Hectic PVE group combat?

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    While I'm a seasoned MMO player, I never got around to playing EQ2. Went from EQ to FFXI. Decided to start on the new progression server for some nostalgia.

    Got to Freeport last night, hit lvl 9 and got invited to a party in The Ruins. Awesome! Or so I though. I get in there, and people are running everywhere! Mobs are all over the place and I could scarcely tell who my party was fighting or what was really going on.

    Now I know this is launch weekened and low level areas will be busy, but is all group content like this? Multiple mobs, and hectic combat, or does it slow down as the "real" dungeons unlock?

    Thanks from n00b
  2. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Kinda? Both? When zones are packed, it seems a lot messier than when there are fewer groups in them, but at low levels there are no instances and everyone will be doing the same thing.

    Since you're new, how to clean up your game to make it less chaotic:

    If you are playing a scout, mage, or healer, target (click on) your tank and kill things through them. You can also ask if there is a "Main Assist" and let them know you're new, and target through whomever is pointed out to you. Then you will always know what mob to hit.

    If you are the tank (lead fighter), your job is to gather as many mobs as your healers can handle, flip them around so their backs are to the group, and stay alive.

    This pertains to both new servers. If you are playing on the PVP server, Naggy, there is the added bonus of having people try to kill you while you're killing other things. More chaos, and a skill set I haven't learned, so you'll have to ask in the PVP forum how to handle targeting.
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