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  1. ARCHIVED-Nevynmysti Guest

    Hey Everyone,
    A guildy of mine found a hidden quest in North Qeynos. If you fish a Koalindl from the Temple of Life's water and examine it while standing in the water it give you a key. The key goes to a box in the Down Below. It gives two items once you unlock the box. A book and a house item. Never appears in your quest journal.
    I would like to know about the other hidden quests. If you see any please post about them here or at least list the name :) That way we all can do them!
  2. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    Ahh that is one of the Lore quests.... It was introduced a few months ago when the Seeress was murdered...
    The only other one that I know of is in Nek Castle... The Idol of Everling.
    The One that you mentioned was all on these forums for a while....
  3. ARCHIVED-Druwan Guest

    I found the Idol of Everling (the quest you do is called A Portrait of Destiny) and a collection quest listed together as hidden quests on eq2.wikia.com awhile back but can't find the original link at the moment. They were "hidden" as a reference on another page but the site's been changed enough I don't recognize where I had stumbled on it.

    Anyway, the collection requires you to zone into Zarvonn's valley Eternal Gorge (normal instance) with a cauldron blowfish and a thicket crayfish in your inventory. Then inside find and hail Jeroel the Famished who wanders around the area near the zone-in tower. He doesn't have a feather, and if you hail him without the items his response doesn't give much of a clue that you could get those two fishing harvests from different tiers to get a quest! You get a collection quest for a tome Lore of Fauna: the Behemoth. The pages will be ground spawns in the instance, the tower itself in the instance, and the tower in Commonlands. You then turn it in like a regular collection for a house item.
  4. ARCHIVED-Nevynmysti Guest

    Ahhhh! Thankyou very much. At least this is here now for any others!
  5. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    Daryx@Oasis wrote:
    I never knew about this one. Thanks.. It appears to still be in game! In case anyone else is interested...
    Tome: The Lore of Fauna: The Behemoth
  6. ARCHIVED-Druwan Guest

    You're welcome! I found those listed at least a year ago (I think it may even have been back before the name change when it was still eq2i), so I do the tome quest on all my new characters (of course I have a stock of the fishies now). The Portrait of Destiny one can be a little buggy though getting it started. Sometimes clicking on both portraits in the castle doesn't always give you the quest. I'm not sure if there's a time between them you have to get to the second one, or if it's related to whether or not you actually see the NPC walk into the hole-in-the-wall. I always end up getting it but be warned it might take a couple of tries. (I haven't noticed any pattern with the NPC--I've had problems both with and without seeing her actually walk in, which makes me think it might be a time issue.)

    With the new furniture resizing my Idol of Everling is quite a monster to scare off intruders now.
  7. ARCHIVED-Granitface Guest

    Where exactly is this box in Down below ? Run all over the zone but could not find it.
  8. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    Try around -205, 0, -25 ....
  9. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    It's by the skeletons. the clue given isn't too hard to figure out.

    In the past, when the developers were just initially putting the Sword of Destiny quest into the Faydwer expansion, there were other lore quests in which you helped an investigator find Opal Darkbriar's residence in Longshadow Alley. You had to have the Investigation skill obtained from the earlier parts of the quest to do it though. It rewarded you with a book of her investigative findings to place in your house.
    The next Game Update after that, her body was found in the bear caves in Nektulos Forest. It's still there today. Players would find an ornate cerimonial dagger by her corpse, but we never found out where it would lead us to next, even though Vhalen told us that it would lead to something larger that all players could take part in.

    .... That dagger turned out to be the start of the Assassin epic when the epic quests were put into the game. Assassins got to kill Opal Darkbriar in the end, but the rest of us got nothing.
  10. ARCHIVED-Destructor646 Guest

    Granitface wrote:
    I just did this quest myself (along with somebody else who apparently reads these forums), and the box is in the very SE corner of the Down Below. /loc is -205, 0, -25 (according to EQMaps).
  11. ARCHIVED-Kanuka Guest

    Cusashorn wrote:
    You sound slightly bitter there Cusa, granted if I were told something and then something else happend I'd probably be a bit miffed too. It sounds like it would have been a pretty cool quest to do, I just wish I could have been around at the time to do it, little bonuses like these quests that are listed here are so rare.
    I think it would be nice to see more little quests put in that are similar.
  12. ARCHIVED-Sylaz Guest


    There's the EQ2i page on the forum quest, although it doesn't really have much to say.

    I recently attempted to do the tome collection, but for some reason I couldn't get Jeroel the famished to say anything to me other than his, "I'm hungry... very, very, hungry," or whatever it is he says. Anyone who could log in and see if they can get it to work on an alt or something?
    EDIT: After petitioning, a Senior GM did a few tests and informed me that Jeroel is broken, and sent word to have him fixed. So if you're thinking of attempting this it's NOT possible atm. (Nov. 23)
    Lastly, while we're on the subject, I've asked questions similar to this before, but I have a new point of view on these things now. (finally being able to really explore a lot of the areas needed to do these type of things) My question is, I remember a while back when new of Vhalen's departure was shared here on the boards, that it was said you could get an in game version of his farewell note. I looked up the posts about it, and all they really said was that some people had found the ghost of Vhalen (in the Peacock Club Tavern, I've found him myself) but they couldn't find the note. I haven't found the note myself, and was wondering if anyone could post (or send a PM) a hint or riddle or anything really that might help me a bit. (I'm probably just overthinking things and can't see the forest through the trees)
  13. ARCHIVED-Oakleafe Guest

    Sylaz wrote:
    Just attempted this quest and also found it was broken. Raised a bug report and then I came to warn others, but I see that you've already done that.
  14. ARCHIVED-Drash Guest

    Oakleafe wrote:
    GU50 must have broken this quest somehow.
    I initiated (and completed) it less than a week before TSO went live.
  15. ARCHIVED-ElsaRat Guest

    Oakleafe wrote:
    *grumbles* Five months later and its still broken. There's a book floating over Jeroel's head, and if you hail with the fish, he takes the fish and he does talk with you. But you don't get a quest and there's no ground spawn I could find. You can hail him multiple times, and he'll take your fish every time. Come on SOE, can you please fix this?
  16. ARCHIVED-ElsaRat Guest

    Whoops! My mistake. Poking around more, I found the book in the tower in the common lands and completed the quest. So it is fixed!

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