High Tide

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  1. Rocketjones Active Member

    I am stuck on the quest "High Tide". I am on-Receive a blessing from Osh and he will not spawn. /feedback and /bug sent. been camping this update for two days
  2. Fyreflyte Well-Known Member

    Where are you looking for Osh? There was a bug with the POI appearing in his old location atop the rock. At this point he should be standing near where Yeppa is. Do you see him there, or no?
  3. Estred Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue but it is not with Osh, the bug lies with High Shamen Lien not appearing at the marked spots in Easter Wastes. I am scouring the settlement now for the otter, I mean Othmir.

    Found her nevermind. I will repost if I have the same trouble as Rocketjones though.
  4. Rocketjones Active Member

    Yeah, that was it. I found Osh by the undead attack quest hub area and he updated the quest. Maybe add a quest update thing over his head!
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  5. Caethre Active Member

    I've just had a couple of very frustrating hours with the "High Tide" quest.

    When I first completed it, I did it with just one character, my monk Lorianna, and it was all pretty straightforward. However, today I attempted it with two characters (conjuror and templar, on two accounts, alt-tabbing, a form of hunting I am pretty experienced with), and the quest gets very buggy with a group situation.

    I had headed down the tunnel for the climax of the quest, killed the first mini-named and destroyed the first bone barrier, and came to kill the second mini-named (in order to allow the second bone barrier to be broken). All had gone well to this point.
    Concentrating on the conjuror as I do all the time with this combination, I then killed the second mini-named and the barrier became targettable, and then destoyed the second barrier, and continued on with the tunnel. The quest was updating as expected.

    What I did wrong was: I didn't check the quest had updated on the Templar (every other part of every other quest had updated both, there was no particular reason to assume the second mini-named here was not a group update). However, unknown to me, the templar's quest had NOT updated when I killed that second mini-named. And yet, when I took down the bone barrier with the conjuror, the templar was able to pass through the barrier (which I am guessing must have been still "up" for her, except that she was in group with someone for whom it was not up, so somehow the quest let her follow on with the rest of the quest ... getting confused yet?)

    After the third barrier was similarly taken down, the conjuror reached High Shaman Saltan before long, the templar in tow, again, the templar still being allowed through the remaining barriers and I sadly had not noticed she had not gor updates. The fight with the Shaman Saltan went fine, the Conjuror kill the named, and it all looked good. Except I was still in combat, though there were no mobs visible. That's when I noticed that there was a group of mobs on the templar which the conjuror couldn't see (and couldn't target or assist on). To unbug this, I let the templar die, only for the completely invisible/untargetable mobs to then kill the conjuror.

    Ok, I chalked that down to a bug in quest progression combined with me not noticing the update hadn't happened.

    So I went back. I managed to get the Templar up to needing the high shaman without much of a problem, but the Saltan fight is now a mess because the conjuror no longer has the blessing of prexus buff (it is removed because she has killed Saltan), and the fight just goes badly as the conjuror cannot see all the adds that pop. As a result, I just had them both die multiple times. It's all a mess now, and all I can think of doing is deleting the quest on the conjuror and repeating the Saltan fight with BOTH of them on that step.

    Really, all these updates need to be group updates. Failing that, if a character has not got an update, they shouldn't be allowed to pass through barriers because they are grouped with someone else who has got that update, nor should they get attacked by mobs the other characters in group cannot even see (as in, cannot see even after you are in combat with them).
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  6. Aeriel Active Member

    We experienced the same bugs trying to complete this quest - I had intended to post here but had not got round to it yet. Three toons in the group on the quest, with one additional drafted in for dps. As well as the bugs described by Caethre one of the group had a transient bug. On the stage where you have to collect the items from around the shrine of prexus in the great divide, one of the group could see the items, could collect them but was getting no updates. He tried deleting the quest and leaving the group, relogging and trying again but to no avail. Next day when he logged in the quest updated perfectly.

    We also experienced the problems with the second set of barriers - again, as the earlier parts of the quests (generally) updated for the group we did not check that this was happening. One of the group members did not get the updates to destroy the first barrier and as a consequence passed through and then got stuck behind it. As described he was able to pass through this first barrier despite not having the update and then when we realised his quest had not updated he was not able to go back through the barrier to kill the high shaman.

    The oddest part of it was when we got to the Saltan fight the only toon that could see the adds was the one not on the quest! The other toons were being attacked but could not see the mobs - just that they were taking damage and Saltan was absorbing them (I think - he kept healing which stopped once the adds were killed).

    I will submit a /bug report
  7. iamvegano Active Member

    Hi, I am just wondering if you have been able to complete this quest and if you could guide me on how to do it?
    I have literally spent between 20-30 hours just trying to kill Salton. I read in Wiki about pulling him up into the caves, it did not help.

    I then got a high level player to come in and clear the field so I only had to deal with Salton and that didn't help. Literally I have died a dozen times, my Merc dies every time, and I evac the rest of the time.

    I am very frustrated and could really use some help