Hi everyone new player :D

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  1. Nerule New Member

    Hi everyone...Currently installing the game and trying to find a good group of people to play with.. Mainly a guild looking to do raid content. Based off that. I enjoy being helpful and grouping so i currently havnt made a class yet. I know its the last question on earth we all want to hear. But any guilds looking for a new player and in need of a certain class? let me know im not new to the MMO scene so i can most classes well from dps to tanking and healing. Just let me know what you need and what server! Download shoujld be done in somewhat relivent time today!
  2. Kalderon Well-Known Member

    On what server do you start with oO
  3. crazyeyes321 Active Member

    You havent played eq2 yet I assume. First pick a server, Largest populations tend to be Antonia Bayle and Freeport for pve, and if you like pvp your only choice is Nagafen. Next, are you free to play or planning on subscribing. If you are free to play you are restricted to what classes you can play right off the bat unless you pay to unlock classes.

    Most guilds are looking for utility characters. The characters that make everyone else seem better, yet tend to be overlooked for your role(although if you buff the wrong person/time you will hear about it). These classes include dirge/troubador/illusionist mainly. None of these classes are free without subscription or unlockers.

    If you plan on raiding, you will have to get to endgame. This means either you find a guild and get power leveled up, or you actually play the game and experience the content your first time through. I recommend you don't worry so much about joining a raid guild to start, and just have fun in all the older content while you learn your class and explore.

    Once you get to lvl 92 and have your AAs maxed, you will need to decide if you are going to raid. If you are, you will need the latest expansion, and either to purchase several gear unlocks to get yourself geared, or begin paying for a sub. Prior to that, if you are a casual player it may be best to be free to play with a class unlock or two.

    Enjoy the game, it should keep you busy for a while
  4. Andiria New Member

    Our guild is on the Freeport server. We are a smaller guild looking to eventually do end-game raiding. Currently we are recruiting and leveling up. We are not a powerleveling guild. We are a mix of veteran players, returnees, and brand spanking new players. We are friendly and helpful. We do a good mix of group and solo playing. We have a good mix of different levels going, and because of that, we also put together groups to run dungeons and such. The 92s are busy getting to 95, and some of them have been raiding with an alliance guild. So there you have it.

    I know we are looking for a brigand, and I think we could use a troubador, or illusionist. I do not think we have a coercer either. If you decide to go Freeport, give me a shout. I play Andiria and another toon named Luccinda.
  5. Andiria New Member

    I was just thinking, we do not have many cloth wearers...We do have a necromancer.
  6. Natsume Member

    Welcome to EQII! :D

    I highly recommend Freeport as your home server. Freeport has a nice chunk of active players :)

    I also recommend following the golden road which levels you up pretty fast and helps you experience all those awesome area's in-game. I am on the Freeport server as Natsume if you need any help for anything below level 60, add me :D