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  1. Vlardoom New Member

    Returning old player.
    Enjoying TLE.

    Riddle me this please.
    Items. Can someone explain or point to how or what an item upgrades?
    i.e. 4 sta 4 main stat
    How do you add stats to an item??

    Any help is appreciated.

  2. Abiding Tide New Member

    Hiya, Vlar.

    From what I understand, stats and gear have been simplified (which is disappointing to me, but that is beside the point.)

    In brief, the only characteristic stats that will effect your character is stamina and the primary stat of your class's archetype. That is to say, if you're a fighter, Strength is your primary stat. It effects your ability to do damage and your maximum mana.

    Fighters: Strength
    Scouts: Agility
    Mages: Intelligence
    Priests: Wisdom

    It seems that gear these days, will just say + to main stat 'cause laziness, I guess. Lemme know if this answered your question properly :D.
  3. Vlardoom New Member

    Thank you Abiding.

    Yes that stinks(too simple) but make sense now.
  4. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Adding to the other reply, there will be a second line on stats that says +1 Offensive Skills, +1 defensive, +1 spells, and resists. If you are a fighter or scout, you'll want the offensive or defensive (defensive is fighter) skills, spell skills are for mages and priests.

    Some things still have a blue stat for hate gain. Those are for fighters only, unless you're a kamakazi mage or something.
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  5. Vlardoom New Member

    Hey more info.
    Thank you for the points.

    party on!!

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