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Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by gaymer77, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. gaymer77 Active Member

    Looking for a fun & friendly guild? Then look no further. HOLD THE DOOR is looking for more members to join our ranks. We have a large guild hall with all the amenities you could be looking for. Collectable/spell/lore & legend/harvestables depots available. Mender, vendor, stylist, rush orders, crafting writs, adventuring writs all for your convenience. Wizard portal, druid portal, bell, housing portal inside the guild hall. And if you're feeling rather romantic, we have a heartstone located in our large room where you can bind your heart to another player in-game (ie marriage).

    HOLD THE DOOR would love to have you. Most active during the day but we do have a good amount of late night players too (myself included). This is a LGBT friendly guild so keep your drama at the door. We help each other out & are willing to help new players out if needed.

    If this sounds like a good place for you, just contact me or any other officer online. If I don't get to you immediately, just keep contacting me and I'll get you in. Hope to see you online!
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  2. gaymer77 Active Member

    Bumping for more views. Contact me or another officer in-game if you are looking for an invite to the guild.
  3. gaymer77 Active Member

    We're now a lvl 116 guild & still looking for more members. Drama free guild!
  4. gaymer77 Active Member

    Bumping for more views. See us in-game if you want to join.
  5. gaymer77 Active Member

    We're still recruiting. Would love to have some more later night people join the guild and even Oceanic players to join.
  6. gaymer77 Active Member

    Bumping for more views. Still recruiting all levels, experience, races, and classes. We are in the middle of one of our competitions for filling up our Lore & Legend box (already has a lot of stuff in there but we just want more in there for our members). We just had a contest for collectables where the winner got 10k plat. Like I've said above, this is the place to call home if you want a friendly & helpful guild that is fun to be in.
  7. Kieram New Member

    You are or are not a EU guild ?
  8. gaymer77 Active Member

    No its a US server
  9. Kieram New Member

    I will watch for /who all "hold the door" in game
  10. gaymer77 Active Member

    Add Carnitas to your friend's list. Its the toon I've been on lately. If I'm afk & you log out after whispering me, I'll add you & then invite you when I see you log on.
  11. gaymer77 Active Member

    What's your character name so I can add you on my friend's list and add you to the guild if you're still interested?
  12. gaymer77 Active Member

    Oh nevermind. Just saw your name in the guild roster while I did a quick check of it. Welcome to the guild.
  13. gaymer77 Active Member

    We're still holding the door for new members.....
  14. Catthib New Member

    Is this guild still around and looking for new members?

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