Harvesting Macro for the New Macro System

Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Ripchi, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Mikkahl Guest

    DominoDev wrote:
    Since harvesting tools don't need to be equpped, we don't need to include those anymore.
    What I had pre-GU44 was:
    • /target_nearest_npc
    • : ; usea gathering ; usea gathering
    And I would get all three actions: Target the node, then gather twice. So, I would only need to hit the button twice to clear a node.
    So I tried to replace it with:
    • /target_nearest_npc
    • Spell / Ability: Gathering
    • Spell / Ability: Gathering
    But only the first Gather works, so I have to hit the button 3 times. It seems like the target command is no longer "instant", and so counts as the first spell. If I just use:
    • Spell / Ability: Gathering
    • Spell / Ability: Gathering
    and target the node by hand first, then I get both Gathers to work.
    I haven't found any way yet to get it to work like it did before - where I got the targeting and 2 gathers with each press of the button.
  2. ARCHIVED-donilla Guest

    I noticed the same thing. As I said earlier, what I like best is not having to 'select' the node, just get close to it. So leaving that out wouldn't suit me. So I gave up the notion of a double harvest per click. What I did instead was simply put all the harvesting skills into a single macro:
    /useability gather
    /useability forest
    While I still have to click the macro once per harvest (I have the tools buffs up already with another macro), I don't have to worry about which node type I'm at. If its a rock, the macro simply says 'this node can't be gathered', etc until it hits the ability that does work, and executes that ability.
    And by not using the equivilent of '/f' in the macro, if the nearest_npc happens to be an actual npc, you wont attack it. Because, thankfully, yoiu can't actually "gather" an Orc
  3. ARCHIVED-Mikkahl Guest

    I think most of us have tried the "all 5 abilities in one macro" trick. And it would probably work the same with 5 Spell / Ability steps. But, for me anyway, it is too annoying to get 4 error messages every time I click the button. If we could get rid of the error messages, I'd be all for it, rather than having 5 different macros.
  4. ARCHIVED-Galn Guest

    Mikkahl wrote:
    Right before you go harvesting right click your chat window where the "Status text" appears, and uncheck it. After harvesting is done, go back in and recheck it so you can see when someone logs in.
  5. ARCHIVED-donilla Guest

    He's right about the error messages of course, but I guess I'm not as bothered by them. I have my chats and messages spread out over a few windows, and this one goes into one of the windows that holds peripheral stuff. Plus I use a color that almost matches the background, so frankly, I don't notice it much. I'd much rather not attack a mob I didn't intend to. And the disable trick works very nicely.
  6. ARCHIVED-Mikkahl Guest

    Donilla@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    I've never had or proposed a macro that would attack a mob, and I don't know what you mean by the "equivalent of /f". For me it's a choice of having 5 macros that don't generate error messages, or one macro that does. Having one would certainly make it easier (you don't have to worry about choosing the correct one) and take up less hotbar space! But I don't want to have to go in to Chat options to disable something, because I know I won't remember to turn it on again.
  7. ARCHIVED-donilla Guest

    Never assumed you would set up anything to attack a mob. And since you use harvest specific macros, you never would. I was thinking more of folks who don't use macros. You can harvest any node by placing the curser over it and hitting the "F" key. Since this is the generic action key, the node will harvest. But if you use the F8 key to select the nearest npc, and you're not paying attention to notice that the nearest npc wasnt the node, and you then hit the F key, you will take action on the mob, eg attack it. This of course is one reason, besides time saving, that we use the macros.
    It's like everything in the game isn't it. Different things bug different folks. Me, I hate having to move my mouse over to the hotbar. I have so many hotbars that I can't keyboard them all, so saving hotbar space matters to me. I'd rather hover the mouse over a single hotbar slot and just click it. I barely pay attention to all the stuff in the chats as it is. I just glance now and then at the chats I'm paying attention to (and at the TV or whatever else has my attention while harvesting) and get on with harvesting.
    I agree about remembering to turn the option back on. My memory is horrible and I know I'll be sitting there thinking oh my god, my chat is broken, and then 30 minutes later remember I turned if off, after missing the group going after the mob I really needed deaderated..:)
    Personally, I loved the original macro, and it did it's job very well. But oh well, change is ....good? /shrugs since unsure if thats true, but resigned to the reality.

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