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Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by strabs, Jul 14, 2020.

  1. strabs New Member

    RoK should off been the best EQ2 has to offer iv played this xpack two times over the 15 years off playing once on live and then on race to trakanon both time have given me great memories and enjoyment off my time in EQ2.
    So as we where about to heading in to RoK for my 3dr time with the guild and friends that i have made from playing on this server i was overjoyed.

    This time round has not been the case its been over shadowed buy an overwhelming lack of care and attention bye DB from the start. Its been made more that clear to us that this xpack was rushed and was not ready by any standards that we have seen before making it the biggest fail we have seen so far on this server.
    The level of disappointment i am felling right now is the worst iv ever felt in eq2. From items that should not off bean in game race to trakanon items OP collection quest items and broken raid mobs that had to be cheated to get round.
    All this has done is spoiled what should off been great fun for all the players.
    Its very clear that DB is not able to deliver on an xpack every 3 months but handing out total junk does not work for me ether.
    I play my zerker to the best of my abilities i am all ways one off the first to level up on a level cap increase and master out in my guild i also love hunting items. This xpack i was 2nd in guild to 80 2nd on 140aa first on epic and i only need 5 more master before i am done with skill.
    And now for the final point
    This is not the first time iv been nerfed in some way or another it would off been nice for this nerf to have taken place as ROK came out not 3 weeks in. Then i could off quit or continue giving me a some choice to in vest time.
    Iv never seen a nerf on this level iv spent hours and hours farming rare item from just about every zone. only to have had them be made completely useless to me on your nef iv lost 11k hp at siting at 40%mit and quittng the game fells like good choice right now
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  2. strabs New Member

    Hi iv just logged back in to eq2 and the overwhelming feeling of how **** my toon now is making me log out doe any one have a fix for this.

    Also do i mute my
    nagol's treasure /bloodied chitin chestguard/runescaled sash blackflood ring plagued bracelet and maney more items or will they be of ues to me at some point and how do i get items back that i muted before all my gear was turned to ****
  3. Naneeje Well-Known Member

    Don't mute anything.
    Without the extra defensive skills and offensive buffs on gear, you have to choose now, you don't get both, and this is fair.
    I enjoyed it :) but it's fair.
    All of us are getting back up there in Health, 24k'ish is doable by broker/instance gear for health, 5k mit and you can tank all heroics with that.
    Whether or not your toon is a bunch of asterik marks... can't help you there unless you relied on the stats. Practice, hit some stuff without a healer and try to survive, you'll be fine :)
  4. strabs New Member

    Thanks naneeje
    After tonight raid we going to stop raid till patch and hope DB can do a bit of tinkering.
    As a guild the nerfing has but us back to t1 theres no way we can kill the mobs we killed before.
    And the spider queen look to have not changed for the most part.
    The sack and add hp is CRAZZY high
    And as a guild we will never cheat a mob so this has held us back for way to long.
    As it stands its looking that we may not get are mythical at this point which will be a first for me doing RoK.
    So this patch coming means alot to us all.
  5. strabs New Member

    I see lot of people getting real bad new item and gearing for a 2nd time ples be real careful fells we know at some point there's going to be another patch you could find your self replacing items for a 3rd time daybreak looks like they do not know what they are doing.you may even find your new items get changed. so you could be wasting your time right now.
  6. Atanxx New Member

    There is practically 0 gear progression for tanks right now. Go farm the health gear from quests and overland nameds cause short of VP paterns, NOTHING else has these stats.
  7. Redlight Well-Known Member

    According to Kander, potency also shouldn't be in the game. Why not remove potency while you guys are at it? What about reuse speed being available in every slot? and not 1, but no, 6.

    Better take away what makes a tank a tank.
  8. GhostofRivervale New Member

    Potency does the same exact thing primary attribute does just one multiplier before hand. Which is why potency is a silly stat. Crit bonus is essentially just another multiplier after the fact. Fervor tacks on another, mitigation multiplier after etc. etc. It's ridiculous at this point frankly.

    You can rip all the max health/mit increase/block off tank gear and it wouldn't upset me. No tank gear back in the original days had max health/mit increase on it with the exception of set bonuses and a few specific pieces here or there. I don't recall these max health pieces on tank gear until CoE, majority of it was in buffs/focus effects, aa's etc or red adorns. Not just generic pieces of gear.

    Mitigation curve doesn't seem to matter that much. With the amount of mitigation you have with just full 80 fabled gear and hunker down/battle cry up it should be enough to hit that large curve mitigation is on right now. I haven't noticed any difference in how hard it is to heal heroic zones since the change. The max health doesn't really matter either because my wards don't really go down at all to begin with.
  9. strabs New Member

    ITS fine to say back in the day tanks did not have mit and hp which is right for the most part.
    But we are all forgetting that all theses xpacks where done for a 12 month time frame not a 3 month one.
    So having tanks with mit and hp on this server is whats needed to pull raid forces threw the zones all this has done has widen the gap from top tier raiding guilds to mid and lower with some guilds never making it to the end of zones.
    This server is meant to be easy if it was any like it was back in the day no one would have there myths in week one and i doubt any guild would get there weapons in 3 months.
    This server is meant to be a bit of fun and a walk down memory lane having raiding guild move to this server and try and turn it in to some kind off hard core fight feels like its lost its point.Most raiding guild on this server should clear VP by the end off this xpack i ask you all how likely does this feel right now.
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  10. strabs New Member

    What a massive disappointment eq2 still has offer just not under daybreak is how i see it.
    I see more value in stash taps in PoE and dungeon defender2than eq2 right now
    So would like to say good buy fellas Membership Cancelled.
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