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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Ripchi, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. ARCHIVED-Ripchi Guest

    EDIT: Scroll down to see my improved version of this macro, that incorporates Mining, Foresting, Gathering, and Trapping all in one...
    This is my macro for mining, but it could be easily modified for all the other types of harvesting. To make it easy to recognize, I dragged my pick into the macro icon window.

    With the click of one button, it will target the harvest node* (#1), equip your harvesting tool (#2), harvest (#3), and re-equip whatever you normally have equiped in your charm slot (#4).

    Also, you'll notice I have a 4x3 hotbar sunken off the left side of my screen, displaying only my 4 harvesting macros. Now whenever I want to harvest, I just get close to the node, and hit the macro.

    *Note for step 1 it will target the nearest thing to you. This saves you the step of having to target your nodes, but if there is a mob
  2. ARCHIVED-Ripchi Guest

    I haven't had a chance to test this yet, but I just thought of how to improve upon this macro. From what I can tell we can have 10 lines for each macro, so this will just work...
    I think it can be set up to mine, forest, gather, and trap...all in one macro. If you add in the appropriate skill and tools (paired up) after the mining line in my above macro, and before the re-equiping of your regular item.

    It would look like this...

    Commmand line: /target_nearest_npc
    Equip Pick (1st Charm Slot)
    Equip Saw (1st Charm Slot)
    Equip Shovel (1st Charm Slot)
    Equip Trap (1st Charm Slot)
    Equip <regular> (1st Charm Slot)

    10 lines exactly. It doesn't allow for fishing, but I don't fish. :)
  3. ARCHIVED-Ret! Guest

    Unfortunately, I don't think your second suggestion works. I tried for a while last night in the newbie zone off of Starcrest Commune. Because all commands are being executed at once, the effect doesn't seem to be timed correctly after the equip. I ended up with 2 macros (I use overclocked tools) that look like this:
    1. : ; target_nearest_npc
    2. Equip: Overclocked Waternet (slot1)
    3. Equip: Overclocked Shears (slot2)
    4. Use: Gathering
    5. Use: Trapping
    6. Use: Fishing
    7. Use: Harvesting(?)
    1. : ; target_nearest_npc
    2. Equip: Overclocked Pick (slot1)
    3. Use: Mining
    Equip Charm (to go back to adventuring setup):
    1. Equip: Zan Fi Idol (slot1)
    2. Equip: Hex doll (slot2)
    Other suggestions/improvements are appreciated.
    Edit: After a bunch more testing, it seems that if you use the "Ability" from the Knowledge Book, rather than /usea <AbilityName>, everything works fine.
    My new single harvest macro is:
    1. : ; target_nearest_npc
    2. Equip: Overclocked Shears (1st charm slot)
    3. Gathering
    4. Foresting
    5. Equip: Overclocked Pickaxe (1st charm slot)
    6. Mining
    7. Equip: Overclocked Watersafe net (1st charm slot)
    8. Fishing
    9. Trapping
    10. Equip: Hex Doll (1st charm slot)
    Unfortunately, you need to press the button twice, since the first time you press the button, you get an "No eligible target".
  4. ARCHIVED-Vodroc Guest

    How did you get the pick icon to show? The only icon choices I had were the original ones which make it hard to determine which skill is actually whay.
  5. ARCHIVED-Ripchi Guest

    Vodroc wrote:
    Just drag your pick from your inventory onto the Macro Icon. As I understand the update notes, you can do this with skills/spells too, although I haven't done that yet myself.
  6. ARCHIVED-Vodroc Guest

    oooo I'll have to give that a try later tonight when I get home.
  7. ARCHIVED-Galeden Guest

    Ripchi wrote:
    I tried the same thing, even though the trap tool is put in from the moment it starts, I always got the benifit though, and I didnt have the equip regular item, or the targeting part, just manualy targeted
  8. ARCHIVED-Adrinanna Guest

    I set mine up a little different as I tend to use tab to target anyway. I have come to the conclusion its the target command line taht doesnt allow for queing as without it I can get two harvests with one click. I ended up with a total of 4 buttons down from the 7 or so I had before. I keep my hex doll on my hotbar anyway (easier to re-equip after using a tinkering item).
    -Equip: Overclocked Shears
    -Use: gathering
    -Use: foresting
    -Use: gathering
    Then I used a similar format for mining and for trapping/fishing.
  9. ARCHIVED-Ripchi Guest

    Alright, here's my latest and greatest. It's a modification of the macro I posted previously, but incorporates Mining, Foresting, Gathering, and Trapping, all into one. Like before, it auto-targets the node (assuming a mob isn't closer), equips your harvesting tools, and re-equips your regular equipment when it's done. If you don't want the macro to auto-target for you, remove the first command line, and be sure you target the node before running the macro.

    There was some speculation wether this would work, due to how the macros execute. I tested it repeatedly using Sandalwood tools (shaves 2 seconds off harvest times). Harvesting without a tool took 5 seconds. I tested this macro on stone, ore, shrub, root, wood, and dens...3 harvests from each. Each time the harvest took 3 seconds, so it seems to be working correctly regardless of what node you are targeting, and what skill/tool is required.
  10. ARCHIVED-TuHideous Guest

    To think, I just spent the last 4 hours doing it the old fashioned way....


    Great info- thanks for posting it. I'm assuming that easch line waits for the cast/ ability to complete before it moves on to the lext command line. If so- I have tons of wild ideas for spell usage....
  11. ARCHIVED-doctorbow Guest

    Innocence@Kithicor wrote:
    Hate to pop the old bubble on this one, but neither the old or new macro system allow for what you're thinking... and I KNOW what you're thinking.
    The reason is because you can only have a single command 'queued' while another is casting. That is all. When you press a macro button, even with 10 stacked spell uses, the first one casts, second queues, third queues (overwriting second), fourth queues (overwriting third), etc, until really, what you end up with is only the first ability being actively 'used' and the last ability 'queued' to be used after the first ability is done executing. (Think of it like turbo-clicking all of your spells while another is casting. They don't line up, only the last remains queued, and is then cast. The macro does not wait line-by-line, and there is no command to force a pause (although you CAN get creative with spell timings to create macro's that cast 4 spells with 2 clicks, for instance, by using a little know-how of casting times and refresh timers. The ONLY exception is instant-cast type things that have no cast time (like a HO starter, for instance). They just happen instantly, but afterwards normal casting/queueing occurs (so about as useful as you can get is starter/linker/finisher macro).
    Simply put, it can't be done, it can't be done, it can't be done. That is all. It's been discussed much LoL. No questions :p
  12. ARCHIVED-Nere Guest

    I can't get this to work. My macro looks exactly like yours yet all I get when I try it is a bunch of "you are not currently in a bank transaction" .. the pick (or appropriate tool) never equips in inventory .. and I harvest as slow as if I was bare handed.
  13. ARCHIVED-Ripchi Guest

    Innocence@Kithicor wrote:
    No, it doesn't wait for the others to cast. But this macro works because when it tries to mine, if you aren't targetting a stone or ore, nothing happens. It doesn't queue. It just fails to trigger and moves onto the next step. It then rinse and repeat until it hits whatever skill does work.
  14. ARCHIVED-Ripchi Guest

    Nere wrote:
    I'm not sure...I just re-tested it on each node, and it's still working for me. I watched my inventory and although I didnt' see the item switch, I did get the benefit. This fits with what i've been hearing from others though in that it all happens instantly.
    Anyone else having success or failure with this macro?
  15. ARCHIVED-sliderhouserules Guest

    Nere wrote:
    Umm... your harvesting tools weren't in your bank bags when you dragged them into the macro were they?
  16. ARCHIVED-Nere Guest

    No, the tools were/are in my bags.
  17. ARCHIVED-GunnaGetSome Guest

    [p]Just set this up two days ago and been using it ever since. I have my hex doll as the last item instead of torch, as the red text shows, whatever you normally have in that slot. [/p][p] This macro is AWESOME! Saves me time and I never forget to re-equip the hex doll :) [/p]
  18. ARCHIVED-knorah Guest

    Nere wrote:
    "you are not currently in a bank transaction" ..

    That is a bug....it happens when in transaction w/ banker or at broker (not sure why..been happening for a loooong time now) and will not allow you to send tell, chat or do anything that consists of typing or commands. When this happens, just re-log. Solves the problem every time.
  19. ARCHIVED-Specteral Guest

    [EDIT] Son of a... wrong forum.

    Anyway, I like the macro, nice work.
  20. ARCHIVED-dlsknight Guest

    "you are not currently in a bank transaction" .. the pick (or appropriate tool) never equips in inventory - the only time I have had this happen to me is when I had the items in the bank, our house inventory slot and was not on my toon. Make sure you have them on you and try it again. If they are actually in your inventory I can't tell you

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