Heal Changes in Light of Heal Nerf

Discussion in 'Berserker' started by ARCHIVED-altuslumen, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-altuslumen Guest

    My assumption is that the heal nerf is designed to keep heroic content from becoming trivial. Changes I think that should be made to berserker heals.

    • Battle Frenzy: Increase the base to 6% per hit.
    • Berserk (SF Ward): 0.5% damage reduction per AA point while berserk is up.
    • Blood Rage: T9 Master should provide a 1500 HP buff for 4 seconds, with AA the HP buff would increase to 2250.
    • Persevere: 20% heal, leave it at 30 seconds.
    • Unyielding Will: Change to always up buff, 5 minute recast, castable out of combat only.
    • Vision of Madness: Double the value of the heal.
    This isn't what I really want, but keeps the general idea of the abilities, helps several of them scale and transition between solo, heroic, and raiding.
  2. ARCHIVED-Obadiah Guest

    It's very difficult to retain a cool head the way these changes were introduced; the way they were conveniently not mentioned in Fighter balancing threads made by the developers. Reversing Crit Consolidation is not the answer unless the question is "What's the most annoying thing I can change in the game today?" It needlessly re-complicates mechanics while changing nothing except the power of Fighters in PVP scenarios.
    The heal nerf is designed to make some Fighters less OP in PVP.
    I don't dislike some of your suggestions. Blood Rage was supposed to replace our Health Regen though - i.e. supposed to be something that made our Health bar fill back up. More HP would probably ultimately be more useful, I'd just rather retain that part of Berserkeredness.
    Regardless, I can't envision a scenario under which they will listen - much less adjust anything - at this point. They did the same thing last GU with some other classes unfortunately. It is likely that this thread will be locked under the premise that it's referring to changes that are on test. I applaud your optimism and level-headedness though.

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