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  1. JakeLaoco New Member

    Hello the name is Jake, I used to play everquest back in the day and have been playing a lot of WoW lately. I have been having an itch to branch out and experience my roots and try out Everquest 2, and before I start I would like some suggestions and possibly a guild to join to play with others.

    I'm a very big fan of DoT based classes, Shadow Priest and Affliction Warlock being my two favorites followed by Assasination rouge. I love shadow priest also because I get to heal on the side, and I do enjoy healing.

    I really just want to find a group of friendly people to play with, and I miss the old school grind from back in the day, and the sense of community.

    Thanks in advance for the feedback!
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  2. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

    Hi Jake,
    There are a lot of guilds here on EQ2. There are all kinds from RP to hard core raiding to completely casual. Even if you don't think your going to jump right into anything overly time consuming, you might want to pick the "theme" that sounds interesting that you may want to try in the future. example) if you know your not going to be a hard core raider, there are better options than a hard core guild where you'll most likely be ignored for the most part.

    I sent you a couple links in a message.

    Have fun and happy hunting! ;)
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  3. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Pick your server first, depending on if you are going free-to-play or member. Live is at end game, except for two progression servers on Antonia Bayle. Kaladim is subscription only and it's early game still, with the third expansion being released at the end of October. Once you pick your server, check here on the forums and on the EQ2 discord for recent guild recruitment posts to find out who is active. You can also press U in game to pull up the guild menu and filter by want.

    Don't play the game on streaming, it's crap. Download it. F2P gives you up to Alter of Malice, level 100. Current end game is four expacs (about to be five) later and you'd have to buy to play. It's currently on sale, though. You don't need to buy anything but a membership to play on Kaladim.

    As for classes, you'll find them to be very different from WoW. Most of the classes have DoTs, mages the most (of course). The best way to find a class to play is to try them all out til about level 25-30, but usually you'll know by about level 10, especially if you pick to start on the Isle of Refuge/Queen's Colony, which has slightly harder content. Races are pick-your-pretty, unless you want the tracking ability and aren't playing a scout, then you're limited to halfling, kerra, half elf, and wood elf.

    You'll find the graphics to be worlds better than WoW. WoW is easier to play, especially if you want to jump into EQ2 end game, which has ten hotbars of buttons and people want more hotbars. There is an overwhelming amount of information needed to play EQ2 at current end game. I usually recommend Kaladim for new players, or the progression guilds, so you have the time to learn about the mechanics of the game without having to read hundreds of pages of posts to figure it out. It's not intuitive anymore.

    Still, the game is fun. People keep leaving and coming back because they can't find anything better. The details put into the game are fantastic, especially if you like lore/world building. Hardcore raid guilds exist, if that's your thing - contact them directly if you are interested in that aspect of gaming. The progression guilds raid and there are raid guilds on Kaladim, as well.

    Tradeskilling is also a big thing in this game, as is decorating. Not everyone likes it, but if you haven't done it before, you could find it fun.

    Welcome to Norrath.
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  4. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    Heyo and welcome to EQ II ! I was on EQ for years. I find EQ II more fun, and these EQ II forums are more fun to.
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  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    well all also depends on what server you be on and if you like crafting or decorating or if you want to experience all the beauty of Norath wile beating up the bad guys .
    It also depends if you want to simply go to the top on the express path and how long you been gone or have you only been playing on EQ 1
    If you are brand new and know nobody I suggest you come on Kaladim this is a server locked at an expansion for 4 months and right now we are locked at level 60 , this is a way to get into things without getting overwhelmed with all the complicated stuff they added over the years .
    You could simply buy a level 100 character and get help from others but if you never played on EQ2 I do not recommend that .
    You will be happy to know there is still lots of grinding here .
    the kind of healing classes your looking for do not really exist here well if you want a healer who can defend herself I personally recommend a Fury .
    I think you would have no problems on Kaladim , but you need a membership for that server .
    There are many features in this game that you have to buy like a mercenary , special races ( I think we got enough regular ones ) and if you like trad skilling you can get an apprentice who does research on recipes for you.
    there is a lot more on the regular servers besides what I just said , like familiars and you can train your mercs and put armor
    on them and on your mount too .
    and so on and on .
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  6. JakeLaoco New Member

    Wow that is a lot to take in,I am considering going to one of the TLE servers because from what I see it would be easier to work myself in as expansions come out then throw myself in all together, and I don't do very well when I get too overwhelmed. I tend to not enjoy play free to play if I can, and sign up for membership, so I most likely will go that route.

    I will have to look more into classes and see what kind of play style I would like.

    Thank you for the friendly greeting and helpful advice! :)
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  7. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    Welcome back.

    My 2 cents: Get membership for a month to really try the game, plus pony up the $15 which will buy you the latest expac (gives you access to all prior, as well) plus includes a 110 character bauble. That gives you the option to start as a baby toon, and then roll a big toon, once you determine the class that suits you. --> Roll on AB. Send me a tell. I am usually on Kittaene.

    Why AB: Lots of friendly guilds, players still run PuG groups, and help one another. There are also several strong raid alliances to choose from, which means you do not have to guild swap if you choose to raid.

    Happy Adventuring,

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  8. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Kaladim is a good choice to get to know the game. There are a lot of people on at during all time zones and its pretty easy to find a good, fun, helpful, friendly, casual, guild. And you are never locked into a server choice. Just because you start on Kaladim does not mean that you cannot also create characters on a live server and experience Norrath from that perspective as well.

    If you just want to try it out then all it will cost you is the subscription for one month which is $14.99 plus tax. If you wanted to invest more, the current expansion is 50% off until November 5th, the basic no frills version of that is selling for $17 or $17.49, so that would be $32.50 plus tax and you would have access to all content on a live server, and the mercenary feature which usually has to be purchased separately. The new expansion should be released in December but we do not have an official date.

    Whatever you choose to do, just make sure not to lose sight that the point of all of this is to have fun!!

    Welcome to Norrath and enjoy your journeys!! Look up Salem, Valarian, Razoran, Mercy, Runa, or Elyse if you need assistance.
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  9. ConcealFate Well-Known Member

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  10. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Cyrrena he already said hes coming our way to begin with and that he does not want to be free to play. Eventually sooner or later all TLE servers will end up on one of the regular servers .
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  11. Avithax Well-Known Member

    ^^This is outstanding advice^^

    Welcome to EQ2!

    The game is as in-depth as you want it to be. As it has been said there is a ton of learning available at end game so don't be in a rush. If you're partial to More Dots there are classes with poisons, spell dots spells that increase another players dots and even items that add new dots.

    Finding a guild that you like is essential. Joining the Discord chat channel can't hurt also for quicker answers to questions, it's monitored by the developers that build the game in real-time as well as dozens of players.

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