Help me in figuring out why my DPS sucks

Discussion in 'Conjuror' started by ARCHIVED-niiaxer, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-niiaxer Guest

    I started playing eq2 as a conj only 5 months back.right now i have a lvl 92 with 320 aa's. done my epic and repercussions,all my spells are masters or stats are as follows
    int 3640
    crit chance 320
    crit bonus 233
    potency 211
    abil mod 3213
    reuse speed 48
    casting 64
    recovery sp 0
    spell reuse 77
    currntly have full set of Skyshrine faction gear with white adorns (dont have enought faction to buy yellow/red as yet)the rest of my gear is from ss heroic instances with a few raid rings etc got on auction.My aa's are distributed as follows;5t01a...0@3a10@31880012

    Dont know if it the limitations of the class or my own ineptness but i get around 100k dps on average in ss instances.
    can someone tell me what sort of dps a skilled player would be able to get with my setup. I installed ACT to try and anlyze how changing some spell rotations would affect dps but there is hardly any change with any of the spell rotations i do.
    my typical single target rotation is like BlazingAvatar,SoulBurn,PlaneShift,ETox,EBlast,CrystalBlast,Fiery Annhilation with WoV and ice storm whenever the other spells are not up.
    Please help me by giving me your opinion on what may be causing my low dps.
  2. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest
    Read the above.
    Then read it again and do some testing.
    Then read it again and test some more. Then maybe ask some questions in that thread making sure to thank Banditman for taking the time to write the guide.
    I can tell you very little about the Conjy class, but I read his post when it was made.
    When you put your cast order up Soulburn then plane shift something hit me, I rechecked his guide and the detail is there.
    I won't tell you what the details are because you might not read the whole thing.
    Read it all, even if you think you know all you need to about the particular section, I read it all, I almost rolled a Conjy just to make use of it but started boxing so I am working on healers and utility on my second account. I will roll a Conjy when I get them beefed up.
  3. ARCHIVED-niiaxer Guest

    I did read Banditmans excellent guide to Conjurers before posting here and lots of times while building my toon ,while i found it very helpful it does not answer the questions i have.
    thank you for your input
  4. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    So you do cancel your Planeshift when Soulburn is back up? If not he specifically states that you lose DPS by not doing so.
    Your gear is not too bad based on your stats, you are missing out on a decent amount of potency/CB from not having yellow/red adorns so that is hurting you somewhat.
    Spell Reuse and Ability Reuse work together for casters, Ability Reuse works for ALL spells and Abilities (Press K), whereas Spell Reuse only affects spells. So in ability reuse you have 48 and spell reuse you have 77, grouped these should be even higher. You could reforge some of them off of some gear possibly into ability mod, but I am not sure about what point that begins to be less and less effective for a Conjy.
    If you mean that 100K is your zonewide DPS then that is probably gonna rank low with your gear. There are other factors you need to look at, and would be helpful to anyone that can give class specific help. Group makeup, What classes of tank, healers, utility were in your group and what buffs did you have? All this can make a huge difference and also the abilities of the other players in your group.
  5. ARCHIVED-Fairin Guest

    you really dont have over 100% casting speed? this is why you cannot dps, - personally i roll with 170ish just to negate the slowcast on certian mob debuffs in skyshrine. however 100 is basically the cap, and as a bonus for every 100 spellcasting speed you go over 100 you get 1 spell double attack.. yippie! (i.e. not worth sac'ing abilitymod for)

    ability reuse + spell reuse should = 100%. you dont benefit from having anymore

    Blazing Avatar is a prebuff, you want its cooldown up relatively soon after you cast EB to get more chances to refresh it

    play around with your rotation, also with the pristege on single target im pritty sure the bats out damage ice storm

    the link to your spec was relatively broken, and the one i looked at in the subsquent post looked very "cookiecutter" for the beginning raider. if you cant figure it out after trying post here with the updated spec and maybe we'll see again! =(^.-.^)=

    also are you a ratgona. thats a requirement to being awesome. =(^.-.^)=
  6. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    I didn't even see the 64% casting speed, yeah that is gonna hurt group buffs would bump it a bit.
    Fortunately though casting speed is VERY easy to reforge and the Spell weapon stats, as well as any excess from spell/ability reuse
  7. ARCHIVED-Torr Guest

  8. ARCHIVED-niiaxer Guest

    Thanks guys for your helpful suggestions. Just by aggressively casting blazing avatar every time its up and getting my casting speed to 150 i found a 30% increase in my dps.While this is a step towards getting my dps up to where it should be, i still need to do a lot more.It would be helpful if some good players post what dps they get with similar gear/stats just so that i can set a target for myself.reposting link to my a choices;5t250...1t30a0aa800a001
  9. ARCHIVED-Luhai Guest

    Raw DPS numbers won't tell you much. I have similar stats to you since I don't raid anymore with my conjy, so she only has Sky faction gear.
    My DPS varies between 150k (without support) and 500k, totally depending on group setup and mobs.
    Just do what you wrote - play aggressively.
    Use EB and Soulburn whenever it's up and use BA for the EB reset. Time EB with Timewarp whenever possible. Check the raid/group chat for the short buffs from support classes (Vicious concerto, etc) so you don't buff/petheal while the good stuff is active. Keep your DoTs ticking.
    Don't waste ET on a single opponent if a big trash group is right ahead.
    Leech every buffs you can. I even asked the Mystic to put Bolster on my pet .
    Reforge your gear and get even more Ability mod.
    It was already mentioned but check and adjust your spell rotation when needed.
  10. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    niiaxer wrote:
    Good that you made some progress.
    You have to understand that DPS is entirely situational and relies heavily on group makeup and on fights with any real duration the competency of each person in your group/raid. You asked earlier if it might be the limitation of the class and I'll assure you that is not it at all.
    Last night my group was Troub, Warlock (me), SK, Conjy, Inquis, Illy this was in raid. Pretty good group makeup, usually do not have SK in there but needed another tank. Fight length was 11 min 1 sec
    The top 4 parses from that fight were Warlock1 503K, Warlock2 483K, Necro 399K, Conjy 385K as you can see a Conjy can do a good amount of DPS. She is geared very well, so you can't compare your DPS to hers but you also can't just compare the DPS from a Conjy geared similar to you unless you are comparing the same fight and similar group makeup.
    Work on some training dummies, a heroic group and an Epic solo. You can make a macro { /act end } that will stop the parse so you don't have to kill the epic every time, but parse at least 2-3 rotations, the swap your order up and do it again. If your DPS increases compare the 2, look at the damage from each spell in your parse, don't just say "This way gave me more DPS I'll do it in that order" understand WHY it did more. Clearly you want to improve, and you already have just keep at it.
  11. ARCHIVED-Fairin Guest

    you took the first step to learning how to increase your dps. now go over your spec yourself and find where you can increase your dps further, if you dont use an ability. dont waste points on it, if it doesnt provide you a benefit dont take it

    some examples from your link, shadow tree, you have points spent in offensive onslaught

    enhanced heal servant... your missing winds of velious aa's... just to name a few

    oh and strikethrough is broken untill (possibly) next patch. so the strikethrough on fireseed doesnt do anything
  12. ARCHIVED-niiaxer Guest

    So there is no easy quick fix,I will have to spend more time fine tuning casting order and removing some of the broken aa choices (seem to be a lot of them for conjs). I never imagined our dps flutuates so much according to buffs from the group.To be honest i never took the time to see what buffs my group was putting on me,or even understand the effects of the buff.Guess I'll have to learn more about the other classes to make use of their helpful spells/buffs.
    I'm sure that your suggestions will help many other players just as they have helped me.i will still keep looking in here for comments from others as this is still a work in progress.
  13. ARCHIVED-Lempo Guest

    Nope, no quick easy fix.
    I reparsed my logs from the fight I gave you the #'s on >90K of the 385K of the Conjys DPS was from group buffs, every other person in the group had buffs/temp buffs (very important) the conjy gained from. Keep in mind this is not even counting the additional damage that they get from group buffs for INT from others, where the level of the spell determines how much is added.
    If you are in a group don't be afraid to ask for a buff, read the examine window of the buff, ask the person buffing you how to best take advatage of it. Try different things when temp buffs are up and compare the parses, some buffs only proc off certain types of damage, this is where knowing your class in and out is vital to ekeing out every bit of DPS that you can.
    Things are situational as I keep repeating, when you cast ET there is a small window of time where ALL damage spells proc additional damage (heat and disease), curse of darkness (warlock temp buff) does the same thing, except it is poison damage. Take special note of those that say to target ENCOUNTER that is an important keyword, the more LINKED targets here the better. You need to put a macro here, let the group know when it is casting, so if I am in your group I can fire off my temp buffs, then you want to cast your fastest casting spells. This is a place where a slow cast spell that is a high priority will take a backseat, if everyone in your group cooperates it will make a big difference. PotM, Peace of Mind, ET, CoD, fanatical devotion all of those proc additional damage when damage is done, throughout the fight it is difficult if not impossible to keep them in synch because of varying recasts, but if they are coordinated properly for the first cast after the mob is debuffed on "incoming" you will see a signifigant boost to your parse.
    Not sure what type of grouping you do, but if you group regularly with the same people work on training dummies with one or more of them in a group, it isn't the same as real mobs but you can effectively test things. Attack a group of training dummies with NO temp buffs, no DE-BUFFS then look at parse. Then have everyone cast temp buffs with no DE-BUFFS and hammer away, then add debuffs in. examine the parses at each phase, OR in ACT you can right click a parse and rename it, indicating what you were testing and examine it closely after your testing is done.
    Keep at it and post your progress in here.

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