Harrow's End x4 "Drinal"

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  1. leethal1972 New Member

    Hello to all and tyvm for any advice on this matter. I've been farming a few old raid zones for app gear and I have ran into a snag in Harrow's End, every time I run HE x4, Drinal never drops a chest. I've tried everything I know to do, as far as lowering dps to sustain fight and letting the script run, and so forth but he never drops anything and I just need the Ethereal Breastplate of the Silver Reaper to finish the set, if anyone can shed some light on this matter I would very well appreciate it.
  2. Kenn Well-Known Member

    I was recently there too and surprised no chest dropped for me either. I was expecting the get the head.
  3. Anfis Member

    the platform you kill him on is like a elevator and if you kill anything on a elevator the box goes into the ground...so just pull him off the side and try to kill him and should drop a box!....a bug thats been in the game forever! ps dont kill named on elevators ever!
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  4. Benj Active Member

    I had a pretty hard time getting this guy's chest to drop. I was achievement hunting for all four difficulty levels, and killing him early also blocked the achievement. I had to remove half of my gear (but keep enough to heal myself and survive) and even then use mostly auto-attack damage. Do a slow burn until the four crystals activate (90%?), then kill crystals to set the difficulty level you want. Slow burn again until 50% when the elevator activates. Don't do any damage on the elevator (not sure you can anyway, might be stunned?). When the elevator has stopped and Drinal starts following you again, then you may kill him.
  5. Dolgrin Active Member

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  6. Paragonvii Member

    Me and my son farm this all the time lol. For us anyway, you cannot kill him (in the raid version) until the elevator is at the very top. If you one shot him, no loot/ chest.

    In the heroic version you can one shot him it wont matter. We farm app gear all the time from these zones also.
  7. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    /summon is designed to bring the chest to you. Try that next time it happens.
  8. Anfis Member

    /summon dont work here never has
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