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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-Lacidious, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Kalyyn@Splitpaw wrote:
    Decorations for the storage depot?
  2. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Dread Quixadhal wrote:

    And since it will not harvest rares, I cannot imagine any guild coughing up 12 plat, 2.5 million status to buy, and 24g and 12,500 status per week to maintain this thing. Even if someone had the patience and self-discipline to keep this harvester bot constantly visiting the rarest areas of the game (stones in 40-49 and all nodes especially roots in 50-59), there is almost no chance it will start to actually make money.

    I think most guilds will just go to the broker and buy up several stacks of all the commons from T1-T4 and T7-T8 (which all cost anywhere from 1 copper to 3-4 silver) and throw them in the Tradeskill Supply Depot.

    P.S. I know harvesters have been riding high for a while, but succulent roots and feyiron clusters aren't supposed to cost a gold each.
  3. ARCHIVED-zorkan Guest

    Jindrack wrote:
    OK, so in T8 you only get common pelts and fish? Any chance to add flesh in T8 since he's supposedly a "hunter"?

    And I assume the gatherer hireling does roots and wood then?

  4. ARCHIVED-ashen1973 Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    lol, sorry, i was half asleep when i posted that, reading it back it doesnt quite scan right :p
    What I meant was that items the harvest NPC returns are all placed directly into the harvest storage depot.
    These items are flagged so they cannot be withdrawn. (So cannot be sold)
    You can still use them for crafting (using the facility to take ingredients directly from the depot while crafting in the guild hall).
    They should also be destroyable, incase space gets low in the depot.
  5. ARCHIVED-Lodrelhai Guest

    Kalyyn@Splitpaw wrote:
    Except a guild may decide to get a harvester hireling before they get a supply depot. Unlikely, but possible, so either the hirelings would either have to be flagged as cannot purchase without a depot or give some other way to collect your harvests from them.

    The harvests they collected would probably also need a unique code to them to make them not-withdrawable by characters; I don't know whether or not all recipes using the supplies would have to have raws with that code manually added as an acceptable alternative or not. Would these no-withdrawl harvests stack with harvests people donate to the guild? Does it then make the entire stack no-withdrawl? And would a no-withdrawl code require tweaking on the crafting stations so that they can withdraw the harvests that the characters cannot for crafting?
  6. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    I don't think materials can be withdrawn from the Supply Depot, only crafted with.
  7. ARCHIVED-Qandor Guest

    feldon30 wrote:
    That would not make much sense. Assuming that they do have a limit as to the number of harvestables allowed to be placed in them, what do you do if it becomes inundated with a lot of one type of raw? Craft them away?
    Certainly, at the very least, the guild leader should be able to manage his own supply depot and withdraw as he sees fit. I would imagine that would extend to trustees as well.
  8. ARCHIVED-Lodrelhai Guest

    Somewhere in the 85pg thread about guild halls, the following info was given about the harvest depots:

    They are intended to be unlimited storage.

    Tradeskill stations in the guild hall will draw materials directly from them for crafting.

    Anyone who has permission to use the materials from the depot can also withdraw the materials from the depot. They are contemplating hard-coding withdrawl of materials to Trustee-only based on requests from some players.
  9. ARCHIVED-QuestingCrafter Guest

    Pitt Hammerfist wrote:
    While some materials are 1c on broker, quite a few are considerably more (certain loams, roots, pelts, and woods).
  10. ARCHIVED-Oakum Guest

    Kaisha@Permafrost wrote:
    I think that the harvesters should do like half of what I can do. When i am harvesting ore notes in jw and killing mobs I make 5 minute rounds of mobs and up to 9 modes but no less then 7. So. 5 goes in to 60 15 times. 15 x 7 = 105. So just round down to 100, multiply by 3 pulls per node and I say make the harvesters do 300 pulls in 2 hours since I can do 600 pulls in 2 hours. Never realized I was harvesting so much. Of course that is how I got the thousands of ferrite for me and my wifes Tradeskillers.
  11. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Lodrelhai wrote:
    That is really cool, they should make all tradeskilling that way. Leave it in your bank, and it gets pulled from there. No more oops I forgot wood. Oops I forgot the roots. Oops I undercalculated and have to go get more roots again from the bank.
  12. ARCHIVED-mellowknees72 Guest

    Wreatch@Nagafen wrote:
    uh, isn't this series of quests for a Live Event?
    And if I recall correctly, Live Events do not last forever...so, my opinion is that you are facing only a temporary bump in the road when it comes to making your EQ2 living from harvesting.
  13. ARCHIVED-Bratface Guest

    Pipes@Najena wrote:
    No, it is not an event, this discussion is about a guild hall amenity, a permanent harvesting npc that is sent out to harvest for the guild.

    You are apparently confused =)

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