Help me to tweak to get better perform UI/graphics

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Livx, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Livx Member

    I want to have better perform while running EQ2 and I'm having some lag on my machine while doing the PQ raid or some heroics.

    Is possible to reduce or turn off the visuals of the combat/healing/crits numbers? I just want to improve my FPS and reduce the cpu load. I could use the parsing tool to see those numbers instead watching tons of visuals while raiding.

    What else I could turn off or reduce to get better perform on the game options? graphics/ui?

    thank you for the help
  2. Stonehart New Member

    /r_particle_priority -1 will turn off ALL graphics of spells, bursts, etc.
    /r_particle_priority -0 will turn them all on again

    Make a macro with both in there, click Off for the PQ's, then back on after they are done :)
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  3. Stonehart New Member

    Sorry, I should be more clear on the macro .........

    There should be 1 with the off command, and a second one with the on command.
    2 different macros, or it won't work.
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  4. Livx Member

    Thank you Stonehart
  5. Alarra Well-Known Member

    You can use the Option profiles if you want to have a "nice looking" and "performance" based profile.
    Some things that can make things better in PQ's/raid is to turn off 3rd party damage (think it is in UI options somewhere), not render cloaks, not render mounts.
    Some of the settings that can make the game work faster during said PQ's is to turn off particle effects, shadows and also to reduce the texture detail.

    Just be aware that in some raids (not current PQ's) you will want particles on to see certain objects that have particles on them.
  6. Finora Well-Known Member

    I didn't see this specifically addressed by other posters.

    You can completely disable the overhead combat feedback (the numbers) by going to Options>User Interface>Name and Chat bubbles> and unchecking the box for show overhead combat feedback. That should make you see no numbers overhead during fights.

    If you still want to see your own, there is a checkbox just down from that, Combat Bubbles>uncheck show third party damage instead. That should make it so you only see your own.
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  7. Grumpy_Warrior Active Member

    Just a note, r_particle_priority -1 will turn off the black holes on the water in the Kylong Plains PQ.
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  8. Steelviper Active Member

    I tried using the Save option profile at one point, but either I did something wrong, or it didn't work for some reason, but that day I've lost my custom settings.
    So, you can use this guaranteed method instead, which works wonders for public quests:

    /save_custom_options_file # (where # is the name of the file to save, it will be located in the main game folder where you installed it), it will save all of your custom game options as they are. You might consider to backup copy the saved file as well, for the future if something should happen to your options.
    After that, go to the game options, to Performance on the top-most tab, and set it to Maximum Performance - that will drop the game graphics for you to the bare minimum and everything happening during the public quest will feel like on light speed, only noticeable effect you'll have is the delayed casting of abilities if there's something like 30 people or more.
    When the public quest is done, /load_custom_options_file # (the file name you saved previously) - that will 100% restore the game options again to what you had them set before that.

    Works like a charm with very intensive things like public quests, or maybe raids.
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