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  1. ARCHIVED-Maroger Guest

    Jindrack wrote:
    Well the issue is that the harvester avoids any danger or chance of death - especially if it is a low level adventurer/high level crafter. This means that a low level adventurer could be pullint T8 nodes safely without fear of dying.
    I think there should be some factor which diminished the number of raws obtained based on the fact that there is NO DANGER.
    Also are you going to assume that the bot has high level harvesting tools? How much time do you plan to allow for each "pull" -- not all players harvest at the same rate. It should not be based on a harvester with the Redwood tool set . I think the timing for each pull should be that of a player with NO TOOLS.
    Also what does the "hunter bot" do? Is he the "den harvester" ?
  2. ARCHIVED-Jindrack Guest

    Maroger wrote:
    The Hunter Hireling goes after dens and fishing.
  3. ARCHIVED-Cinnimon Guest

    Jindrack wrote:
    /oh pooh........ I was so hoping for some returns on this amenity
    Oh well, it didn't really matter all that much but was hoping that just maybe he might bring back rare or two since I have to pay this npc do this on top the upkeep for this this amenity. In my way of thinking we are allowing this npc to set up shop in the hall and if this was like RL we would get a percent of his sells you know. To those who said 'I get to be free do other things while this npc is doing this' will not be enough reason for me to not be getting rares just because how much he cost to begin with and his upkeep. Anyways it's been decided so I will Live..
  4. ARCHIVED-KerowynnKaotic Guest

    Jindrack wrote:
    ... Depends .. are these suppose-able Harvester(s) 1 per Guild or 1 per Guild Member per 2 hours?
    If it's 1 per Guild per 2 hours .. 100 pulls is fine with me. If it's 1 per Guild MEMBER per 2 hours ... I'd say only 25max pulls.
    I can hit up over 100 nodes in probably 2 hours. But, maybe every 5 hours would be more "fairer"? Or a limit of 4 times per RL 24 hours?
    I bet my "bot" would have the same bad luck with Loam vs Ore and my "Root bot" would only return shrubs ... *sigh*
  5. ARCHIVED-TaleraRis Guest

    It's hard to gauge what would be fair and what wouldn't. What wouldn't be very valuable in one tier because there's that type of node all over the place might be extremely valuable in another tier due to node availibility. 100 pulls in tier one, for instance, may net you coppers but 100 of the right pulls in tier 8 could net you a fortune.

    And I thank you as well, Jindrack, that these bots aren't going to get rares or imbues. It would completely devalue the time and effort invested to get harvesting skills to the level where these materials are available.
  6. ARCHIVED-wullailhuit Guest

    Jindrack wrote:
    if it's 50-50 chance of either node then make it maybe 150 pulls , thats 50 nodes over 2 hours.

    Assuming equal node type pulls (I know it won't happen exactly 50-50 all the time but will average out) and wanting roots for tailoring.

    That gives a random number of between 75 (RNG hates you) and 375 (gave the RNG cookies) roots from having a harvester out there with 50-50 node pulls.

    Other times it could be 25% what you want and 75% what you don't want , that would give between 37 roots and 185 roots.

    On the rare good day it could be 100% roots...to give between 150 and 750 roots.... (Knowing my luck with the RNG it'll never happen).
  7. ARCHIVED-Paikis Guest

    No chance at rares? No chance I'm buying one then. Your money sink just failed.
  8. ARCHIVED-ashen1973 Guest

    Paikis wrote:
    Very constructive.
    Im more than happy with no-rares. i dont harvest much myself lately, but I know alot of people do and having to go out and harvest to get rares justifies the time they spend.
    In my opinion, allowing rares from the Hirelings would be just like adding another lottery. Just there will be 2-hours between hitting the button and knowing if you hit the 'jackpot'

    I think 150 pulls per 2-hours would be a nice number.
    This is still way below what a real, experience harvester could pull in, but a high enough amount to be usefull.

    Or maybe even make this 75 pulls every hour.
  9. ARCHIVED-Lightstrider Guest

    Will we be seeing these guys running around in zones harvesting nodes with us, i.e. will we be competing with them when harvesting? I could see an army of these guys swarming a zone and leaving nothing for other harvesters if so. Or are there pulls from "theoretical" nodes?
  10. ARCHIVED-SilkenKidden Guest

    Lightstrider wrote:
    See pages 3 to 11 for a lively discussion of your question. However, to save you a lot of reading, the concensus is no. We will not be stumbling over the bots.
  11. ARCHIVED-Gargamel Guest

    You'll want to reduce the purchase price and SEVERELY reduce the upkeep if you are going to water it down any more
    (no rares, random pulls on 3 node types - no pelts, possibly less than 100 in 2hrs)
  12. ARCHIVED-Paddyo Guest

    Silken@Butcherblock wrote:
    Jindrack wrote:
    That should answer your question. Its all computerized!!!
  13. ARCHIVED-Bezahar Guest

    Personally I see the harvesting bot as a balancing from the other amenities being put in the guild hall (mainly the resource bank) because of the resource bank being put in the guild hall there will be a significant number of people that will no longer list the normal harvests on the broker and simply toss them into the bank. Because of this the price on raw materials on the broker will climb. The harvesting bot will limit the high end on the harvest price, this will probably over all increase the value of some harvestable, while others will possibly see a decrease in price. The only thing that sort of worries me is that if there is no chance of rares coming off of these harvesters the prices of rares will rise quite a bit. Might not be too bad as the price of most rares has fallen quite a bit already.
  14. ARCHIVED-JenarieII Guest

    I agree that having it bring back rares would be a bad idea but why not leave in material? In T8 at least, that is an ingrediant for a lot of recipes. It isn't a "rare" but it is hard to get in the amount needed to keep a guild supplied so it would be really helpful to a guild and make this seem a lot more worthwhile.

    I haven't seen the most current price on these but considering you need several if you want to cover each type or node and considering you can't even go for one thing (mining will get you 1/4 of what you wanted if you are lucky for example) I can't see many guilds considering this a good investment.

    I was really excited about this one at first but I thought at that time you only needed 1. With needing three I doubt I can convince the people in my guild this is worthwhile.
  15. ARCHIVED-Maroger Guest

    JenarieII wrote:
    Where do you come up with 3? I can see 2 since the Hunter Bot will do dens and fishing but why 3?
  16. ARCHIVED-Gorhauth Guest

    Maroger wrote:
    Roots, the bane of every tailor's existence.
  17. ARCHIVED-ashen1973 Guest

    One idea I think would work well
    Would it be possible to have all the raws from the harvesters placed directly into a harvest storage depot and possibly have them marked so that they cannot be withdrawn, either destroyed or crafted with?
  18. ARCHIVED-Pizzaeater Guest

    Jindrack wrote:
    1) I dont get "Nothing Found" on my big toons which are the ones I harvest with. I would imagine Lucan/Bayle would provide us as good as harvesters as we are since we are paying top dollar.
    2) I like the balanced chance but I would also like to see them be able to be set on a particular node. Such as the guild is really really low on roots. Ok hireling go hit the roots.
    3) I have no problem with the non rare clause at all. It would mess the market up way too much to allow that.
    4) Do they have a 50/50 shot within the node? Example I have a hard time getting Indium. Do they have a better chance at scoring it then I?
    5) I am glad for the "simulated pulls". Its hard enough to compete with the real bots or harvest animals out there.
    6) I dont think 100 or even 150 pulls is enough for two hours of work. We have hired this npcs and I would assume we would try to hire the best. I can do more pulls then that even watching TV.
    7) Can only one guildee at a time set this hireling to work? If so may I make a suggestion. I understand the setting is for two hours of work. Can you make it where we can set the harvester for a total of eight hours of work? An example would be this.... through check boxes, two hours tier 3, two hours tier 4, two hours tier 5 roots only ect. If this is out of the question it will not be a make it or break it thing. Just a thought. But if no then the worker surely needs to be able to pull more in that two hour span.
    8) Finally. Why two? Couldn't we have had a hireling that did all the node types in one? Not a bigee just asking what the thought process was is all.
  19. ARCHIVED-feldon30 Guest

    Is this topic STILL running?

    My goodness.

    I think people have such extreme tunnel vision they cannot look at the material, status, and upkeep costs on this item and realize you'll never make your money back. I think most guilds that want to be supportive of lower level tradeskillers will just buy 10 stacks of each material off the broker and stuff it in the vault. Much cheaper.

    And if someone does deploy one of these robots in 40-49 harvesting, then so be it. That tier is RIDICULOUS. Upwards of a GOLD per item?
  20. ARCHIVED-Pitt Hammerfist Guest

    It's pretty sad they dont have a chance to harvest rares, i mean the normal harvests are 1c anyway.

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