HeepCo: A slain Soldier

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    visible when you have completed at least one of the requirements. Appears inside the entry to highkeep, near Unlucky.

    suffix: "The Slaughterer" all PoI inspect kill quests
    1. scuff marks, north side of entry floor, westish part on ground
    2. spectral dagger, in wall on 2nd floor on the staircase side
    3. The Re enactment- painting- opposite wall
    4. fallen podium- at the bottom of the stairs from 2ndfloor, go left, lying against pillar
    5. pile of bones- balcony without the boss overlooking bloodpack room
    6. wine conneseir- on wikia
    7. bowl of entrails- on ground in small room next to gnawbones room
    8. soothe walker leg- the casino room with the bar, against the wall. same wall as the graffito tag casino wheel, just the other casino room
    9. wallsconce- on left in stone corridor to bigz room
    10. pullchain- bigz furnace pullchain

    suffix "The Deathbane" all mob drop inspect item quests
    mapley syrup
    red orb
    white orb
    assasination order
    trail map
    planar anchor
    purple fluid
    brass knuckler
    explosive powder

    ruh, might have missed one or two...
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    What is this? I'd love that title

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