Hold Of Rime Fortress Spires

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  1. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    I have spent the last hour looking for the zone in to this place, please have mercy on me and let me know what I"m doing wrong! I have several quests in there.
  2. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    you need to gain access by completing the quests for forgotten pools and The Ascent
  3. ARCHIVED-Mystfit Guest

    Ah, we must have gotten off track while questing, I guess. We wandered into a foreward base camp and he ordered me to go in there....hopefully that *bad dragon* won't do too much damage until I can get in there.
  4. ARCHIVED-yohann koldheart Guest

    its not at the foreward base camp . i was able to enter the foreward spires after doing the rime quests that are out past the public quest area out from thurg harbor.
  5. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    So the only way to do the quests to get Thurgadin faction inside them, is to not only do 40k+ worth of Rime quests, but also do all the heroic zones as well, THEN, only then, we can get access to the soloable faction quests? How lame is that? Isn't doing 40k+ faction with Rime enough of a prereq? that you force those who have done that to do group instances to get access to it as well? lame
  6. ARCHIVED-mjlinton2 Guest

    You only need to do pools and ascent access quests to get access to spire . You don't need 40k faction
  7. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    Bleuty@Everfrost wrote:
    I found a link to a set of quests that are only given to those who have 40+k faction with rime and who are wearing the Rime mask, like the ones out in GD that require the same thing, except these are supposedly located in Spire... Im trying to find a link to what I saw
  8. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    There is a quest that requires you to go into a special version of the Spire but its not the same zone as the heroic version. You cannot kill bosses in it or anything so it has different requirement to enter.
  9. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Hmm, can you share the name of that quest so I can get it? I have been searching all around GD for any more quests I missed that would lead me there, but cant find any... I have 50k Rime and the mask on while im searching... any help would be great
  10. ARCHIVED-Khonann Guest

    Ghettoblaster@Nagafen wrote:
    Nevermind I found it...
    Though something really irks me about it... in order to get the 4k faction with THurgadin you have to kill Coldain mobs which make you lose 100 each... thats excessive for a quest mob... all in all I only gained 1k faction with Thurgadin becase the quest lines to get to that point make you kill so many Coldains... at one point it was a random update and had to kill 5 mobs to get 2 updates, 500 faction loss for one quest is rediculous considering there are no solo Thurgadin quest daily repeatables... so I lost 3k faction to get 4k back... really needs to be looked at and adjusted
  11. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    You make up the faction that is lost at the end of that quest series.
  12. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    Ghettoblaster@Nagafen wrote:
    Um, I would settle for getting that 4K back ... I stopped doing Rime quests until I saw Gninja's post that you get the lost faction back. So ... I'm out of quests. Where the frell do you get faction back!?!?!?
  13. ARCHIVED-Ragnaphore Guest

    Kurgan@Everfrost wrote:
    Once you finish all Rime quests in Gorge, go back to the special "Fortress" zone for a last quest.
  14. ARCHIVED-Leucippus Guest

    Could we get a complete, accurate, and enumerated list of what _exactly_ is needed to enter this zone?
    I receive these instructions after some quest or another, Vanishing Velketor maybe.
    (Non-Player Tell) Frida Honormace says to you, "I thank you for scouting out the ruins. Here is some coin for your effort. You should travel to the Hold of Rime: Fortress Spire as General Sirthain Coldbrow III wanted to see you.
    That NPC, Sirthain Coldbrow, is INSIDE the Fortress Spire, apparently. However, there is no way to zone into that zone! It is not even listed as an option, only the two raid zones are.
    What _exactly_ are the access requirements?! Also, why are the quests that are needed for access not called "Access Quests" in the quest journal?
    I think, I have two quests left from that camp in the cave (no way to know for sure...):
    The Forgotten Pools: An Unknown Resource: which is bugged. What a PITA quest this is if you don't, through divine intevention, use the sludge collector BEFORE you kill a mob in there, you do not have enough mobs to complete the quest, without going through that zone yet again. Pathetic and annoying.
    And to make it 0 for 2
    The Ascent: The Prison that Kratoc Built: which is bugged. What fun this quest is. The step "Place Veeshan's Claw Tip". How did I miss the update for that? What is that update anyway? How is one supposed to know? It gets better, ask somone who HAS done it, you get an answer click something in the center of the pool, but you can't do that after the cut scene, what a joke!??? What triggers that cut scene anyway? Who knows? What happens is: somone who HAS done it is in no mood to deal with it again, triggers the event, leaving everyone else to figure out what the hell just happned (while they were celebrating and discussing victory!), but they can't because it can't be done any more. You don't even loot a Veeshan's Claw Tip. It must be some type of auto-update. Those closest I can figure is listening to the text of that mob is the clue, but there is no drop. No body drop, no chest drop, nothing.
    Oh yeah, that damn cut scene locks up EQ2 100% of the time. Just remove that damn cut scene. I warn people I am going to go linkdead now.
    I am just a bit upset at this situation, fix. Also, don't make me restart these quests again. There is already enough of that going around this expansion.
    Edit: Update after the Wednesday 2011 March 23 hotfix
    On my defiler, I completed the quest The Forgotten Pools: An Unknown Resource. It seems I now have access to the Fortress Spire, or at least it shows up on zones available from clicking the door. My wizard still does not have access though. The defiler has done most of the group quests (but not The Ascent: The Prison that Kratoc Built) but not the solo Rime quest line; the wizard has done the solo Rime quest line, but not the group quests.
    Maybe this edit will help someone with something.
    Edit: Update on Friday 2011 March 25
    My defiler is no longer seeing Fortress Spire on the zone's entrance as a choice.
    Edit: Update on Friday 2011 March 25 after running Ascent yet again.
    I am once again getting the option to zone into Hold of Rime: The Fortress Spire. Note: the Veeshan's claw update for the one hallmark quest is moving a floating crystal high above the pool to the shell in the back of the room, like a house item. (cutscene starts after doing this action.) If you are a short race you can not see that floating crystal unless you point your camera up.
    For references, here are the quests I have done for Hold of Rime: The Forgotten Pools and Hold of Rime: The Ascent

    Hold of Rime: The Forgotten Pools
    An Unknow Resource
    The Lost Ones

    Hold of Rime: The Ascent
    Repugnant Rituals
    Worker's Strike

    Seems all the quests I completed are not listed for those zones, I think these quests under Hallmark were in those two zones.
    The Immortal Pest
    The Prison That Kraytoc Built
    Vanishing Velketor

    There are no quests related to those zones under Access Quests that I have completed, unless Finding the Dain is somehow related.

    It is anyone's guess what exactly the access requirements are for the zone Hold of Rime: The Fortress Spire, but based on the information in this thread those quests I listed above should be sufficient, or at least today I am getting the option to zone into The Fortress Spire when clicking on the door.
    Edit: Update on Friday 2011 March 25 after zoning into The Fortress Spire solo.
    Be sure to walk _backwards_ towards the raid-zone zone-in to find Sirthain Coldbrow III, to get the next quest in the series, Changes, before doing much. The zone in point for the group instance is a bit farther into the zone than the zone in for the raid zone. After you zone in, if you right click on the doors and get the option "use", wait; turn around and go the other way. When you mouse over those doors you should get the option "Exit to Great Divide"; Coldbrow should be on your left when facing that door that is the zone's exit. The quest "Changes" is a Hallmark quest apparently.
  15. ARCHIVED-eidand Guest

    you nailed it right there. You haven't finished the access quest The Prison that Kratoc Built.
    The step you're on is very simple and is a group update if done corectly. After you kill the witchdoctor, you go into the fountain, look up and you'll see that big thing over your head. Click it and that updates the quest, then you need to kill the last mob at the, the epic and that completes the quest and you can then zone in spires.
    One thing to note. If anyone in your group is on that veeshan claw step, they are the ones that must click the item. If some1 who is not on the step, clicks it first then you cannot get update and you have to run the zone again.

    One more thing , the cutscene is triggered by clicking the item .... that is pretty obvious so no point complaining you can't click it AFTER the cutscene .... You need to communicate with your group members in order for this to work.
  16. ARCHIVED-Leucippus Guest

    Mrrshan@Runnyeye wrote:
    Actually, YOU nailed the problem right there.
    (1) How is someone supposed to know "The Prison that Kratoc Built" is an access quest? Actually, how do YOU know that quest is the access quest is another good question. Particularly, when the quest text I copied above sends me to the Fortress Spire. It sure sounds to me like that quest I copied above would be the access quest. Also, access quests were removed from this game quite some time ago, and now there is another hidden, stealth set of access quests, all ninja like.
    (2) That update is not a group update, obviously. We DID state we were on that quest, long before we got to killing the witch doctor. The tank, the one running through, obviously was not an knew what was going on; he is the one that stated where the update was and what happened. Here is what happens: that zone gets put on farm status. Noone, and I mean nonone, in a PuG has any interest whatsoever it doing the same quest over, and over and over, and over, and over, ... for no reward. People just fly through that zone. That step should update for EVERYONE REGARDLESS of if the person clicking some item (that I have _never_ seen btw, and have been in that zone several times) clicks it. Who cares if the person clicking the item is on the quest or not.
    This situation is a fine example of situation that are driving pick up groups to extincition. Wait, five of six of us knew each other in that group, only the tank was a pick up... This situation is an example of what is driving all groups to extinction. Excuses don't cut it. After-the-fact hindsight don't cut it. Just fix. Just remove all these obscure, hidden behaviors from the game. Just remove all the damn access requirements anyway. What the hell is the purpose of them annyway? To annoy the hell out of the customer base? This particular one you would not even know exists if you luck out and get all the updates. Also, how is someone supposed to know that cave where you get the quest starters even exists? It is not part of any quest line. The dwarfs on the docks don't send you there. The dwarfs on the battle field don't send you there.
    Enough of this complaint, rant. Fix!
  17. ARCHIVED-eidand Guest

    I am not saying it's the best designed access quest ever or anything. I simply told you how it works at the moment and how to make sure you get your update. No need to throw a fit about it. It the grand scheme of things this is irrelevant , easy to do and besides, everyone runs access like crazy because it's and easy and nice loot.
    You have to click that thing every time you rn the instance anyway, otherwise you don't do the second half of the instance. So, no big deal, really.
  18. ARCHIVED-eidand Guest

    every time i run a group in ascent, i make sure i ask if any1 needs this update and make sure they click it. Simple and it works all the time.

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