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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by AshianaDragon, May 25, 2021.

  1. AshianaDragon Member

    Is there a way to start a character on the test server if I don't have an empty character slot, and cannot delete any existing toons, without having to purchase a slot?
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  2. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    Hello! Don't worry, you won't have to lose any of your existing toons in order to run amok on Test.

    Test is a special situation for character slots - sort of "separate but equal". If you have 8 character slots on Live, you will have 8 separate character slots for Test. If you have 10, you get 10 separate ones for Test, and so on.

    Come on over any time and be welcome!

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  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member


    Really?? Awesome! :D

    Back when I first joined, you could get up to 7 character slots free (mainly because there are NINE separate tradeskill specialties ... sigh), per account. That covered your particular "region" (all the U.S. servers, for example, or the separate countries of Britain, France, Germany, Russia, or Japan; each of those countries was a separate "region" before being consolidated into Thurgadin [with Japan being merged with Antonia Bayle]. So, you could have 7 free slots in Britain, another 7 free ones in France, etc.). Public Test was a separate "region," so you could have another 7 free character slots over there. :)

    But that was it! It's cool to find out there's a difference now! :)

    Plus, if you buy, say, three character slots, you could use one for a U.S. server, one for Public Test, and one for Thurgadin, or all three of them for one of them, or whatever. I kind of miss the days when Europe had a ton of different regions; it's why I have 28 toons over there now. :)

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