Harrow's end: Baleful Dominion (heroic) - Fitzpitzle

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by JesDyr, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. JesDyr Well-Known Member

    When moving between rooms, Fitzpitzle sometimes bugs out and vanishes .. never to return. This means you cannot kill him which means the block over the water tube never gets removed which prevents the players from continuing with the zone.

    I have had this happen twice now.. Once it was while he was moving to the 1st room .. the next was while be was moving to the 3rd room.
  2. Parable New Member

    My usual group had Fitzpitzle despawn last night too. We petitioned and a GM said that they are unable to help us.
  3. Gninja Developer

    When this happens does the gnome show up and start running at least or does he just despawn where you made him have a heartattack animation? I have been trying to reproduce this but haven't been able to yet. I am looking into it though.
  4. JesDyr Well-Known Member

    the first time It happened we had "killed" him the 1s time where he starts .. somehow we had some adds and did not follow him into the 1st room ... I know he started running in there but I am not sure when he poof'd.

    the 2nd time we had just "killed" him in the 2nd room and he was pathing to the 3rd. I was in the 3rd room while the rest of the group was following him. He poof'd in the doorway of the 3rd room.
  5. JesDyr Well-Known Member

    Also .. why does this fight never end properly? ... Each time I have done this you get stuck in combat after the fight and have to use /yell to break the encounter.
  6. Malleria Well-Known Member

    The first time I ran the zone, he entered the third room (the one with the soulless clockworks) and ran all the way to the back, where he's supposed to go active, and then he despawned. We looked around for a while, tried to activate the clockworks, but nada.
  7. Gninja Developer

    The getting stuck in combat thing is a bug in the first room and I will get it fixed and pushed forward asap. Its an invis NPC that never despawns correctly.

    Thanks for the info about where he gets stuck it will make it much easier to trask it down!
  8. Parable New Member

    He just despawned the same way in my raid instance.
  9. Gninja Developer

    I put in some safeguards but you likely won't see them getting to live servers till sometime next week. Sorry!
  10. JesDyr Well-Known Member

    at least remove the force field that blocks progress to the rest of the zone. I have run the zone a handful more time and it has continued to be a 50% chance of the fight breaking. I hope your safeguards end up working.

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