY MAKERS!!!), along with all the other sets they have there. Many's the time I was away from a City Festival and praying that I wouldn't have to take out a bank loan to get the amount of plat I'd need for them on the Broker (hey, devs: fix the inflation on the Broker, and you won't have to worry about plat farmers. And no, I don't actually condone plat farming for illegal selling, so don't get upset about me). X-P

    You can rescue even the pathetic ones by the application of a "single candle," which is a regular Carpy recipe (level 60). I. LOVE. Those. Things!! You can shrink 'em down to like a hand-width, relatively, and they're still super bright. :)

    Yes! I'd love working curtains in the color ranges we have for the half-round things we have now. ;->

    Meh, not sure about in the Bank, but I'd LOVE a bigger Fuel Depot. The cynic in me can guess why they won't, what with the Marketplace Depots being such money-spinners for them. >:-/

    Hmm...what about the Water Tiles from the Moonlight Grotto things and the Moveable Water Spray building blocks (ooh, and the waterfalls)? What I'd like to see would be those blocks, columns, etc. of water act like real water; i.e., if you made a block really big, you could jump in there and risk drowning. ;->

    Like, one you could actually get into? ;-> Me too! :D

    Well, I like the Tall Columns, but yeah, we could use something slimmer, I agree. Something like as round and as small, relatively, as the Carbonite Roller, but not moving.

    And I would LOVE a slender, rectangular (square-based) column! In the Building Blocks (or even holiday recipes), so, plain! No stupid fancy doo-dads at the top and bottom, no fluting, no frills, no rivets, just basically a half block, but at least as tall (sitting on its BASE, default) and skinny as the columns, or even as small as the not-moving Carbonite Roller, only square. And in a range of colors and materials.

    (We have some big square pillars, but too fancy.)
    Plain! Glass! Panes! That let real light in! If you have to, devs, just use the exact same frames you have for existing windows, but make the panes as clear as the windows you have in New Halas and Kelethin! :D

    And dividers that accept them. Ever try to put a door where it belongs, square in the middle of a doorway? You get nothing but red (you can force it to green using one of the layout editors, but heaven help you if you need to change anything, since the anchor point of a door is at one end, the hinge end, and the doorway's is at the center...), and the doorway going, "Nope. Not gonna do it. No way, no how. Nuts to you. :p"

    Old-fashioned scaffolding can be your friend, but it's still a PitA to need it. If you're in a true prestige home, indoors, that's one thing (but yeah, some of those big houses could be flown in, I swear), but if you're "outside," in a prestige land (Hua Mein springs to mind!), flying should ALWAYS be an option. >:-/

    There are some, like the Bags/Cloth Armor/Leather Armor sales "crate," if memory serves (I know you can sell bags from those, not sure about the armor), but that's about it. You can build the usual things into a sales display, but unless some sort of portion of the Sales Crate is visible (which many folks grouse about), I'm not sure how accessible they'd be. :(

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  10. Wolfess Member

    Yes Uwkete-of-Crushbone, I did mean for the Windmill to be a cool house that you could live in and decorate! It would fit the game well I think? Also some housing like the water mill in EL near Runneyeye would be fun - something more like a big farmhouse, rustic yet charming with a big garden for crops and animals. I totally gree with wishing for fruiting trees and grapes and corn and stuff besides what we have now. Other housing I'd like to see developed is housing which reflects not just the area but also different classes. There are a few I suppose but if there was more of a choice decorating would be so much fun! Since the hovels disappeared (Starcrest Commune, Temple Street etc) I feel a bit "homeless" in a way.
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  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Oh, absolutely yes! :D

    Too many cool places on the Marketplace we can't get into... :(

    There's the equivalent of the Shire we Halflings and Gnomes used to be able to live in, housing-wise, that's now a prestige place on the Marketplace, but I think that's the only one (well, there's also the Vale of Halfpint Delight, but it's only an island in the middle of the ocean, with only one "hobbit-hole"). :-/

    We need more like that! :D

    Can't recall the name atm; The Baubleshire? Something like that.

    who, barring that, is looking at custom-building places these days... :)
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  12. chattie Well-Known Member

    I'm running Siren's Grotto" Tavalan Abyss for muting gear and I've had this thought before but decided to stop and post it this time.. I love the blocks in the last area /way 33.82, -84.34, -896.80 they would be a great addition for builder's. Please take a look and see about adding them as craftable items or at the Marketplace. Thanks:)
  13. Aelissa Active Member

    Still begging, wishing, and emailing...please make status reduction apply to guildhouses. Please-o-please. I have a beautiful hall that I really want to keep, but even after getting rid of half of the amenities upkeep is still awful. Now that I am not a FT raider the time I can play I don't want to spend grinding junk for status.
  14. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Getting SOE/Daybreak to change their minds about old entrenched rules (like: "We need guild halls to be a large status sink, because there will never be a time when we will have any other large status sinks, such as Mounts and House Items and so forth, and there will never be a time when our list of paying customers swelling the ranks of all those numerous guilds out there will ever drop below WoW's.") is like trying to change laws in RL: fairly easy to pass them, but to change them or get rid of them, you need a case of whiskey and a pound of laxatives. :-/

    (Want to watch them break out in hives? :D Dig it: "Hey, devs! We would gladly PAY YOU, we would BUY SOMETHING ON THE MARKETPLACE, that would let us use status reduction items for our guild halls! /giggle" [I know, I know, it's mean, if not downright unconscionable, to say something like that without an Epipen handy... ;->])

  15. Aelissa Active Member

    :p tooo funny. Gotta try though. I would buy an expander-if only ;) ....I am still trying to throw money at them for the membership and expac. Maybe I will be able to get them when "covid" is over and I can return to the US and use my cards there again. :eek:
  16. Edriliane Active Member

    Glass tiles, all I want at the end of the day is glass tiles like the glass bit of the ornate display case you can buy from the ironforge exchange. You could add them to the moonlight enchantments merchants and I'm pretty sure you'd make a very happy bunch of decorators.

    I can only dream :(.
  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I often go with the old Polished Ice standby for things, but they do have a tendency to "erase" any particle effects. :( Not sure any glass tiles wouldn't do the same...hmm. There's always the Vampiric (and Wispy Vamp.) Mirrors for better treatment of glowing things, but you gotta watch out for those huge frames. :-/ And the Misty tiles from the Moonlight Enchantments, but those might be too opaque...

    Speaking of which, if they did a minuscule, strip-along-the-edge sort of "frame," I betcha the Art Dept. (all two of them, or however many are still there) could put out tiles, at least, with nearly completely clear "glass"...keeping in mind that uber-clear, no inclusions at all window glass is a very modern thing.

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  18. Edriliane Active Member

    Invisible tiles that you could only see while hovering on them in decorating mode. In the houses that allow flying it would be very useful to block areas you don't want others to access.
  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm...well, there are tapestries and rugs and whatnot that are "invisible" from one side or another (rugs, for example, can be invisible from underneath), and/or solid (or not) from one side or another. Lera has the scoop on Rugs on her website. :)

    For tapestries, though, you'd have to check out folks' various Housing Item houses and try to walk through them. They're more likely to be visible on both sides, even without collision detection.

    The Water Tiles (not the Sparkly ones ;->) from the Moonlight Grottoes are solid, if memory serves (it's why I still love the Tapestry of the Steam Lord, even though that useless, fancy-schmancy stupid hanger torch thing is still there [really, devs, the only reason to have lights near a tapestry in the first place is to see the design better, and THERE ISN'T ONE THERE :mad:]; can we get a new item, like Tapestry of the Steam Squire or something, that just has the wooden bars and chains? Please?), and unless you're at a good angle, it's really hard to see the ripples of the "current."

    Especially if you aren't expecting it and suddenly fly right into it... ;->

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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Beating the dead, then revived, then killed, then skeletonized horse of this sub-topic: hey, DEVS! Wanna make some money -- whoops, sorry if that makes y'all break out in hives, but that IS the job of a company, after all, as well as pleasing the customers (which, surprisingly, also makes money) -- bring to the Loyalty Merchant, or even the Marketplace, the recipe books and/or prestige houses from the old Collector's Editions as an anniversary thing. I'm talking really, really old, like 5th or 10th Year Anniversary of, say, the ToT release-type stuff, for example. Perhaps for even a limited time (but do make a point of announcing it on the forums and the Message of the Day, not some mysterious third-party whatsit program), but make them available. Say, 1,999 Station Cash for the house, 1.499 for the book, or 2,999 for the Bundle of them both? Seriously, anyone who wants the latest/greatest expac, even in the Collector's Edition, is not going to wait more than a few months to get ahold of it, unless they can't afford anything more than the Basic Edition. And, let's face it; end-level raiders and such aren't going to care about the houses or the recipes, but we will here. :)

    Unless, of course, you don't want to encourage the crafting, paying customers...? ;->

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