Heroes Festival Merchant Suggestions for 2023

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    Hey devs -- thank you so much for all you do with these live events, especially when you're busy working on an expansion as well. Even though I'm about to complain a bit, please know that you have my appreciation for your hard work. :D

    I came back this year, in time for Chronoportals, after being gone for six years. One of the things I noticed about most of the events is that there's a second merchant that holds all the past years' items, and one that only holds all the new items.This is a great addition, but Heroes Festival is at the point where it needs this kind of love as well. There's also a ton of appearance armor on the Heroes Fest merchant, so ideally what I'd love to see is three merchants: one merchant with any new items for the year, one merchant with all the prior years' house/mounts/miscellaneous items, and one merchant with all the prior years' appearance armor.

    Another thing is the amount of Tokens of Heroism house items cost versus the amount of Tokens of Heroism you can make during the festival. The last time I did this event, in 2014 or 2015, there weren't very many high cost Token of Heroism house items. Now, if my counting is correct, there are 19-20 house items that cost 10 or 15 (and one at 25) Tokens of Heroism each.

    Without the member bonus or the current Extra Life bonus, the repeatable quests award 1 token each, and can only be done every two hours, as long as you haven't hit the quest limit ceiling. So every two hours, you're making 3 tokens (or 5 if you do the two repeatables you can in the opposing city as well). You have a chance to get 5 Tokens of Heroism from each puppet in the PQ, but it's rare and time consuming. The once-per-year quests reward 5 each, but there's not many of those, as this is a fairly small event.

    The occasional item being higher cost (like the clock replica at 25 tokens) is understandable, but is it possible to have some of the older, higher priced items be reduced in their cost when the 2023 festival comes around? Or could the repeatable city quests have unlimited repeats and a shortened timer (like 1 hour instead of 2)? It's not too difficult to get mass quantities of the Mischeva's Tribute currency, but for some reason Tokens of Heroism -- the first special currency of the event -- seem so hard to obtain, especially compared to other live events.
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  2. Zornar Member

    On my server early in the event, the Patchwork bosses were going down like clockwork with a rotation under an hour. I saw one player claiming in chat they got over 200 Tokens of Heroism in a day just from the Patchwork bosses. I think that was before the double bonus kicked in.

    A standard way to get lots of special event currency in an MMO is to run the event quests with numerous alts. I saw players in the chat saying they used 10 or more alts to gather event currency.

    The best strategy for farming Tokens of Heroism might be to do the Patchwork rotation when it is knocking them out rapidly and switch to rotating alts through the quests when the Patchwork rotation is sluggish or dormant in off hours.

    If you need specific housing items, you might also advertise in chat for them. Low level, poor players might be willing to use their event currency for housing items and sell them for platinum.
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    Chronoportal, Bristlebane's Day, Tinkerfest, Scorched Sky and Hero Festival all need to have a dedicated merchant to the new stuff for that year, like how Brell's Day and Nights of the Dead already do (Erollisi Day is weird, because both merchants have old and new).
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