Happy Anniversary! 19 years and counting!

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  1. Angeliana Senior Community Manager


    The Heroes’ Festival began yesterday in honor of EverQuest II’s 19th Anniversary until 11:59 p.m. on November 17, 2023. There is a new quest, as well as 11 new items, including a new mount and new building block recipe book. There is also a plethora of returning content to do. Special Rules servers have the event with some exceptions, depending on the expansion availability on them. Check all the details HERE!

    Extra Life Bonus week is also happening right now until 7 a.m. PST on November 14, 2023! You all annihilated the goal we set this year with help from our amazing streamers who participated in Game Day. We are so thankful that we have some of the most generous players in the industry. We are already in discussions on incentives for next year! Read all about what the current in-game incentives are HERE!

    Don’t forget that we also have our next expansion on pre-order for Beta. The Ballads of Zimara expansion has level cap and tradeskill cap increases to 130, new quests, achievements, collections, heroic and raid zones and more! Pre-order today to earn some great Beta rewards, and an exclusive Wroughtlands Smasher pet. See the amazing keyart and expansion information HERE!

    Thank you all, without our amazing player base we would not be here! Happy Anniversary EverQuest II, here’s to many, many more to come!

    Join us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.
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  2. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    EQ2 can almost drink now!
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  3. Pollywog New Member

    Congratulations Day Break! Been with you all since day one, what a ride and what fun. Here's to 19 more years!
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  4. Ingerimm Well-Known Member

    Well, it's been a long time, let's hope that some more fun of the old days will return soon and more:
    Having fun playing the game...

    Congratulations to the game and the development team as well as the loyal players.
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  5. Cyanck New Member

    Expansion start can be 22 november?
  6. GrunEQ Well-Known Member

    Been here off and on since launch; some changes I really like and some I don't; (been thru 3 server mergers) but overall EQ2 is the game that is home.
    Congrats on 19 years and I'll probably be around for the 20th (which I hope will be a blowout) ;)
  7. Bhayar Well-Known Member

    Just curious--did you wait until you were 21?
  8. ttobey Makes the Monsters Move

    I'm not 21 yet.
  9. Taled Well-Known Member

    That explains the facination with animating tentacles!
  10. Evilary Well-Known Member

    I started on week 1. I have come and gone but always come back because this is a great game. Congratulations on 19 years of success and here's to 19 more!!!;)
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  11. Jaxyn Member

    Happy anniversary, EQ2!

    After 19 yrs, I'm still here (started late 2004) and STILL enjoying the game (despite BoL, which I REALLY dislike(d)). I had to leave for about 4 yrs due to financial reasons, but the EQ2 siren kept calling & I've been back since 2014 and have been glad to be back "home".

    The Dragon Attack! event was a blast; can we have another version of that NEXT year???
  12. ichibankameha New Member

    EQ2 is such a fantastic community and fun game, Thank you all so very much.
    I look forward to the adventures ahead!
  13. Almee Well-Known Member

    I started playing shortly after launch. My friend told how great the crafting and decorating were and I had to try it out.

    It has been a wild ride of highs and lows, but I've stuck with the game. During that time I welcomed new grandchildren and great grandchildren, said farewell to my husband of 50 years, welcomed new members to the family as children and grandchildren got married, survived stage 4 cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and COVID. EQ2 kept me going when there seemed to be no future to look forward to.

    With any luck, EQ2 and I will be around for awhile longer. Mark Twain once said: "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." So it is with EQ2 and me.
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  14. Twyla Well-Known Member

    This is 4th MMO I've played and the one that stole my heart. Best crafting system I've ever seen and wonderful engrossing storylines. This wonderful world has kept me going through all the turmoil in my real-life and helped me stay sane through it all. The Dev team is amazing in how helpful and friendly they are and don't even get me started on the beautiful artwork. CONGRATULATIONS!
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  15. Yenk Active Member

    Could you tell me what your first three MMOs were?
  16. Asarianna New Member

    Happy Birthday! I remember starting Eq2 in 2009, when i was barely 8 years old. It's still my favourite game, even started my apprenticeship in Game development thanks to you guys!

    Love from germany xx
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  17. axxis32 Member

    Starwars Galaxies, EQ2 and DDO
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  18. Naramee Active Member

    Happy Birthday!! :)
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  19. rutro Well-Known Member

    That was a wild time to start. ROK was winding down, and it was pure chaotic/fun....I started the same year. Mobs were still pretty hard to kill... LOL!
  20. Svenone Well-Known Member

    My first MMOs were EQ, followed by EQ2. Also dabbled in Vanguard, Rifts, WoW, and D&D:O. Played EQ1 for 3 years (seems longer, so many expansions in that time)! Didn't jump to EQ2 right away, but my online companions disappeared and it turned out they went to EQ2 - so I followed them. They have left EQ2 twice now (and returned once), I never left.
    Tried Rifts (didn't like it). Tried Vanguard (meh, I wanted to like it). Tried WoW (too juvenile for me - both the game and the population). Tried D&DO (love the P&P game, the online version was ...lacking). Have tried to return to EQ a number of times, but the amount of changes and the number of AAs to be competitive is truly daunting, and I find the UI is very unfriendly with my disability. I would have to find an EXTREMELY helpful guild/group of friends to even truly consider it any more.
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