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Discussion in 'General Priest Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Piekeyrog, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. ARCHIVED-Piekeyrog Guest

    It was suggested on another post I was reading, that profit UI is best for healers. I'm curious to know why? Anyone have an answer?
  2. ARCHIVED-Ferunnia Guest

    It's pretty good. I prefer drumsui myself, but that is because a while back profit bugged out on me and I switched to drums and got used to it. Both of those uis have good healer utility, though I do like the ease of use for setting up macros in drumsui more. It's all about the click to cure on both of them as far as why they are good to use as healers.
  3. ARCHIVED-Calain80 Guest

    Since the offical UI includes click to cure the main benefit of custom UIs for healers nowadays are the "raidmacros" and the stand alone mob casting bar. Raidmacros are a number of programmable buttons that allow you to cast a spell on a fellow raid or group member without changing your target. For healer ist is mostly used for spot heals, death prevents and rezzes. Also cou can add additional commands like tellchannel to your cures. This is esp. helpful for curse cures. The benefit of the stand alone mob casting bar is that you can position it close to your hotbars so it is easier to time your cures and heals to when an AE is about to hit. Beside these two is is mainly preference with smaller UI windows so you can see more, etc.
  4. ARCHIVED-Piekeyrog Guest

    Ok, that makes some sense now!
    I'm not a raiding fury, usually not a grouping fury unless I'm forced. I'm more of a 'decorating' and harvesting fury. I do use profit but never noticed the benefits in a group situation.
    Thanks for the answers

    Calberak@Valor wrote:
    I see the file in the folder.. but where does it show up on the actual UI.. i see the one thats on implied target.. does the actual cast bar come off of implied target and is moveable?
  6. ARCHIVED-PeterJohn Guest

    You have to do the /show_window command to make the cast bar appear. Then you can move it wherever you like. It does work off implied targets.
  7. ARCHIVED-Arielle Nightshade Guest

    I also like Aditu's raid window for click to cure and heal.
  8. ARCHIVED-Orpheus666 Guest

    I'm all for any UI that let's me heal individuals without changing targets, profit is what i use and trying something else ... well just thinking of it makes my head hurt.

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