Heroic Characters Level Up to 90!

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  1. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    I can certainly understand what you're saying, and quite honestly, I wish everyone could play the game their way. I don't pay any mind to anyone else who says I should change the way I play. They aren't paying my sub. By the same turn, what right have I to tell someone else how they should play? As long as I'm not hurting anyone and they aren't hurting anyone, what does it matter?

    We are each of us entitled to our own opinions, and we will disagree... often. That's OK. We don't have to agree. We just need to be nice about disagreeing. Whoever is telling you to leave the game because your opinion is different should be ignored. They say things like that because they can't think of anything better to say, or they want to get a rise out of you.
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  2. Mizgamer62 Well-Known Member

    I respect you are entitled to your opinion, however, here is the problem with your argument of DM pre-nerf leveling versus buying a heroic character. Not many people are willing to pay $35 to purchase a heroic character so you won't see a large amount of them running around. However, hundreds of people were leveling in DM pre-nerf. Therefore, a much larger portion of the player base was skipping 90 percent of the content compared to a much smaller segment of the player base that chose to pay $35 for a heroic toon. DM was hurting the game, optional heroic characters aren't.
  3. hwy101 Active Member

    But the company could make it so you had to have x amount of toons at max level to buy the Pre Nerf Dm feature. One persons idea of what is hurting the game may very well be anothers idea of what is helping the game. One of our guild groups that plays together daily (Heroic group). Played thru the Beta Adventure and trade skill lines. 5 of us bought the expac on release.Jumped into DM's so we could have any class we might like to play attempting heroic group. Keeping in mind that we all had 5-12 max level toons at the time. We like Dm because we as a group hated doing the grind for levels. Member # 6 could not purchase the xpac til, after the first. In that short amount of time SoE nerfed the DM's. So she was stuck because SoE did not consider that many friends had toons at 100 and left those who were a week or so late getting the xpac behind. Needless to say we just pled her. Dm's have been used for so long it was part of OUR game. We are all members too. Thank you for letting me vent. Sorry for side tracking your post if i have. Much as it pains me Grats SoE on your 90 Heroic toons !
  4. Nakitar New Member

    i dont see why so many people are whining! the heroic characters are optional like a few have stated so its not like you have to buy one. and my Girlfriend got from level 1 to 77 in only one weeks time without using dungeon maker dungeons, oh and yes she is a bronze player so even with 50 percent of the xp going to AA's advancement she still leveled pretty fast.. there is so many other ways you can level fast in this game without having to Pay a single penny to do so. a year ago i helped level someone from level 1-85 in 4 days time, so again i don't see why everyone is acting like SoE is ruining the game by making this game Pay to Win. I've played other games that were free to play and if you didn't pay for Pay to Win features like some other players did, you would never get anywhere.
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  5. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    This is already on Test Server, so I checked it on my heroic there. A bit of forewarning to everyone, it takes a few minutes after you use the bauble for the armor to be granted, so don't panic when you have nothing new right away. The armor crate is granted as a quest-complete popup, so hard to miss when it does show up. And the armor grant does include the new mount, "Opegaz, Horde Bane." It's a flying horse with coloration and effects similar to the ethereal wyvern mount. Stats are 10% to potency and crit bonus, 36 to crit chance, and 1600 to max health and power,
  6. floofloobunny Active Member

    oh yay, Lordrelhai, thanks for that bit of news. Hopefully we will get the mount option still when it hits live for current heroics. Any chance you can post a screeny of it? :3
  7. hwy101 Active Member

    Nak im filled with Sunshine that you can play the game your way i really am, But perhaps you and your ! Are doing the whine. Reads like you are the one that needs a little cheese to go with that. Allow me to try one more time. I Myself not you. You made that clear. I would like the option to purchase DMs old style. When you start punching a clock at SoE you can feel free to tell me no.Until then.:rolleyes: Get a grip man. After all its much more than a game. You have a nice day.
  8. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Sorry for delay, but I've the screenshot now:
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  9. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    So pretty. Will we still get to keep the old one though? For those characters of mine that like the big and shiny white one?
  10. Lodrelhai Well-Known Member

    Yes, my heroic still had his old pegasus too. I doubt new heroic characters will get two mounts though.
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  11. Sapphirius Well-Known Member

    Shame. I wonder if the devs would consider making the old mounts heirloom instead of no-trade then?
  12. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Pretty mount! Would be awesome if you'd (SOE) consider selling it separately without the stats. 3500SC is a bit much for me to drop for a mount for a lvl100 toon.
  13. Sandyfoot Well-Known Member

    The Coldain Pegasus can be converted into an Heirloom house item when examined. I wonder if the new mount can also be converted into an heirloom house item.
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  14. Louly Active Member

    ohhh that horse :D Can't wait until Thursday
    Wouldn't we get it in the upgrade bauble?
  15. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    shish I like the new mount
    about the other discussion I have been playing EQ2 since it became free to play and I seen the game being opened up like a barn in summer time
    Used to be really hard to play when all you could have is 4 and a half plat on a silver account
    or only 2 bank slots and so on
    I also have a character in a guild that does raids and other such things like heroic dungeons
    I always feel like I am running after them
    I leveled up my heroic toon to level 90 and I am still behind
    So I don't understand the ******** about paying to win
    I did not pay anything for my heroic character.
    I am sad that the player made dungeons are now nothing more than monster filled storage closets.
    I did not use them a lot besides to have fun but EQ2 lost a special feather not to many people will want to fight their way through a dungeon just to see how its decorated not me anyway .
    I think I wont say any more about this because we could keep on discussing this for another 57 pages or so and nobody would change their point of view I have to say Sony has given a lot to free players since they opened up the game I am just going to have fun play it .
    There is no winning the game in EQ or EQ2 you quest and you go do dungeons with friends to get really good gear
    the only way you could win anything with better gear is when you do PvP
    So when are we going to have a tournament ?
    I think that would be a cool thing
    And anyway the best gear you can get is Raiding I wished I had some raid gear so I can go raiding
    And yea can I get a heroic level 100 please:p

    About new players jumping right onto a level 90 I don't recommend that a level 90 with the brain of a level 1 is not a good mix you don't know how things work in this game or how to get around.
    I am mostly a free to play player and I must say I am one curious person I have found things in this game 10 year veterans did not know but I am for shure happy I got my heroic character because the first toon I made 4 years ago is only now level 82
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  16. Ocarinah Well-Known Member

    Dang it. I really like this new mount and would want it on all my heroic toons instead of the current one since it looks too much like the CE mount we received. They really should give us a choice between the two mounts when they award the level 90 gear. My suggestion....People that made the current mount into a plushie would need to put it back into the mount tab before the change goes into effect so they can choose between the two mounts otherwise they are stuck with old one. Please consider this SOE.
  17. Zuicidal Member

    How much longer before we can just buy a whole Grand mastered raid force with a level 100 guild hall and 2 free "raid named kill" baubles?
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  18. Griff Well-Known Member

    Here's what I don't get about the naysayers opposed to this change. So many people preach that the end game is the where you need to be to really play the game. So we have a mechanism, where players who support that concept can get to level 90 with 320 AA points and then grind out the last 10 levels, final AA points and work towards gearing for that end game. How is that bad considering one can still start at level 1 and do it all the "old fashioned" way?

    Personally, there are classes that I play from level 1 and enjoy the journey with, as well as classes that I want as a support character when playing with friends or simply crafting with that I have purchased as a Heroic character. It's about having options. Each time I choose that "Heroic" option the game gets $35 more support and I get to enjoy the game more making me support the game even further. That's a win/win for SoE and myself!

    Don't judge players by their choices in the SC store, judge them by how they play the game and interact with the community. Choices are put in the store based on what makes them money. They sell because some players don't particularly care for certain parts of the game. They don't (in most cases) spend money to shelf a character or account; they spend it to improve the quality (in their perception) of their game. Anything that makes them want to stay/play/pay more in this game is a plus for all of us.
  19. Ratza Well-Known Member

    I think this is a good change.....I agree that there are players who don't enjoy a certain aspect of the game (grinding levels) and this takes care of it for those willing to pay to bypass it. Considering the fact that anyone with experience around this game can level a toon up form 1-100 pretty quickly makes the option to buy a toon with SC more for the haves than the have nots.....not everyone is willing to put out money to level up a toon.....I don't buy into the fact that too many will buy toons they don't know how to play because let face facts...if you are a serious raid guild you know before that person even joins if they know their class or not because all you need to do is put them in a heroic group to feel them out plus EQ2U will let you see their gear/spells/AA specs, etc. Selling heroic toons is not a game breaker.
  20. Goreganis Member

    SSSHHHHHH Zuicidal, Remember most of us pay to play folks were already working on that master plan in the dungeon maker, and you see what happened there....don't let them know anymore of our secrets....LOL

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