Heroic Stratum

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  1. Nikkren9 New Member

    So who's the troll that designed this dungeon (or any of the heroic ToV dungeons for that matter)? Look, I understand the appeal of a challenging game, but there's a difference between challenging players and making dungeons SO hard that only full-time gamers can knock them out (This is where the elitist crowd chimes in). Have you people even run your own content? I mean in the level of gear that people would be rocking when this content is normally run (between cryptic/arcane)? It's purely ridiculous.
    Let's get down to specifics: The Warrior Construct. Who, seriously, thought this 'rubber-band-your-*******-face-off' mechanic was a bright idea? Are we doing this fight wrong? I can't tell, as I can't find any good guides on the interwebs, which just leads me to believe that nobody else has completed this **** either.
    Anyways, sorry about the rant.. kind of. I'm pretty much just curious if anyone else is having the same troubles we are.
  2. Milliebii Well-Known Member

    This mob is actually pretty easy, tank goes to the clicky, group goes to the other side. Tank runs in and takes aggro on the mob. So long as the tank keeps running in on the ports and keeps aggro on the mob you will be knocked back on the walkway or ported to the other side. If you do this the slashing cone will only hit the tank and it becomes pretty much dps the mob down.

    Now the last boss in Chamber of Stasis, that one is still a mystery to me.
  3. Deago Well-Known Member

    "We" as in how many? Surely you have a good full team? (no mercenaries..)
  4. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Not meaning to be rude, but tbh I think there isn't a guide posted for Stratum because it's so easy, not hard :(

    That mob is indeed quite simple. Just have your tank keep running back in after they get kb'd.

    No kidding. If any fight is a troll it's the chamber warden. It's just awesome when one of the little golems decides he can't be bothered actually casting his curse and just wtfoneshots someone.
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  5. Lemilla Active Member

    For the chamber warden, just have 1 person (usually the tank) kite the named around without hitting it. For the small golems, have somone petpull them so the pet eats the curse, and after that just kill it.

    I find those two zones to be the most annoying zones this expac (closely followed by waiting-around-until-mobs-can-be-damaged-Nexus), but they aren't hard.
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  6. Derfel Active Member

    If you think stratum is too persnickety, you're going to want to skip the stasis chamber completely. Whoever came up with that first boss is a bad person (who should feel bad). For my time the chance of a cloak isn't worth the extra grief. As a consolation though the next bump up (halls and lab) are the antithesis. Show up with decent gear (top of the line is nice but not necessary) and work as a team and you'll win through.
  7. Wirewhisker Well-Known Member

    ** insert personal anger at some perceived injustice here **
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  8. Azian Well-Known Member

    This is exactly how we've been handling the warden. Have the tank taunt him (not melee) and then just kite him away from wherever the group is. Taunt from time to time if needed but don't try to attack him otherwise. There will still be the occasional one shot of the group mentioned by Malleria but overall the fight is pretty straight forward.
  9. Toran Member

    Why kite him? taunt him, target self and just stand there while every one else kills the icons. Have your healer cure the curse the icons place on people and no one dies collect loot and move one.
  10. Malleria Well-Known Member

    ^ That's the strat my groups always follow, just the curse thing bugs half the time. I've come to accept at least two people will die unavoidably during the course of a fight that should be easy.
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