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  1. Fyresworn New Member

    If you are like me and have several different equipment/mount/familiar setups it soon becomes a problem to switch back and forth ... more importantly remembering to do so before combat. This macro will help (not totally illiminate) that issue

    ** NOTE: This macro will need to be created for each equipment set. I have 3 macro buttons
    ** One for Combat, One for Harvest, and one for Crafting/Experimenting
    ** NOTE: you will need to include a cancel_maintained line for each mount or familiar
    ** you use as there is no way to auto-know which one is up. Whichever one is up
    ** needs to be unsummoned so you can resummon the correct one
    ** NOTE: Do not include lines with double asterisk in macro these lines unsummon any mount or familiar
    /cancel_maintained "Summon: Kalista, Victor of Renewal"
    /cancel_maintained "Summon: Orita Skyquaker"
    /cancel_maintained "Summon: Raj'Dur Vulture"
    /cancel_maintained "Summon: Eustace"
    /cancel_maintained "Summon: Gaggelu Pearwood"
    ** cancels appearance visual so that I will know I am no longer in combat
    ** NOTE: This line should not be in any non-combat macros
    /cancel_maintained Faerie Fire
    ** this line sets the equipment set. 0=Primary - 1=Appearance
    /equip_equipment_Set 0 "Combat"
    ** this line equips whatever mount (4 is Kalistsa for me)
    ** -8=current mount 4=index of mount 0=Primary - 1=Appearance
    /inventory equipmount -8 4 0
    ** this line equips familiar (13 for me is Vulture) - same explanation as mount
    /inventory equipfamiliar -13 13 0
    ** this line summons equiped mount
    ** this line gives me an actual visual confirmation that I have changed gear
    /say "COMBAT gear equipped"
    ** this line runs a spell that is appearance only (for my Fae Fury) and is something visual that will
    ** tell me I'm in harvest and is also a line that you will only include in non-combat equipment loads
    /useability Faerie Fire
    ** NOTE: you will still need to manually summon familiar as summoning mount and familiar happens
    ** too quick in a macro without a pause in between
    ** IN THE END: I have 4 buttons on my hotbar - Combat - Craft - Harvest - Familiar - this way its
    ** always just a 2 click process to change between gear. Hit Combat - Hit Familiar
  2. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    Or you can use the Equipment Set tool to quickly equip sets.
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  3. Fyresworn New Member

    True ... but does it equip your gear + mount + familiar with the click of 'one' button on your hotbar ?
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  4. Sigrdrifa EQ2 Wiki Author

    I have a macro that equips the mount and familiar, then summons the mount. But so far as I know, you can't get it to do both the mount summon AND the familiar summon.

    For me, hotbar space is at a premium, so I use the Equipment sets, plus two mount/familiar macros. I have a crafting/harvesting mount+familiar, and a combat mount+familiar... but I have separate equipment sets for harvesting, crafting, tinkering, transmute/adorn, and combat. Sometimes I may have an equipment set for soloing and another for raiding.
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  5. Fyresworn New Member

    Again you are correct in the fact that you can't summon mount and familiar. It would reqire a pause in between to allow the first summon to finish before starting the second.

    Hotbar space is another issue though. I have several different equipment sets as well but have only created the above macro for the 2 most used ... Combat and Harvesting (both of which selects/summons my mount and selects my familiar), which require 3 buttons .. Combat ... Harvest ... Familiar. So 2 clicks and I'm switched. One for the gear and mount, Second click summons the familiar. All the other equipment sets I go through the Character dialog the normal way.