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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Cyrrena, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I think we need a thread of servers and people to contact if you are doing one of the events here or just need help with a house.

    Please post your character name, server, and what you are willing to help with, resources, dungeons, crafting, crafting spaces, etc., below. This way we have a listing of who is willing to help where they can.

    Cyrrena Level 110 Carpenter with almost all recipes, max level in tinkering and adorning as well.
    Antonia Bayle
    I can craft, offer dungeons, offer resources, and a place to craft. I will even set up one of my houses with a crafting area reserved for Homeshow people participating in events and swaps, I can stock it with resources and make the depots deposit only. Maybe the organizers of those events would let me know when a character from AB is entered and they can be friended to the crafting house? I am also willing to help others that love to decorate but not craft so much by making items for them.
  2. Elyria Member

    • Mirjeta, Level 70 Carpenter, Antonia Bayle, will craft what I can for you (i now have Nurwin Family Secrets, don't have all the Advanced, but i do have Frostfell and the other holidays...on Vanisia (level 100 provisioner). Can also donate harvestables if needed.
    • Amaryll, Level 100 Carpenter, Test,(will update with her recipes) available for crafting and gathering.
    I don't think I have any other carpenters lying around here...*peers behind some crumpled boxes*...I'll let ya'll know:D
  3. Misstake Active Member

    Devilkiss - 110 crafter, all faction recipes and regular recipes, Maj'Dul. I can help with items being crafted. creating a dungeon to drop supplies off in, all of the recipes from the xpacs as well
    Devilkiss - 110 crafter, most faction recipes and regular recipes, Antonia Bayle. I can help with items being crafted. creating a dungeon to drop supplies off in, all of the recipes from the xpacs as well
    Devilkiss - 110 crafter, all regular recipes and a few advanced recipes, Halls of Fate. I can help with items being crafted. creating a dungeon to drop supplies off in, all of the recipes from the xpacs as well
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  4. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    Quiarrah (across the board)

    Skyfire: 110 Carpenter all recipes (if you have the resources I can craft) I also have a dungeon of excess I am willing to share (if you can pry it out of my cold dead hands) Also can give help in decorating if time is a constraint or need to be absent for any reason.

    Maj'Dul: I can help with ideas, decoing in a pinch. (Not that high yet . . )

    Thurgadin: although I am rarely on my home server if anyone needs help I AM 100 over there. . . Cant craft the new stuff but I can help and offer whatever I have in my dungeon there as well.
    ***ps. . .. I should say that I do not have the Dhlghar(sp) building blocks but I do have CoM and Deep Water stuff****
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  5. Kloo Member

    My carpenter, Kazzie is 110 and has all the recipes except City of Mist and Deepwater. I also have dungeons full of stuff and my home has fuel and harvest depots available along with crafting stations. Kazzie's Relic house has Frostfell mats and crafting stations also. I will help anytime I can.
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  6. Breanna Well-Known Member

    I can help with stuff too :) Maj'Dul server. I think I have most receipes, except for stuff that only drops in raids. Not all that creative so can't really decorate, but I have tons of harvest and all 9 crafters. I think I have the guild hall set right so you can just come on in and craft if you need. It's Ancient Legacies Tier 4 off the Antonica docks. Look me up in game I'm on mostly all weekend go afk a lot to do house work. and most evenings after 6:00 eastern, or shoot me a mail on Breanna my main.
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  7. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Which server are you on Kloo?
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  8. Kloo Member

    Oh duh! Halls of Fate. Sorry mind wasn't firing on all cylinders properly!
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  9. elflover Well-Known Member

    On Skyfire i have Baeletha 110carp and a lot of factions, and alts who have some others. can help with editor placing tiles and walls nothing too fancy lol

    i hv room to make an alt on another server if needing help placing/editing for other deco events. and help with any ideas. <3
  10. Aneylee Well-Known Member

    My carpenter is on Skyfire. Aneylee is level 110, all expansions, most factions and I am still missing some of the newer recipe books that drop.

    I have 8 personal homes that are just warehouses atm :rolleyes:. (Feel free to save me from having to clean all those houses).

    I do use LE so can help out there on SK or the other servers.

    And I am always available to brain storm ideas too!
  11. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Daemora on Maj'dul server can do most, but not all, faction recipes and specialty recipes, up to Chaos Descending. Still working on getting the Advanced Carpenter Studies from Chaos Descending, though. I have all CE expac recipes that have been released thus far, and access to most, (not all) faction merchants via alts, if not on Daemora. My sage can make the crafted expanders, and I know people tend to way overcharge on these so if you need one, just get me a chromatic essence and I'll craft it for you for free.

    I do require that you provide any rares needed for any crafting, however, as I haven't got many rares. My harvesting time is extremely limited and I'm not exactly faithful sending pony out, and made the mistake of trading in my goblin for the plant. If I could take it back, I would in a heartbeat, especially since the plant seems to be very objectionable to giving out the shadebark, which is the only reason I was interested in the plant in the first place.

    I do apologize in advance if I don't get back to you right away. I'm horrible when it comes to checking in game mail, and I rarely notice when someone sends me a tell, as I'm usually very focused on my activities.If you send me an in game mail, however, I will get back to you as soon as I see it. You can also try sending me a forum pm here, but I haven't been looking at the forums regularly in a while now, due to my busy irl schedule. If you're really in a hurry, let Vasciagio know you're trying to get hold of me, and he'll be sure to get my attention on the matter, hehe.

    Berrilyn on AB server is a level 97 carpenter and has all the basic recipes up to that level but is still working on collecting all the Adv carpenter books. She has not done the Tradeskill timelines, has NO faction recipes, and only some of the holiday event recipes, so she is much more limited in what she can do than Daemora is. She is also on an F2P account, so does not have membership priveleges and has no expac recipes either. I do, however, have a lower level alt on my primary account on AB server that can craft all the expac recipes, but she cannot do mass production yet. As I do not often play on AB server, your best bet is to reach me through these forums or have Vasciagio direct my attention to you.
  12. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I think this gives people including house swappers at least a couple of options for each server and hopefully others will reply as they see the thread.
  13. Febrith Well-Known Member

    Same here happy to help exactly as per the first three paras of Merriel's post - with the exception of letting Vasciagio know if you need to get hold of me:) cos he'd just be like "Huh?"
  14. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I myself would prefer the rares are provided or paid for, but I know that for a crafter on a server they do not normally play on, it might be difficult, so I would not mind harvesting in that case.

    I still have not heard anything from anybody that goes to AB to decorate for swaps or anything if they would like me to set up a crafting room with depots in one of my homes and add all the swappers and event crafters so they have a place to go. I can slowly fill the depots with harvests and if I make the depots so nobody can withdraw from them but can use them for crafting I don't think we would run into the problem of someone just getting access to steal the supplies. Let me know!! And if you organize and run the events and swaps, please let me know who you assign to houses on AB and I would be more than willing to give them access to the house and the crafting room and supplies.
  15. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    Great idea!

    I have a published portal house - Roads to Everywhere! - (on HoF - homeowner: Dionka) with a full set of crafting stations (except for Frostfell stations), and harvest and fuel depots. I'd be happy to add any decorator as a friend so they can use the depots for crafting.
    I'm also willing to put a Roads portal down in a house a decorator is working on, and can add a portal to that house (if there is one) so they can jump back and forth easily... just mail the portal back when finished.
  16. Aneylee Well-Known Member

    Thank you both Cyrrena and Rosyposy!

    Decorators please keep them in mind. And if you need access to their homes/guild halls, let me know so I can let them know.

    Also if you have harvestables that you can add to their Harvest Crates for others, let them know.
  17. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I will set this room up today and let you know the name of the home and I will begin filling depots for them.
  18. Lowretta New Member

    All of my toons are on Maj'Dul, but I'm more than happy to help there if needed.

    Emma Appealing, Carpenter 110
    Ezajia Darkheart, Provisioner 101 (working on it, I know, I know!)
    Eiya Clearshadow, Weaponsmith 110
    Cela Nightwing, Tailor 100 (working on it too!)

    I have a full set of elaborate and Frostfell crafting stations that I can loan out as needed, and am happy to help when I can with plundered furniture, crafting, or harvesting.

    I'm pretty sure Emma has all of the carpenter recipes except advanced from Chaos and the CE recipes from Chaos.

    Just give me a shout if I can help!!

    Ezajia Darkheart
    Field Marshall
    Darkheart's Desperados
  19. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I have begun filling depots. If you are a swapper or signed up for an event have the event coordinators get in touch with me or contact me and I will give you access to the AB crafting house. It does not have the Frostfell stations in it. I will probably have to rob a set of those from one of my houses and then replace those next Frostfell.
  20. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Ok, need some advice on fuels, since the depot only holds 50 and I cannot bring myself to pay 1000 DBCash for another 30 if a house can even have a crafted and a marketplace depot at the same time. Which tiers would be the most helpful for you all to have in the depot? I have a fuel merchant in my guild hall, I suppose I could put a door to my hall in there and then you could go back and forth since my hall does allow visitors to use the merchants and such in it. Any thoughts?

    By the way, Uwk, I made you a trustee on this house so you could add Homeshow swappers if I was not around.

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