Help me set my group for doing all the content!

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  1. Dragonite01 New Member

    Good day.

    I have a question for you people.
    After some research I noticed that the Shadownight is the safest bet for soloing content. Well, I'm not really soloing 'cause I will use an Inquisitor with a second account AND 2 dps merc.
    So an SK/Inq/2 dps Merc would be like I'm all set for starting this game and doing all the content that there is until endgame right?

    Well the problem is that I would greatly prefer to play an assassin/archer class 'cause that's my thing, so here's the question that I need you to help me with.

    Will I have a problem doing content if I go with assassin/inq/tank & dps merc instead of SK/inq/ 2 dps merc?

    What do you thing? Or maybe I should put a Healer merc so I have 2 healers to make sure my tank merc doesn't die.

    Thanks for your time.
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  2. Zartayn Member

    Either of your two options will serve you fine until high end game.. Forget mercs once you wanna do high end heroics or harder though... Mercs are fine for solo + overland content, and leveling all the way up to max... no matter what you pick for mainclasses..

    I box various combinations myself, and it works just fine, no matter which classes I go with - I tend to use a single healer merc, just cause im lazy about healing myself, but if you use your healer, you do not use a healer merc IMO - they arent really combining with your inquisitor, so waste of slot IMO.
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  3. Dragonite01 New Member


    Do you think that a tank merc works as fine as being the tank myself?

    It would be really sad that I go to a dungeon/raid and my tank merc can't survive while thinking "If only i'd had go Shadowknight and not assassin!"
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  4. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    for content up to about 90, any merc will can flip a coin and whatever you end up with will destroy the mobs unless your getting silly and attacking stuff more than 10 levels above you. i guess there are a couple exceptions to this....but not very many
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  5. Soara2 Well-Known Member

    Idk, do you want to heal a feather or a rock on your Inquisitor?
    The answer also depends on YOUR definition of end game. Mine is not just max level...
    You will only be able to take two on signature lines as well. So can't take all 4.
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  6. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    I prefer Evania, but you will have to go to Sundered Frontier by the Great Spire, find the Panda Yun Zi and do his quest lines to get her. I cannot remember if she was in Days of Summer 2017 or Days of Summer 2018 but she is a mighty fine healer and brawler.
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