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Discussion in 'Quests and Live Events' started by ARCHIVED-Tuckker, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tuckker Guest

    1. Kill Ovilas Ironwing.
    Question: I'm having issue duo'ing or killing this guy in a small group. Once all of the trash in the room is killed and the fight starts It seems to wipe my small group in pretty short order. I am starting to wonder if I'm missing a script of action which needs to be done at some point during the battle with Ovilas.
    Ovilas seems to be rooted on the center platform, I fight him at the top one of the ramps and that goes well for a little while, but then he teleports everyone too him and snares or roots everyone. Then blobs spawn and there is some sort of health drain somewhere in the event. Is there something part of the script that needs to be done to down this guy OR is it nothing more than a DPS check?

    Any thing special with Necranaut Dolk when I need to kill him next?
  2. ARCHIVED-Kinvore Guest

    If it's the mob I'm thinking about, you gotta rush him on his stage and wedge yourself into the pillars to avoid knockback. Then just burn him asap.
  3. ARCHIVED-arthemis1er Guest

    One tank back to a pillar to prevent KB, aggro all the time
    Other burn from far away
    When he roots everyone (start @ 80%) and summon them to the top of the plateform everyone hit the sprint icon and get out as fast as possible and tell the Tank to get out as well
    Run as far as the bench and unclick sprint so you dont run out of power
    Once the AOE is out, tank run back, anyone who sees the adds kills it and return to Ovilas.
    Took us a while to just remember that running is faster than walking :p

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