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Discussion in 'Templar' started by ARCHIVED-ubermouse, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-ubermouse Guest

    If a class has an awful spell or ability that is useless can it be changed if enough people ask? I personally am not happy with my templar's ability called Healing Fate. This is one ability I would like to see changed. It is a detriment that does nothing until the enemy loses alot of health then it is supposed to heal my group just when they dont need it? I personally would like to see it as a detriment reactive with limited ( 10 ) triggers, when target receives any damage it will heal all allies in area of effect ( 25m ) for 3k-5k.
  2. ARCHIVED-RogueSpideyChick Guest

    furies have a similiar ability called feast that does a very small hot with a stat boost that we've been asking to be changed for yrs because very few of us have it on our hotbars because of the uselessness of it.
  3. ARCHIVED-Raston Guest

    I don't know, I use it alot when soloing. Throw on my reactive, then healing fate and I typically don't need to throw another heal while fighting even con mobs. I use it some in group, but it depends on how fast mobs are dying.
    While I'm sure it could be more useful, just about every class has an ability that isn't really all that good.
  4. ARCHIVED-Umub Guest

    It doesn't hurt to ask though. For Sentinel's Fate, Rangers had their two of the three most useless spells changed into extremely useful spells (Stream of Arrows and Makeshift Arrows). I heard a rumor that they may be changing the third, Hawk Attack, in DoV.
  5. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    It's still quite useful when there are lots of mobs, toss it on one and get a group heal when that one dies. Against solo named mobs, not very useful.
  6. ARCHIVED-Seiffil Guest

    CoLD MeTaL wrote:
    It's no longer only a heal when the mob dies, it's a heal every 10 or 20% of the mob's health, I forget which. In most groups the mob doesn't last long enough for it to be worthwhile. In raids, it's just not really useful.
  7. ARCHIVED-QuestingCrafter Guest

    I use it more on adds than named mobs; on adds, I generally get four procs at >4K each (pre-crit-bonus), per injured group member ... for ~100 power. On the Sara Greenheart fight, it can ridiculously pad my parse.
    Compare that to healing on demand with Word of Redemption which is one shot of 5-6K each (pre-crit-bonus) for ~400 power.
    Obviously, there are times you need WoR (right after an AE)! But for general topping-off, H-Fate is pretty useful.
  8. ARCHIVED-mysteriousdrake Guest

    You'd be surprised actually...
    Healing Fate can do you a lot of healing help on any mob that's not an Epic. Spend the AAs to enhance it and make it stronger, I'd say, then you don't have to worry about the group quite as much mid-fight since Healing fate will proc a group (AE) heal every 20% health the mob loses.
    You say it seems useless, but since it was changed to proc every 20% instead of when the mob dies (previous to SF), it can definitely add up over the length of an encounter.

    IMO, it doesn't need to be changed; if your group doesn't need the healing it procs, then all the better! But if, say, you're mid-cast for something else when the heal proc triggers... Then it's just saved you the power of casting Word of Redemption!
  9. ARCHIVED-Rick777 Guest

    It's not a useless spell at all, just not a very good spell. I actually liked it better when it procced off a death, but even then it was just meh. In raids it is truly useless unless you are on trash, but then yeah you are just on trash. If you are actually going thru a dungeon and hitting a lot of hard group mobs (yeah I know...right?) then it's a decent proccing heal, but nothing you could live without.
  10. ARCHIVED-Kaidia Guest

    I had it on my hot bar, but to be honest, I could never really see the point of it. My last raid, we ran Tox, Labs, and most of Palace and I decided to acctually consciously see how it parsed. And boy was it horrible. Never did it do more thn 1% of the healing (and only healed my group ever, unlike IC or Mark).
    Now, maybe if I weren't in the MT group it would actually do something (how can it possibly parse with my wards, the defiler's wards, my reactives?) But I'm taking it off my hotbar until it actually becomes worth the cast time. Now if it were raid-wide like Mark and IC, perhaps it'd be worth casting. Just a thought for the unlikely chance a dev sees it.
  11. ARCHIVED-ReverendPaqo Guest

    It's no where nearly as complete and utter terribad fail as the troubador's counter song is. Just be thankful it does something and is/was worth casting once in it's entire existence because thats more than counter song has to it's name.

    My shameless fix troub plug aside, I use it quite frequently and actually would consider it a very valuable non-raid ability if it's casting time was cut down by about half. Between Healing Fate, Mark, Involuntary Gift, and my buffs, I almost never have to heal tanks in "easy" content. Trivial content the tanks heal themselves. Normal difficulty content, maybe a couple reactives the entire fight and some spots for the squishies, but largely the det's and their procs heal everyone enough. TBH, if our stats affected the amount HF procs for and the casting time was shorter, it would be in my opinion a very nice ability that should always be cast on anything outside of long drawn out fights (such as raid mobs that are not trivial to your raid force).
  12. ARCHIVED-Dillin Guest

    ubermouse wrote:
    Next time you want to complain about one of our spells, go read through ALL of your spells first (Including the descriptions). Involuntary Gift procs a AOE heal when the mob attacks. Mark procs a heal on you when you hit the mob (Pretty high proc rate). Why would we want another one when we already have spells that do this?
    Healing Fate was never an amazing spell and if you used it pre change, it was pretty useless. Now in it's current form, it has a lot more use.
    Not every spell in your book is going to be OMG amazing. There are going to be some garbage ones too.
  13. ARCHIVED-Rhadamanthys Guest

    Most spells are good if you use them in the right situations. If you put up all your reactives and another healer has their wards or whatever up, then yeah, HF probably won't heal much because the wards/reactives will heal first. But if you use this spell on weaker mobs that die faster (adds) or most of the heroic mobs in instances, you usually won't have to cast any other healing spell. This is how you can dps pretty easily as a templar. Not only that, but if you use pacification or awestruck, you may not even have to cast any reactives on the tank. Of course, if your group kills the mob really slowly, your group may take too much damage for HF to balance, but that's your job as the healer to adjust to the group and decide which spells are necessary to use. HF is amazing for soloing. It won't take off your 25% spell damage buff like other healing spells will, and can generally heal you enough without any other healing even on heroic mobs... Though that depends on your dps capacity.
  14. ARCHIVED-Vaylan77 Guest

    This spell has it's uses you just have to consider the right time to use it and that's actually what makes every class special. If every spell would be an uber spell that you would be able to just throw out on every occasion every trained monkey could play this game.

    You could also say that Rebuke is totally useless when you have so much DPS in group that the mob dies faster then you are able to cast this anyway or when the 0.1 seconds the mob would die faster due to the DPS wouldn't make any sense anyway.
  15. ARCHIVED-Megawatt91 Guest

    This is by far, my most used spell. - That and Holy Intercession which could do with being sped up a bit!
  16. ARCHIVED-Giallolas Guest

    Holy resurrected topics, Batman!
    As this has come up again, I just wanted to say that this spell is one of my most used ones. It is a staple for when I'm soloing as I don't even bother with my reactives (most of the time) and just dps fairly fast. In a very quick killing group, I find it's utility diminishes. However, it's still very strong and is a great way to get some regular heals out to the DPS classes that you weren't targetting anyway when things start getting rough.
    I guess not everyone plays our class the same way. With my fairly decent casting speed reductions, I can drop this without really breaking my stride too much.

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